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Galaxy Nexus accessories are now available in the +Google Play store in the US. You can get a car dock for hands-free navigation, a media dock for streaming movies from your device to TV, and more. Check them out at

(Note: these accessories only work with the HSPA+ version of the device, as sold on Google Play. Find them at the bottom of the page.)
Buy Galaxy Nexus directly from Google
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Carlos Silva
"We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country." :-(
To bad, not available in the Netherlands :(
That's great! But when are those of us in Canada and elsewhere going to be able to order them through their play account?
Hi Google Play, i cant found the SkyAMP app i my android device,,, wh?
No está disponible en España.

"We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country."
We can't get the phone in Canada from there, i get that, but can we get the accessories?

Pretty please?

With unicorns? And a sonic rainboom?
Why won't the Verizon LTE version fit in the dock?
Sucks that the LTE G.Nexus can use the dock with pogo pins
Google is great, the Android phones are great, but when-o-when is Google going to release the-good-stuff outside the USA ??? It's really kinda sad how everything is sooo US centric...
Silly people. Don't you know, that USA is in the center of the universe? The rest of the world is just a bad dream (I'm european and I'm pissed as well).
It's times like this that I wish +Google+ had a dislike button, much like +YouTube. Where's the international love? The HSPA+ GNex exists outside the US too!
When will the phone be available for order to Canada?
Finally.. The wild Mewtw.. Car Dock appears!
Ya es hora que amplíen los servicios de Google Play a otras están tardando mucho.
Just ordered a car dock from my GNex. Just wish I could have done so from the Play app. Also, it didn't want to work with Chrome on my phone. Had to use built in browser and it still asked which app to use on each page. Rather annoying.
Hopefully the Verizon version will be out soon.
+Daniel Friedmann Please read some of the comments above. There are 10 or so retailers already shipping this dock outside of the US.
this is that much thicker +Sean Reynolds ? i held it up to the Razor Maxx earlier today and it's not that much thicker than the thinnest device out there on the market
That's so sad that I can't get any good accessories for my Verizon Nexus.
Cmon man..where is some LTE love google?..
I know Verizon sucks but there are peeps who are stuck on contract and bought your awesome baby.. wtf man..damn you CDMA!
USA only :/ Google, there are other countries in the world!
+Sean Reynolds Thanks for the info, but I'm not willing to settle for the generic car holder. I really want the integrated POGO chargers and Aux plug in. Hopefully that one will be available soon.
Why doesn't this link work on my HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus? I'm in the US. Just opens the Play Store (still a stupid f*ing name, btw).
This is from the forums on Expansys' website, I'm sure at others as well:

Quick update: the Verizon Nexus i515 fits... but its a VERY TIGHT fit.

One should be careful not to damage the power and volume buttons when trying to put the phone in or remove it.

Now we are trying to figure if the 3 pogo-pins line up correctly with the dock: at least I can confirm the 'charging' icon appeared when I plugged it in my car's cig-lighter.

Regarding the audio line-out I cannot confirm yet, since we still couldn't manage to update the Verizon Nexus i515 we have here from Android 4.0.2 to 4.04 (wich seems to be compulsory if we want to have the 'dock mode' and audio-out to work.
europe italy please!!!!
We need a -1 button for Google Play posts about stuff only available in the U.S.
we need a -1 button for whiny people who complain about U.S. companies who choose to do initial releases in the U.S. #seriously start your own company and serve only people in your country we won't get mad.
google should see themself as an international company and not as an american company...
+Birol Cin why they pay outrageous taxes to be an American company... You can have facebook they don't pay U.S. taxes.
+James Finstrom WE are the world... you are not. ;)
I dont want to offend you but a lot of u.s. companys are getting most of their money from outside of the u.s. but dont offer the same quality of service to these countrys and that is the main problem thesedays... Its the wrong way imho
You know what, +James Finstrom? I was going to explain to you how internet companies make money, which would in theory be good regardless of currency, but that would sure be a waste of time, wouldn't it?
I know there are a lot of companys who are acting in a bad way (hq on kayman islans and things like that) and google is more "good" then many other countrys. (fb, apl, ms aso)
My comment regarding google as a world company is a little bit utopia because its impossible thesedays, its just the thing that everybody outside of the u.s. dont has all possibilitys you are getting and that sux. Its good for you if you get this service and that service, but the rest of the world has to wait and hope...
its just our frustation, nothing more, nothing less... ;)
I needed that pogo dock! I was pissed at samsung for only releasing the verizon version in the US. THANK YOU +GOOGLE
Finally accessories, but too damn pricey.
Why do the accessories say that they only work with HSPA+ version of the phone? It is an accessory ffs! The Galaxy Nexus + Verizon partnership has to be one of the biggest tech debacles of 2011.
The Verizon version isn't a real version of nexus. it's bloated and not unlocked. The Google sold version is a universal/unlocked world phone.
What about the rest of the world, google? You're going to leave us out again? We're tired of your bullshit, where you seem to think USA is the center of the world.
I'd really like more shipping options, please!
+Birol Cin Let me explain consumerism to you.... If YOU don't like the quality of service a company provides GO ELSEWHERE if there is nowhere else to go either start your own company or get over it. Companies do not have to bend to you. If you think you are that important leave. If you are correct they will change to get you back and you win. If you are not that important you no longer have to worry about the quality and service anymore so YOU STILL WIN!! #YAYYOU
+Shaun Kelley I would also guess the dimensions differ even if just a few mm because of the radio's and technology
Google = US company, GET OVER IT!

As far as the Nexus LTE not working with the car dock pogo pins, thats false, XDA has confirmed that it works but the volume rocker doesn't line up with the volume keys right, it takes a little modification with a razor to fit that part. You also need two APK files to use it properly, and they are also available at XDA.
awesome phone.. I've had the G1 and all 3 nexus's as they come out.
in fact, Google is international company, with embassies in all countries
We need this for the LTE Galaxy Nexus!!! GOOGLE TAKE MY MONEY DAMN IT!
Ugggh the irony. Most US Galaxy Nexus in market are LTE, yet the accessory they sell only in the US is for the HSPA version.
I really want that car dock in the LTE format -- the Verizon one does not have the charger incorporated.
Any chance of the extended battery coming to the GSM Galaxy Nexus?
Add my voice to the disappointed crowd... where is your Canada love?!
+James Finstrom Haha, I'm too old for him... also I'm taken... and he's not my type. So sorry, no deal ;)
Too bad that the same accessories don't work on both versions of the phone. How different can they possibly be to make charging accessories incompatible?
Samsung/Google/Verizon...PLEASE release a version with pins that will fit the Verizon Galaxy Nexus...been waiting since December 2011 FFS...or if this is never going to happen at least tell us so I can buy the crappy no-pin version.
Prices seem extremely inflated...
the car dock looks awesome however i can't see anywhere to buy it in Australia, only option I saw was importing from UK at a massive premium. please Google, less local, more global.
Even my first nexus one shipped to Canada. :(
+Johan Bové its not like they're doing it on purpose, each country has its own laws and rules of distribution so it will always be US first then as it gets approved them they expand and that goes for you too +David Schwarz +Brendan Berg

+John Lieske that only implies to the software in which case is as it says however GSM & Wifi devices will always get updates quicker and this isn't the case with the Verizon variant due to the LTE radio which has licensing and other things to deal with and that's part of a CDMA network so testing is required
+Braden Nida the device is a tad bit thicker to accommodate the bigger battery and 4G LTE radio which ironically is the same reason why updates have been slow
Samsung should have made both phones the exact same exterior dimensions. The unnecessary extra 0.5mm on the GSM version would be better than all the engineering, sales, and customer headaches of having two separate lines of accessories.
Why does Verizon make it so hard to work with them?
USA only yet most people in the usa have the LTE nexus which means these accessories wont work with it.. stupid vzw, stupid samsuck, and stupid google
Accessories for the Galaxy Nexus suck. I have the Verizon/LTE one and there is nothing worth getting. I can't believe these are even being posted here without a huge disclaimer that they will only work for some Galaxy Nexus phones! The car dock for the Galaxy Nexus Verizon doesn't even charge the phone! Sorry to be ranting so much, but I also don't have 4.0.4 yet.
Wish you had spare batteries and chargers too
A little too late ... This phone is 7 months old already. But still a welcome move by Google. Hopefully the next flagship device will not have such delays.
Seriously google, we'll pay for international shipping...
Soo you think you only have phones in the US? Stop fucking around and give us a reason and solution for how your going to do all of this.
We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country.
Are you ever going to sell them in the UK?
France please ... it's getting tiring all those US-only announcements and restrictions :/
Why can't you ship worldwide while any ebay/amazon/whatever seller can ?
Selling phones can't be a US only thing can it? i mean they sell the Nexus on the corner store here.. shouldn't be that sci-fi to be able to sell it on Google Play in EU aswell?
Oh, yet another service that is not available in my country. Gee, thats so cool! Just while we're at it how about you release the following services in a timely fashion in Finland?

Google Music
Google Books
Google Movies
Google Navigation Been waiting this since Android 1.5, no hurry!
Finnish street names instead of the Swedish ones we got on Maps

Not country Specific: Google Drive for Linux

Hey guys,
Would you also sell spare batteries for Galaxy Nexus with NFC support?
Original battery life of my Galaxy Nexus was bad from the very beginning, but now became unacceptable.
"We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country." GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, imagine that, another US only post.
Anyone launching an Android-lookalike system with european support might become a serious contender. Ahfuck I'll just get an Iphoney next time so I can really moan and rant...
planning to sell accessories for LTE devices as well? ;)
Ordered one for my vzw nexus. Works just fine with my extended battery. It charges, volume is a little touchy but other than that does what I want.
_Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon._

Not in narnia apparently :(
Unfortunately the official landscape dock doesn't allow you to adjust the volume when playing back music whilst the device is docked.
The car dock is still not available. Any one knows where to get it ?
Still waiting for the car dock....Is there an ETA?
Where is the car dock ? I retired my EVO 4G and I have the Galaxy Nexus. I need a car dock for navigation. Why is it taking so long to get it out?
Ha...few hours later and here it is!
The Car Dock to be more specific 
It must be out of stock cause I got mine last week.
The Nexus GSM fits perfectly in it. It is different from my previous HTC dock. It uses the Pogo pins on the side of the phone to charge the phone  rather than the USB connector. I guess in the long run this increases the longevity of the connector. Also it comes with a car charger so you don't need to buy a separate one. The cable is not coiled though. 

When you dock the phone, the phone switches to Car Home mode. I guess that's another function for those Pogo pins. However, unlike Gingerbread there is no Car Home app in Jelly Bean, for some reason Google took it out when they moved to ICS and this continues to be true. So either you flash the Car Home .apk from Gingerbread (look in XDA) or you download Car Home Ultra from Google Play.
The car dock charges the phone at AC speed rather than USB speed.

I got the 2000 mAh OEM extended battery that Samsung made for the Galaxy Nexus in South Korea to replace the 1750 mAh battery that comes with the phone from  
It has a 1 mm or so thicker back cover but increases battery life. I can go now over a day and still have 20 - 30 % left. The grip is actually better than the thinner cover as it follows the outline of the sides of the phone. The good news is that the extended 2000 mAh battery fits in the car dock, for those who are interested to get one.

I decided to fix the car dock on the left bottom side of the front windshield. This leaves the middle area of the glass open as it helps while driving. It also gets the phone close to my hand for accessing quick functions. 
I would "Buy Galaxy Nexus directly from Google" if I only could, in Germany
Does anyone know when the vehicle dock will be back out?!? It has has a comming soon status for over a month now!!
I'm also very interested on the vehicle dock, any update on when it will be available?
+Johan Bové No worries, I signed up to be notified on the availability of both the car dock and the multimedia dock as soon as I bought my Nexus. Neither was ever listed as available to me, and I am in the US :-(
+Toivo Voll thanks for that information. I guess Google is trying hard, the world is small when it comes down to delivering digital goods, but releasing products globally is still a huge and complex untertaking. I have learned to be more patient in the meantime.
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