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With the addition of Warner Music Group, the music catalog on Google Play just got a whole lot bigger. From The Doors ( to Skrillex (, we now have all of your favorite music in one convenient place. Check out +Green Day's latest album ¡Dos! ( Which albums will you add to your collection?
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That is awesome! :-)

But I feel really sorry for +Google Play since everybody is constantly trolling in their posts. :-(
When is Google music coming to Australia?
I strongly second the Google music coming to Canada idea ;)
A heap.......

If it ever gets released in Australia :(
Google Play is really growing - as would preordering!
"Música en Google Play aún no está disponible en tu país.
Estamos trabajando para ampliar la disponibilidad del contenido que más te interesa en otros países lo antes posible.
Inténtalo de nuevo en unos días"
Cuando estará disponible en Ecuador?
Wonder if the Canadian content quota is a factor.
I just bought Dos! at Walmart since we Canadians don't have access to the Play Music store. What's the holdup Google?

Either way, it's great to hear another company is on board.
Dear +Google Play you really, really need to make pages for each country so these poor folks who just can't get this at the same time as the US won't be so sad.  I think it is the only course of action you can take to remedy their pain just a little bit.
Frustrated about the situation of Google music in Canada, i done my research and i realized the reason why so many music streaming services stay out of canada, its just a couple of old laws. We can BLAME CANADA ! 
I would let the US invade Canada so we can get Google Music and Google Voice.
+Kc Munnings yeah man that does suck. But there are shit tons of people that want one just as badly. Just give it time, you will still have the best phone on the planet.
Its insulting to see these ad's in countries you don't support.
Glad to see this expansion +Google Play, love the direction where this is headed.  Keep up the good work and looking forward to more and more updates!
This is fantastic. Now I don't have to buy tracks from Amazon as much.
So much music I could purchase if Google would just enable the music store in Puerto Rico
+Scott John Harrison the reason we're angry and trolling like you said is because Apple has been selling emusic in Canada from the birth of the iTunes store AND the last player to the party, Microsoft, is also selling emusic through xbox music in Canada. So I think we have the right to ask... What's taking you so long! 
+Jonathan Robidoux Thank you.  Itunes has existed for years here in Australia.  So when it's ready could have been years ago.  Google cannot seem to get their licensing off the ground for some reason.
You may have got more songs, but as far as most of us outside the US are concerned your catalog consists of zilch.
Anna Bo
when will Google Music be available in other countries? (asking from Bulgaria, East Europe)
When do we see this in sweden and Google tv, everything with Google 
"Which albums will you add to your collection?"

Whichever comes to my country first.
Why don't you all just leave and run back to Apple? Or you could have a bit of patience ....just a little patience yeah yeah 
Yawn, boring. What about the rest of the world
I will add no collections as I just can't..
Here in Serbia we are not allowed to buy anything from the Play store. What kind of a retarded business decision is that? You are consciously waiving profit because of ... what? I simply don't get it. Even the bloody Crapple store lets us buy stuff. 
Is Australia getting it soon?
Is bigger then Amazon... I'm going to buy Pink and Deadmau albums 
STOCK NEXUS 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEE!
I've just bought 'A Merciful Release' Compilation album by The Sisters of Mercy.  Loving it.
That's great news for people in the US
People always ask about +Google Play music in their countries in the comments, instead of talk about the post... Someday we'll see "Comments are not allowed from your country" at G+... :-)
Nice. Latvia please. Sick of using root and Market Enabler Pro. Wanna enjoy Google Play in it's glory.
To Malaysia ..... Please !
A much welcome addition.  Now, how about the ability to purchase playlists and multiple songs or albums in one transaction?
More music. If I were you, Google, I would expand the service to more people as well ;-)
What TF? Google music isn't available in Canada and Australia!! Oh fuck!! Then when will it be available in malaysia?!? iTunes was launched in malaysia months ago! Google sucks
+Jiang Ng iTunes is 11 years old... Google Play is just 4... I'm from Brazil and we also have other players like iTunes and Netflix delivering music and video... but they had the same trouble and burocracy that Google is having now... but we didn't know other services before that ;-)
Okay but when is it coming to india? Shouldn't u post such a thing only after all your users have access to it? 
Sweet now only if I could use this on my +LG Nexus 4 . Thanks +Google Play and +Google for show casing you still can't handle retail. Always good traversing a cluster f on order screen then be told your orders have been shipped and to be patient, only then to realize you've been lied to and now your order is on a three week backorder. Great job. 
Awesome! You need to strike a deal with warner brother movies so we can all own dark knight rises and the batman trilogy please.
You still need more work.. Way behind on music selection but I appreciate the effort 
How about addressing the issue with shipping the N4 on time rather than tooting your horn about something else?  My shipping status still says "Shipping Estimate: November 15, 2012"
Great addition Google - you're the reason I bought my Droid Galaxy III over iPhone! Keep it up and keep the prices lower than iTunes! Keep bringing the special offers for older music as well - this works well and I use the "Share" with my Circles! Great feature! Google rules... 
+Chet Davis it has nothing to do with "high-demand product".  Plenty of companies manage to launch high demand products with little issue.  Every step of the ordering process for the N4 has been messed up. Every single step.  Google needs to take a page out of Amazon's book.  
+Chet Davis when my payment actually has been remitted to Google yet I have no shipping information or update there is an issue at hand.  It has nothing to do with "high-demand" but more so as a failure of Google's capability to handle a "high-demand" launch.
Google should be everywhere. It will make it much bigger. More people you can reach out to the better. 
Awesome now bring it to Portugal!
Is this the Music Group that wouldn't sign up when the other 3 major music groups did at the start of Google Play Music? What the hell took them so long to say yes? Idiots.
Cool. But I can live without this some months...
The problem with Google play music in the UK is that the songs and albums are priced higher than amazon music. It's only 40p more but if you download quite a few songs over time it'll add up. I'm invested in the Google universe so I want to use Google music, but I can't justify paying more for exactly the same thing. So for the time being I will keep on using Amazon. 
+Andrew Nolan I would keep buying from Amazon but automatically download the purchased song/album from the Amazon because its possible into a folder that you can automatically upload to Google Music... you are allowed 20,000 songs... That solves that. That way you always have that music you paid for in 2 ecosystems. :-) 
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