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Need stocking stuffers? Give the gift of entertainment with Google Play gift cards, now available at Target, +GameStop, +RadioShack and +Walmart . Find a retailer near you: US-
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Would like to be able to directly gift specifc Apps.
Like buying Apps for other people.
Is it so hard to spread this simple service all over the world? That's only some kind of plastic / paper.
When i take a look at my local retailer, i see iTunes-Cards next to Snickers and Mars.
Blame you, rename your Site to GooglePlayUS!!
More UK demand needed! 
I would think Google was smarter than this. Just allow us to add money to someone's Google account directly through Google Play, cuts out the middle man. 
Hey, how come your .mp3s always cost $1.29? I've price checked against Amazon, and they win at $0.99 most of the time. I want to switch over, but that adds up if you buy lots of music like I do... 
I was hoping for a Google play gift card for Christmas but you made people in the UK think that they would be released soon.... 
yeah, actually that's what i've been doing. it's such a hassle though. i'd like to just use google play. but you can't argue with financial incentives...
Guys, it needs time to get the network up for such things.
Incl. negotiation about the spare the reseller gets.
And google has no experience in "building" such a thing up.
So it's better to start off with one market and not a lot.
404. That’s an error.

The requested URL /about/giftcards/find-retailers.html was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
Germany, UK, Australia, Austria, Syria, France??? Not just always the United States! This is really annoying!
Google CLEARLY you only care about your customers in the U.S.A because here in Ireland (YEH IRELAND THAT PLACE WHERE YOUR EUROPEAN HQ IS ) All we get is apps from the play store. We can't get music,videos,books,magazines or buy the nexus devices from the play store AND this is the story with sooooo many other countrys. So Google please get off your ass and do something with all that money because this is just terrible to disclude all the other country's that arnt the US

Yours sincerely
Niall Barr. Loyal Android user in Ireland.
Just a question. Will we have to wait until Target stores opens in Canada to see those cards cross the frontiers?
Make available online along the line of Amazon's Gift Cards :)
+George Turner yeh I know there shipped from a warehouse here.I think they just use Ireland to avoid taxes
UK please! why is everything always America?
As long as there is only credit card support in google play, i won't buy anything. please spread this gift cards all over the world.
+Google Play Canada .. I actually looked in the gift card section of a store last night.
Yes, +Google Play has MAJOR issues to resolve. They will never dominate the market as long as they make it difficult for young kids to purchase applications from their store. This is why Apple is so successful with young people as they can get iTunes stores from anywhere in the world and use it.

Don't try to purchase a Play card from the US and use it in Canada. I have $100 of worthless cards in my possession thanks to their useless policies. Don't try to ask Google for help either. They messed up the wallet and the $20 credit my children got for their Nexus 7 activate is useless. It's been 2+ months I have waited for them to resolve it with NO ACTION.

I can go out and buy iTunes credit at my pharmacist down the street here in the netherlands. It's not like the AppStore has been around for ages longer than the Play Store...
Germany, dudes! Or offer other payment methods than credit cards.
When is tv shows and a bigger magazine collection coming to the UK? 
It like to buy them but you don't sell them on the UK. Take!!!!!
would make a great gift but again us only...
It's so tempting to just give another comment asking when are we going to see the £ symbol on those gift cards but I know you are working on it - everyone should know that google are working on bringing gift cards globally but different countries have different trade laws which need to be sorted out. It's painfully slow for us, the users.
I have the redeem option on the play Store but nothing to redeem.

Some decent search functionality wouldn't go amiss either.
+Kevin Wheat I think it's alright people keep asking why not in my country?  Google has had these cards around for quite a while and they're still ONLY available in the US.  OK fine, perhaps it's a headache to have physical cards in every country, but there's no reason we can't buy them online and email codes like Amazon does.  I would love to be able to give my kids gift cards for their new N7's they're getting so they can buy some games .. but I'm forced to use a credit card (I've got a prepaid credit card for them, but it's a headache) .. BTW, I'm in the UK so it's got a pretty well established banking system so shouldn't be a problem for Google to sort.

BTW, Google is also incorporated in the UK with UK bank accounts, paying UK wages and paying UK tax.. hahaha ok they're not paying taxes here but never mind that little detail
I'm getting tired of these posts. Everything Google Play ever posts is only useful if you're an american. 
They should do something to hide posts for "non compatible" countries.... What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over.
+Marisa Kirisame how can you complain when you obviously wasnt around when they weren't available? You have to start from somewhere and getting content partners on board is already a pain as is
+Rickard Grönholm what if he or she would love one of these... i know i would personally love if some one gave me one .....
How a about you guys make a Google Play US page here on G+ and then a regular Google Play page, for the rest of us in thrid world countries?
Weird that you can't just gift to someone straight from the store. Why the focus on physical? Just for the eye exposure? 
+J Travis Washburn It's not only their music that's more .. they launched Magazines in the UK and all the mags I'm interested in are 10-15% more on Google then via Zinio
+Tore Julø is right again. If you could possibly stop advertising things to me that I am not allowed to buy, that would be awesome. a prob to install black market,help me experia go
Those do make great stocking stuffers.  I wonder if it’ll be taxed when bought in store.  Strangely enough some gift cards aren’t.
We need these in grocery stores. Ie publix bilo etc etc.
Wow guys Google just introduced these cards in the states. Give them some time.
Bought 2 already. Perfect stocking stuffer for the android family.
UK. Pretty please?
If the aesthetics of the the request are irrelevant, I may have top resort to bribery
Did you all stop to think that Google is using the US as a soak test before wasting millions trying a global release? Moreover, I'm sure there are different obstacles in trying to get to shelf space with different retailers in different markets. 
Hey google you know what you should add to your service? FUCKING ANY other payment method than credit cards because most people don't use them here in Europe. But i guess other payment methods are just too complicated for one of the biggest tech corps in the world...
Bought my mum a Nexus 7 for Christmas, and really wanted to get her one of these. Alas we're in the UK, so I can't.

+Thomas Hensel Not sure you're right about most Europeans not using credit cards. I certainly do. But I agree, other purchase methods would be great. PayPal, bank transfer etc.
Yeah looked in Australia.. Had to buy iTunes 
I think paypal will NEVER be a payment methode for Google (look a bit deeper inside whom the bank paypal belongs and the things around with ebay and google...). A good resolution like in germany would be payment via the network-provider :)
+Adam Wright Yes i could use credit cards too however im not going to go through any process that takes more time then buying anything via amazon to give google my money. If they don't want me to be able to buy their stuff, fine let them stick to a US only market and watch apple make shitloads of money because people are actually able to buy their products. The situation is pathetic and as long as google is not willing to fix this internationally like every sane company would i will pirate every paid app i need without any hesitation and i encourage you to do the same. The only way to make google move is not giving them money i guess!
Yi Leng
China! China! China!
I dont have a credit card ...
I really need sone of These 
thx for this....just pick some up at Target.
Got a $10 card for my kid from +Radio Shack after +Walmart failed to activate the card (after 4 tries). I should have gone there in the first place
Sounds great but still useless until music sales are available in more than just a tiny fraction of the world.
+Dominic Alvarado Google often launch stuff in small markets like the US before they try them out in large expensive markets like Belgium.......something not quite right about that but I can not put my finger on it.
I may have possibly bought myself one for my own stocking stuffer... 
Please release these internationally.
You should sell these as fully digital goods as well.
Ya great. In the USA only. Nothing in Canada.
I can buy Apple App Store cards, PlayStation Network cards, Xbox Live cards and many more, yet the only way to pay for Google Play apps in [my country] is with a credit card.

What gives, Google?

I'm sure there's a reason why you don't want our money, but everyone else seems to
I would if you guys actually sold it where I live -_-
American companies only think of America.... Come on, Google, you're better than this! We want them in Canada and Europe! 
I can never find these anywhere....
I bought a few as stocking stuffers. I couldn't find anything more than the $10 ones though.
About time google made google play $
You know, these would be quite awesome gifts for the family, except that these are not available outside USA of course... which is a bit weird as we live in a digital age, when all these kinds of things should available globally at launch.
I agree with +Christian M. Mayer carrier billing should be the priority to build this thing out faster.

I don't like using credit cards online so I don't spend on anything in the store now. Only way I'll start is with carrier billing or gift cards 
Finally, someone mentioned CHINA...... 
Give the gift of the GP malware spyware center scan before you download and play u wont regret it.
Anything Google or Microsoft makes> anything Apple makes. Just my opinion. 
+Google Play you really should have a U.S. only circle to post stuff like this to.
Google play ? Why buy anything? 
When can we get these in south Africa
I'm camping near Tesco super market till you launch that, here in the UK! 
Australia? You see Google, when you don't release this everywhere at the same time you actually end up pissing people off. It's bad marketing. 
Yea.. Can stuff it virtually cause theyre not available here in germany... 
Google introduces it first in the US where everybody has a CC... In Europe, where CC (and playstore won't accept anything else than CC -which is also plain stupid) is less common, the gift card is still not available. Logic? #fail Apple: 1 Google: 0
I think Google likes trolling the world. "Gift caress only in 'MERRRRICA." Please bring these to Canada as best buy had them for a short period the other day but had to return them all.
Um what's the problem Google? You can street view the Antarctic, but you can't put together a gift code for other countries? Get it together! ;-) 
Please bring this to Germany too...
Can I buy this at a Game Stop in Germany?
I'd be more likely to buy a gift card if I could buy it on Google Play, then have a virtual card emailed to it's intended recipient.
Dont feel bad. I couldn't buy one either. Something going on nationally I'm told. 
I've been waiting for Google to get gift cards out!
We want it in belgium, it's will be a success !
Hey +Google Play when can we use these to buy devices? I've got $75 in useless Christmas gift cards that can't be returned. Target is going to love my cc chargeback.
Andy JT
I can't believe Google are missing out on this massive money spinner! I'm in the UK and all I want to do is give my kid some Google Play credit for his Nexus 7 without handing over my credit card details. 
Love to buy google gift card to play games on my mobile. It's safer and more convenient to buy credits or gems online without a lot of troubles.

As said, would be nice to add credit to my sons account for his nexus 7 or be able to transfer credit, I'm not adding my CC details to his account....
when will they be out in ireland ):
Need them in uk aswell not just usa

Yo quiero la musica de jose miguel class el zolzal y dos corazones esa dos
I already bought this google play gift card in Morrison yesterday. They already on sale im Tesco and Morrison. Hurry !!!!:-)
I have just had a rotten experience with the Google Play Cards.  First of all -- Radio Shack?  What a hole.  These cards are not available in a lot of places here in D.C.  Second -- these cards are non-refundable.  Why is that?  If you haven't used the card, then why can it not be returned within a reasonable time?  Third, these cards cannot be split between accounts.  Why not?  My whole experience with the card was absurd.  But I admit, the worst part was dealing with Radio Shack.  Why Google would partner with a retailer who cares so little for customer service, I do not know.  Pick it up, Google  -- that ball has been dropped. 
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