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Movie and TV lovers, the Google Play Movies & TV app is now available for iOS: Buy or rent new release movies and next-day TV shows by visiting the Google Play Store on your computer (, and then watch them instantly using the Play Movies & TV app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Best of all, you can use #Chromecast to watch your Google Play movies and TV shows on any HDTV, simply cast them from your iPhone or iPad to your TV. 
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Why not run the service in the Middle East
When are you going to allow English movies in Germany and other countries? I cannot rent/buy anything in the dubbed language because it's a waste of money
"...but later achieved parody..." um... 
I recently read an article about certain websites having to pay a premium for bandwidth. Amazon was one of the ones mentioned. An idea occurred to me for a new Google product +Google Developers . A way to compete with Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon simultaneously. Say $15 a month for ALL access. Stream certain movies n tv shows at no extra charge (Netflix) , certain books, magazine subscriptions no extra charge (Amazon), and nothing would change for Google Music (Pandora). Other incentives could also include discounts on certain apps and/or a greater selection of free apps, and more cloud storage. 
TZig Adam

But why Google? They have their own TV and movies to watch. What about supporting your own platform? 

When was the last time Apple gave you iTunes music and TV? Never. 
The release of this on iOS is really great news.  Not because I use Apple products, but because it indicates that this functionality will move across more platforms than just Android.  With Google TV apparently winding down (boooooo!) I want to make sure my purchased libraries remain viable outside of just Chromecast (which is a great option, but not perfect).
This is what I love about google. I am an android guy to the core, but they aren't willing to neglect other platforms. This is what puts them head and shoulders about the likes of apple and Microsoft. Universal functionality 
they aren't willing to neglect other platforms

Google only caters to iOS and Android. They do not care about: 

Blackberry OS
Ubuntu Touch
Firefox OS
etc. etc. 

Microsoft has apps on both Android and iOS devices. Technically, Microsoft support more platforms than Google today. 
Bring it to the windows store too!
+Sushubh Mittal Blackberry are rumored to get support for Android apps pretty soon.
Ubuntu touch is not relase in a stable version yet. Neither is Firefox OS.
How many Tizen phones do you see? Probably about the same number of WP devices.

Relevant platforms are supported. None of the ones you mentioned are really relevant yet.
That's what Microsoft say about Linux in the desktop market. So how different is Google from Microsoft? Also, WP has a reasonable market share but nope, Google does not care about it as well. 

Speaking of Linux. Picasa does not support Linux now. Google Drive never arrived for Linux. Google is as bad as Microsoft when it comes to supporting third party ecosystems. 
Next day TV shows unless it's Doctor Who. You find a way to make me wait extra long.
Nice, this is the kind of cross platform connection that needs to happen between all devices.
+Google Play It is nice that the app is finally on iPad, but it'd be nice if the movies were in HD
I see less of a need to use the iTunes Store now that Google has essentially brought the Play Store to iOS.
And when is it coming to the Windows Store?....
+TZig Adam

They want all their services to reach as many people as possible, they do have their own services but this is an advantage because you get it on every device. They should leave the best stuff for Android though and let iOS users get a little taste of Android.
That has take over written all over it
until Play movies become ultraviolet compatible they are useless
Google buys Apple and decompiles IOS line by line, keeps hardware for Android, love it.
Now they just need to put Google play music on iOS.
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It'll be nice when there's a Google Music app for the iPad
So does this mean Purchases will be removed from the iOS YouTube app?  That was my favorite feature!
And we can't even download or update the Music and Movies apps outside of supported countries, if they support local files too...
This is fantastic news. The more platforms the better. 
I likes but not now. Better guide me makingour own .
Good job having google take over the iOS market rivaling iTunes. 
The limitations suck. This seems geared primarily for iOS users who are already deeply invested in the Google ecosystem but don't want to go to Android.  With this addition, we can finally conclude that Google's pretty much brought the entire Play Store to the iPhone. lol.

Those who will click on this app probably already have been purchasing a collection of movies and tv on Google Play for a long time anyway. I don't expect a longtime invested iTunes user to pay much attention to this update.
+Curtis Coburn Google Movies and TV are still quite behind iTunes TV and Video in my opinion. I still can't find half the shows on there that i used to watch daily on iTunes before moving to Android.
+TZig Adam It's about making money, Apple has a lot if customers and they can profit from it, smart business by Google.
+Miguel Martinez Google is making it harder and harder for us to care if we have an iPhone or an Android device in my opinion. Which I'm sure is their ultimate goal anyway.

Don't they want to protect their own platform?
+Sushubh Mittal because the others you listed don't have market saturation to make it worthwhile. Its not altruism, its business. Expecting otherwise is naive.
The guy said Google support more platforms than Microsoft. Which is clearly incorrect. That was my point. Microsoft support three mobile platforms. Google support two. It is simple math. 
This was a (welcome) surprise. Next thing you know, you'll be able to use Android apps and games on your iPhone.
That's cool... got it... i Chromecast tonight and see how it goes.
Too bad, another not applicable to Malaysia apps :(
Ireland Google...sort it out!!!
Cara akses play store pada akun google gimana????
Best of all you can charge it to somebody else account
Question... You can watch Google Play Movies in the iOS #YouTube app, can even chromecast... So now I have 2 apps doing the same thing?
Does Google really pay attention to these comments, it doesn't matter to me now anyway Comcast is going to very soon be the big daddy on the internet, control just slipped from the Google, sadly.
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Come on some things should stay exclusive to android but what do I know
Why not an app for android, android seems again to be forgotten.Shame on you Google Play. Thus we the android owners have to wait for   ???? how long before Google Play see his mistake !
LOL. Luckily i just recently ordered my new Apple iPad Air. I also have a Galaxy Note 2. How is that for equality ?
Android has had Google play movies for a very long time, and we can chromcast directly to our tvs. Its okay, really.
Shit shit shit borders... i dont get it... why we cant have same level of comfort as our American "friends"? :-\
Sono contrario a quello che sta facendo google !!!! Prima google now per ios ora anche film e TV , a questo punto compro iPhone tanto ha tutte Le app , di google e fatte anche meglio !!!! Queste cose dovevano essere un'esclusiva di android !!!!
... like I need something else to kill time with ... Yeah, I guess I DO !!!
does anyone know how to use this on a childs innotab 3s? ive tried to open my google play movie we purchases on my laptop on her tablet, it says that i need adobe. Not sure how to do that if someone could help?
Go to on the tablet and download it ?
Why can't I Watch now and order new movies or shows? I can only see my library.
Eric g shaw
Might as well put I tunes on android
not paying your expensive rental prices google, this is getting ridiculous! $7 for a rental, what a joke! $2 redbox...
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