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Earlier today we announced Magazines on +Google Play. We worked with leading publishers including American Media, Bonnier, Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith and Rodale to bring the magazines you love to your +Android phone or tablet. Shop hundreds of titles, from cooking to cars, travel, style, sports, photography, and more. Learn more here:

And now for a limited time - you can kick off your digital collection with 99c issues from Esquire, Family Circle, Shape, Men’s Health, Saveur, Star, ELLE, Maxim, Popular Photography, Good Housekeeping, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, and many more. Get them today: (US Only-
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Please expand this to the UK soon!
Well how about making all of the Google Play -features available in Europe, too? In comparison, the US is - at the moment - a rather small market for Android if you take a look at the market shares..
Would be nice if i could use google play in the uk, seems though i cannot access it, as its only available to the USA, way to look down on your UK consumers. Nice one. 
I will, but in germany, wie can't
Next google plus update should be: only see promotional posts that you can actually benefit from.
Here come the foreign whiners...jeez.
I need all of that in austria .. and we are no whiners, I am a "Wiener" ;)
Expand Google to Europe too!! Not only USA.
WHEN IN ITALYYY!!!!!!!!!????????
+Tochi Notgunnatellya What do you expect?, they announce a fantastic piece of software, and for what benefit of me?, nothing. It's just mistreatment of a large part of their consumer base. It's disgusting.  It should be released in as many continents as possible, not just cater to the USA all the time. Terrible logistics.
Not available in Canada? Boo!
I am sure if they could have word wide releases they would.  Its all legal related.
Proxy will work to install that app, but not to buy content.
+Luke Briggs, there are many products and services that are only available in Europe, Asia, Canada etc that we in the USA can't often access. You don't hear us whining about it.
It just stinks, they should work hard to get it released world wide. 
Naturally, just a couple weeks after I discover (and pay for) subscriptions through Zinio. Durr. I hate redundancy and would rather just stick to stock apps if possible. :-/  Looks cool anyhow!
+Tochi Notgunnatellya  was just going to say the same as the person above me, google is world wide in some servives, but not others. It's like having half of a product, why should i invest in a nexus tablet, or a phone, or their glasses, when i can't even access their major feature. 
Services* apologies for the spelling.
Will there be a way to link my paid print subscription like with iPad magazines?
+Luke Briggs, they aren't Google services because I wasn't talking about Google services. -_____-
+Google Play I don't see the place to buy magazines in my current Google play version. I hope to have Jelly Bean soon. Have a HTC Sensation 4G. +HTC
+Franklin C Sorry, but that's just making excuses for them. Apple manages to put out their content including music and magazines globally. Google could do so too if they actually wanted to.
+Adrian Jackson Do you know what type of deals Apple signed with those content owners? So you know, Google inked a deal in France with French publishers were their books will be sold on Google Play, cutting off Amazon that wants to sell e-books in France. I won't be surprised if that's what happened in the case of Apple, that might have signed exclusive deals in some countries, cutting off Google and Amazon
I think we can all get back to one language though.... Hopefully.
You're trying to map the entire planet in 3D and you can't open your service for more than US, way to contradict yourselves!! 
 I just bought the Nexus 7 and I am actually thinking about cancelling my order. They advertised that the Nexus 7 is built for Google Play content and that's false advertising for people outside of the USA. For other countries they should say built for SOME Google play content...
The point is, they are trying to sell the world their product, but how can i use this product if i cannot use the software?, it's backwards and retarded, it's like apple selling me an ipod, and saying i can't use itunes because it isn't available in my country!
+Tochi Notgunnatellya We are on google +, on a google play page, talking about google products and services, what on earth do you think i've been talking about?. This conversation has now become pointless.
I am not my father, but I try yo not question hours Authoritah.
+Luke Briggs, that comment was directed at that guy with the weird characters for a name. I couldn't tag him so I tagged you instead since you agreed with his comment. He said that "Those services are not Google" and I said "they aren't Google because I wasn't talking about Google.
I know where he is. Done working for free though.
+Tochi Notgunnatellya Weird characters, eh?.. I don't care if some service is unavailable is some countries unless it's from globally popular corporation such as Google, Apple or Microsoft who sell (or wish to sell) their stuff everywhere on Earth...
BTW, I live in Russia (one of the wrong countries according to Google) which is not going to get any Paid Google Play services in near future (I guess 6 years minimum)... Yes, we have "our own Google with black jack and hookers" a.k.a. Yandex – but they make crap...
The funny thing is that Google Russia (regional division) advertises all the new Google features on their Plus Page even though they are unavailable... Like that: Rejoice!.. TV series and Magazines are now on your tablet... Yaaaaay!!! But you can't get it, it's US-only... And you will not get it because we can't deal with corrupt authorities in Russia...
Anyone seeing the magazine section i the play store yet on mobile? I saw it from my pc, and actually ordered a mag, but now cant find it from mobile.... Eff me in the b
D. Le
Just checked out the magazine section in the Google Play store, and was surprised by the wide selection.

One suggestion I'd make is to list the cost per issue if you subscribe on the front page. Many of the titles are $4.99 and up for a single issue (which is a big deterrent), but you wouldn't realize many of the magazines are $0.99-1.99 per issue until after you hit the subscribe button. 
Any plans to extend the offer in Belgium?
Right now, the only thing we can buy on the Play Store is the Android apps, that's a bit "light" compared to what's available.

I don't even care if the content is not in French/Dutch. I'm perfectly fine watching movies in English!
+Luke Briggs I understand your frustration, At this time, Books, Apps, and Movies on Google Play are available in the UK. 
+Tina Patel then why don't you let me purchase the hardware for half the price if I'm only getting half the software to use?, i understand your trying but, you can understand how i feel, i feel like if i buy these products I'm being short changed in a way. i would love to use google music, but just can't. 
you need to be able to save articles in this app. or bookmark certain recipes if it's a cooking magazine....ect. or make another saved area for clip boarding like a pinterest. 
Why is it so hard to have parity in Canada, we get almost all the exact same content on iTunes so why not in the Play store?
Will we be able to eventually see our magazines on the web as well as on tablets?  I have a Chromebook and don't have a tablet nor do I plan on getting one as tablets are limited in some ways.  I'd like there to be a web reader of some kind so I can view these magazines.
I was thinking of getting a tablet today.... good thing I decided to check out google play's magazine content....not in Canada. WTF....
Yeah it sucks that there's a lot of stuff on Google Play that can't be had in other countries.  Why not Canada? Odd.
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