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Music fans, rejoice! Music on Google Play is live in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, making it even easier to discover, buy and listen to your music. Get started by adding 20,000 songs from your existing music collection to your Google Play music library ( and listen from +Android and the web.  Even better, our new, free matching feature (available in Europe now and in the US soon) streamlines the process of uploading your music so it's added to your library even more quickly. You can also buy new music from your favorite artists on the web ( or the Google Play Store app on Android.
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Nice work! Thanks, Play Music team!
Dear +Google Play why...why does it have to take so long to release the Play Store in Holland and Belgium. People are getting sick of waiting. At least let your users know what is the problem
When it will be live in Poland? As well when we will be able to buy Nexus devices officially from Playstore?
Enjoyed the gap-less version of Google Play Music on my Android 4.1!!! Google ROCKS!!!
Matt P
Matching service???  This really flew under the radar! Now we get to see what it's like to wait in the U.S. I guess...
Jonny W
Meanwhile... here in the forgotten wastelands of Canada, we sit frozen out still...
wait... they get a thing we don't get yet in the US??? Sweet! Now I can post something like "Google Music Match support in the US!" in every Google thread. :P
Nice job, +Google Play, but when it will be available in entire European Union? After all, EU is one market ...
Canada is like across the street and we still don't have it :'(
Im delighted, Really I am, but what about the rest of Europe 
How do you make the Music Match service work? I have terribly slow internet and to upload will take months!
I'll rejoice once Music is live on Google Play in Canada...
Currently uploading tracks right now!  Any news on what's going on with the Nexus 4 on the UK play store? Is it out of stock or just site glitches?
Hey, +Google Play , did you notice that your servers are TOO WEAK in front of the rush of buying Nexus devices??? Go and Fix that! 
Wow finally.
TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE STILL WAITING for Google to bring Music to your country, stop waiting and Google how to activate music in any country. Easy and quick
I understand it might take some time to enable Music, Books, Movies,... in Czech Play Store, but I quite do not understand, why we can not buy Nexus devices in Czech Republic. Even Apple has its Apple Store (eshop) here.
eu falo brasileiro n ingres
I guess scan&match doesn't work for m4a downloaded from #itunesmatch  .
It continues to upload the entire song instead of match it instantly.
Anyone else with the same problem?
#googlemusic   #italy  
Why can't I import my music stored on Google Drive over to Play Music. I'm kinda left in limbo with all my music over on Google Drive
Nice to see you guys are still adding countries to the list :D 
Come on, the scandinavian countries too! :) 
music match not working in Germany. Could it be?
Oh, congratz. But it's still a shame, that world has over 200 countries and allowing people to buy music in 7 of them is called success. :(
There is some news about Google play store Devices in ITALY????
you're simply awesome guys!!! bye bye iTunes store!!! LOL
In Brazil only have the app available. Where to shop?
I would recommend against using proxies to "unlock" Music in your country... I did that and now it's launched in the UK, I'm stuck with the US version, meaning all offers etc. Are shown in $ and won't work when clicking through :-( 
Nordics! Sweden is one of the most IT-dense countries in the world!
Release the Kraken already =)
YAY! That is awesome! If you happen to live in the U.S.A, the U.K., Germany, France, Spain or Italy that is. :-|

I honestly don't care anymore. And the app sucks.
Shut up and take my money.. ehh oh yeah right, you won't ..
#belgium please
Google Music please - Canada, it's that country just north of you. We make this old blackberry phones. 
I recently found out as I was researching about updates and why other products or features its not available in certain places its according to government regulations and approvals...yay for that (sarcasm) not 
+Jonny W The Canadian government did allow +Google Play to sell magazines to canucks recently. Although it's really just the Rogers media empire stuff...still no rolling stones at last chk.

But in the meantime congrats play store and Europeans!
Let's bring it officially to Canada asap! 
Claiming it's the Canadian Government or some corporate monopoly is a load of crap.  If other companies (iTunes, HMV, etc...) can sell digital music in Canada, why can't Google?
Thanks Google!!!! But now...I know what it's like to wait! :/ 
P.S.: That comment wasn't aimed at anyone who posted here.
Currently adding my library - loving what you guys have done. I hope more people get to experience this!

And then we'll start asking you for magazines ;-)
Google, why do you consider these news sensational? Bringing a music service out globally is not really a trip to Mars. I care as much for these news as I care for a sack of rice falling off a truck in China. Just roll it out world wide. Your salami slice strategy sucks big time!
Great job Google! keep it up!
+Angela Reyero Martinez So you can buy stuff. Or rather, so you can potentially buy stuff 'frictionlessly' in the future even if you don't want to right now.
Maybe, +Jason Stewart , after a year of Google constantly bombarding you with messages about how awesome the matching service they're providing you with is, and telling you about wonderful sales and free stuff available through the matching service you don't have, you'll have a point.
Still waiting for it come to AUSTRIA!!!
But why are people in germany forced to activate Google Play Music with a credit card? But not everybody here got one...
Ricky M
How about making this work in Canada.... Maybe i'll be interested then
Is it possible to download songs bought in Google Play and will they be DRM-free? 
Because you fools don't live in US of A! Why this- why that? why not Sweden or whatever? Stop crying and move to San Francisco? you want Google Play in Scandinavia, tomorrow Serbs will want it too, where does it end people? Google Play on South Pole?
+thomaso del kuzmano because i don't think USA can afford food for 5o billion people living there...
Austria is also waiting :( 
I WANT GOOGLE MUSIC IN DENMARK please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When in Latam? I want (we want) the Full Play Store in Latin America!
Finally... but some songs/album that I want are not there... [Aberdeen City :( ]

And where are the "free songs" ?
Why can't I use the music as ringtone? I paid for it, that's unfair. 
Come to Poland with Your services Google. You won't be disappointed!
Angel G
Just downloaded and it is soooooo fantastic...!. Thanks google people, great job.
Get behind a proxy and sign up with your gmail, if it's not availablin your country.
Bill le

Not in Canada (legally) - - > FAIL lvl New York Jets offense. 
When's it gonna come to Austria???
Here's hoping those of us in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy won't take the attitude that now we have it, it's all fine again. Google, you need to make your services available everywhere. There are a whole host of other countries that your competitors are serving and you are ignoring. At the very least they deserve an update on what's happening and an explanation of why it's taking so long from Google rather than Google apologists.
Next stop Spotify? I believe that is where the future is.
Glad it's out but it's too expensive Google, come on. One track, most popular, on Amazon 89p, on Google Music £1.29! No way. I want to use it but it's just too costly.
I've tried to buy a couple of GMusic files. So far I like the general idea of 320kbps CBR and they seems accurate (I can't say the same about Apple AAC ones which were terribad). I still need to hear them better for a chance of start bidding on your music store. The thing that makes me a bit uncertain is the "upsample" of my own music to 320kbps...I hope you don't recycle these user MP3, let's say at 128kbps at an higher bitrate, let's say 320kbps. This was just my personal thought, nor a rumor or something i heard.
great, love it! but would more love it if you expand your offer and do it like spotify does. A google music all stream flatrate vor 10 € a month. 
We want a Google Music in Switzerland and Google Books, Movies, Store... :(
And yet...I know Italy is a "thirsty dog" locked to dark age of the medieval ages, speaking about connection but, for sure there are plenty of people waiting for Netflix, Play Movies and whatever is not a antenna or satellite streaming. In other words don't forget italy!
I seriously can't wait for +Google Play to be available here in the Philippines, but I hope it comes soon.
I am shocked that Canada is still in the cold... 
Lucky buggers! now just add Australia =P
No idea, only the big G knows the answer to that question! hopefully not too long, it sounds strange to say but i really want to be able to buy music!!
How can I share an album I bought? I seem to be able to only share individual songs.
India. Not even bothering to wait anymore. Is using Flyte's DRM filled monstrosity.
Edit: Flyte is a music service by a online retail startup called It has an Android and Windows Phone app and gives DRM music. It is not that good an experience but is still the only legal way to buy music online in India. The point is that a startup has achieved so much and a behemoth like +Google India hasn't. 
Btw Brin is from russia, but we still have only apps to access. Is it ok?
philippines still waiting
I was surprised to see that Google Play Music app is now officially live apparently for at least Finland also. I got the notification that an update is live for my device from the Play Store. I'm using a custom rom so that may be the reason, but still this is awesome. Thanks Google! No need to install external apk anymore.

I really hope Google Play Music website and Nexus store is coming soon to Northern Europe as well.
And yet still us poor Aussies are just waiting with not even an estimated time frame :'( sucks to be us :P
Hmmmmm? My guess would be get a update on it:-)
Wow, now that I have read these posts, I kinda feel special listening to my new Music on the new Google Music Player. Hehe... :)

Now please produce more Nexus Smartphones so I can sell them for double price in Switzerland :)
we are begging google pls bring music,movies,tv shows anywhere in the world
Finally! Wide catalog, just some account problem with my nexus 7 but quick solved.
Anybody else find the matching service essentially absent? Every one of my tracks - be their source a CD, iTunes store, Amazon, whatever, get uploaded normally.
+Richard Coupe Did you previously use a proxy to log in? I did and mine won't scan and match either and apparently this is why. Anyone know of a fix?
I am glad the UK have Music now but won't be buying any! #overpriced :-( there's a bigger selection of some of my favourite bands over at amazon for HALF, yes HALF THE PRICE! I would much rather spend my money on you Google play but I'm not going to mug myself off! 
Way to go google. Uploaded itunes library no problem with plenty of space to spare .
Having real fun with my nexus 7......but play store not fully available in India....come on Google
+Richard Coupe I to have noticed no sign of the matching service. I have pointed Music Manager to my itunes library but it appears to be uploading every track and its taking ages. Surely it should just match the music and then those albums would be available in the cloud. Very frustrating!
Can I submit a request for the music app? A toggle switch for the 'artist' view that hides all artists that only appear on compilations? Sounds a bit bizarre but I have a large music collection and also a large amount of reggae compilations that I have to be in the mood for. Under normal use the sheer amount of artists gets in the way. Am I the only one with this issue?   
I know we're never happy, but is there any info on TV shows being available in the UK? 
How much longer are you going to discriminate people by where they live? Is my credit card in any way different from a credit card of an average John Doe from El Armpitio? Do I pay some special communist, Putin-propaganda smeared money for music?

Now I know how to use all these spotifys and google musics via proxy and I have one up and running, but I just don't want to bother. The Pirate Bay doesn't care where I live so I'll just use it if 'legal distributors' don't want my money. Who am I to force them to take it?
THANKS for the instant mix feature. The consistency of the mixes sets Google Music far ahead of other services. 
+Roman Grazhdan Google are a business, they want your money. Trouble is, music is notoriously tightly licensed. Google have to get the labels to agree with everything they do. They're not just out to screw you, it wouldn't be good for them either.
Merci google ! mais en France on veux aussi plus de Nexus 4 :( Thanks google! but in France we also want more Nexus 4 :(
My music collection is on my hard drive in WAV format, so music match didn't work. Consider adding support for WAV. Of course it's OK if it converts to mp3, ogg, or whatever you think is best and then does the match.
Why not Belgium ? the heart of europe, you make it the ass of world ! Shame on you google ! Want nexus 4 and nexus 10 not possible !
Scan & match is actually not working here in germany, i tried this with a few different albums now, all of them are on sale at google play, but not even a single track was actually matched...
Anyone got this feature to work? If yes tell me how you did it!
I think you don't really notice it working, it just makes the process of uploading quicker. instead of having to upload the whole track, Google recognises that you own it and allow you access to it.
+Mark Greenhow I downloaded the uploaded songs, and compared them to the original files (name, size, length) and i can definitely say, that the tested albums/files have not been matched. I got exactly the same files, that i uploaded, so i can be pretty sure...
I think, i'm going to measure the upload-traffic from my computer, to be really sure!
This is awesome! Well, it's awesome only if it means that Australia will be next in line to get the music service!! Are there any details regarding when Australia will get to play?
When can Macau users buy app in the store instead of download illegal copy from 3rd market?
Any chance you could implement ReplayGain in your excellent +Android player for people that use it to play tracks they've uploaded themselves as well as what they've purchased please? I think it would round off your almost perfect media player!
In lebanon we cant buy no music nor books
would love if I could use the free music app to manage my free podcasts without having to give you my credit card info.
Phuleeeeeeeease give us the Google Play music player in South Africa!
Switzerland is still waiting for your shop (music/movies/books) do you have any ETA ?
How about Canada? What a minute? What's that? You NEVER even HEARD of Canada? Oh come on we are just right above of you, scratch that, we are almost like a part of you. Now quickly give it to us before the world ends please. Or at least before global warming.
Really interested in the ETA for Switzerland as well !!!!
Official!!! The first country Will have this Service in Latin America is VENEZUELA....
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