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Celebrate the #HolidaySeason with #free TV episodes from your favorite series, such as Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead. Enjoy over 20 free episodes for a limited time: US-
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While you guys stick to US-only offers, the rest of the world will happily find everything on p2p. Via Google, ironically.
Advertising a British TV series on a feature that's US only. Only inviting a comment war. PS. A world exists outside of America, you know?
Actually going to uncircle +Google Play now, so sick of it being only us centric offers, either set up regional Google Play pages or just stop being so US centric.
Happy Holidays everyone :) Feelin' the love! 
Nigel Sam
+Google Play There are actually people who do NOT live in the US and have android devices.
As someone mentioned,  it might be a good idea to set up region specifc accounts. Otherwise when(if) you do get around posting non-US offers we would have gotten tired of nothing interesting and stopped following you.
Normally legality and stupid stuff as to why US only. I don't think we even have TV shows in the UK yet? Only just have ability to buy movies as well as rent 
what's the expected date to release Google TV in the UK?
Thanks for nothing Google.. Like writing a Christmas list and then waking up on Christmas Day to an empty stocking.. 
Happy Christmas.. This is what you could have won.

Bit of an own goal doing this Christmas day. Like the commenter above why advertise UK shows but only in the us.. And at the same time as the shows Christmas special is being aired too!
Agree with others here that it should be open to others around the world.  Cannot understand why a company that is a company that operates around the world, only does US only offers.

You are lucky that you do not have much competition at the moment, otherwise people could look elsewhere.
When will Sweden get ANY of the services Google have for the rest(US).
Otherwise happy Christmas and a happy new year to each and every one. 
It's no use blaming Google for the lack of world-wide availability.  The problem is far more complicated with that, but the two real culprits are  laws in individual countries that govern copyright (some countries are extremely restrictive while others are only very restrictive) or the content providers who have their own stipulations on how/when/where their content is made available.  So be irritated at a system that puts content providers first and treats customers like criminals.
I understand all the anger at +Google+ for some things being USA only because I remember being locked out of Spotify before the USA release but you all may be angry at the wrong people. The anger should be directed toward the owner of the content as they dictate where their content can be seen. Ala TV networks blocking content on Google TV although you can stream the same content in your chrome browser on your pc but not your chrome browser on +Google TV so the anger should be redirected in the correct direction. 
the anger is that we've yet to see a none US-only promotion on the +Google Play G+ account which is supposedly for customers worldwide.    Nothing to do with licensing. +Michael Sheils has it spot on.

However, in the spirit of Christmas, I'm happy to offer every single Google employee free champagne and mince pies tonight.*

*Offer only valid to Google employees who live on my street.
+Matthew Dye insightful comment, but still very irritating to live where most thing find it's way a long time after it's initial release. Is the same with hardware. 
Very true +Brian Simpson the issue however is how Google is handling it's non-US customers, it needs a more fine grained approach to it's region sales, etc. seeing stuff you cannot have is just going to piss people off.
Thank you Google. (I am in the USA)

Micheal S you are so right. I am sure Google has the capability to filter who gets these posts so I hope this issue is resolved soon. The inventor of Google Maps should have certainly thought to filter such posts to those who cannot take advantage of them along time ago.
Sorry, but not working in Czech republic :-(
+Google Play really needs to localise their posts, at the moment they're working against them.
Google is claiming to be an international company, so their way is to do the content available everywhere (but not local pages, offers, etc.). That where they completely failed. And that's why they have all this anger. +Google Play should work with content owners on that as all these laws/restrictions/etc. are nothing but stupid.
I've been living in US for 1,5 years. And I bought some movies, books and magazines that I took with me when I left US. And, of course, I watched some TV. I'm not US local and never was. So, what's the difference, +Google Play ? What's the difference between me being in US and me being out of US?
And all that even more ridiculous, as I still can have it all with US sim-card in my phone even being outside... 
I cant believe the ending but an otherwise fantastic episode as ever well done guy love the programme.
So much whining... Google is US company and all the stupid copyright laws are what keeps content out of your hands. What did you expect from a US company and content? You choose to follow it knowing all that already :) 
Read all the well thought out comments. All I can say is cranky pants

Thanks, Google!  Really enjoying your services here in the US.  Keep it coming.
I'm uncircling +Google Play now and will refollow when Google Play UK is created. Very rarely can I do anything with anything this account posts.

could you please rename 'Google Play' to 'Google Play US'... most/all(?) announcements will not work in Germany/Europe...

merry christmas!

Jeez, just read the comments on this post. People outside the U.S. seem to be upset, but they're upset at the wrong people. Google didn't write international copyright laws, you know.
You'd have to pay me to watch it.
If you're going to give episodes away why is it a problem to let us watch the ENTIRE EPISODE, and not tell us WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT TO WATCH THE ENTIRE EPISODE! What an absolute waste of time.
+DeAno Jackson this is understood, but it's up to Google how to publish information on Google Play... - at least Google could give a hint that announcements are valid for US only.

For those outside the US it is far easier to just torrent it, no different to recording it from a live broadcast
It'd be epic if The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey combined c;
Draconian copyright laws. I'm going to download the hell of it until those copyright trolls understand that their old business model doesn't work in this century. I'm buying but you ain't selling so I'm downloading.
The hint is the US in the post before the link.
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