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Scarface. The Big Lebowski. Field of Dreams. These are the movies you love, and now they’re the movies you can own, starting at just $4.99 for a limited time: CA-
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All of this stuff that continues to not be available in my country. Twist the knife, please.
"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."
They are all $5.99. Of the three movies you listed, NONE appear to be $4.99
You can always go to the play'll see the deals listed there...don't really have to click the link...just sayin'
Don't have to search for them...just go to the tab that says "cyber weekend sales - must own movies "
+Google Play  marketing is a complete failure. You have failed first during the Nexus 4 launch and again you fail here over and over again. You can't even create a proper link. How is +Google hiring these days? I thought they were smart people...perhaps it's all downhill for +Google from here... #fail
Scarface,Yess.! the rest u could just mail it to the Pope Benedick..!
WOW a Canada movie deal sold! But why only Canada?
Who said it's Canada only? I'm in the states and I can see them pretty clear...since Sunday...
ok I didn't notice that, but if I'm not mistaken the deals are the same, aren't they?
Can't say if the selection for Canada is any different - Ray, Big Lebowsi and Scarface are the same though :)
Are these really to own?  If any DRM, then really just renting/leasing, right?
$10 for an HD movie is still too much... You can get Bluray deals for much less than that nowadays!
I would buy these if the Play Store let me, but it doesn't because it's not available in my country, so I can't.
Maybe change the name to Google Play US, most of the stuff here is for US only :(
hahaha in russia u dont get so much money to buy even 4 movies in month, and what about tv shows?only torrents and pirate shops...not our fault we cant buy in internets-cause practically no online services...
Filmy w Google Play nie są jeszcze dostępne w Twoim kraju.
Chcemy jak najszybciej udostępnić Twoje ulubione treści w większej liczbie krajów.
Zajrzyj tu znowu.

"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." still ???? :-) 
quando attiverete film e devices in italia magari....uso l'italiano perchè sono stanco di essere trattato da serie b...poi non chidetevi perchè in italia chi vuole il top usa adoro android  e ho un galaxy nexus, ma sono un pò frustato, con un telefono pagato 480 euro e ancora in apple me lo avrebbero dato nuovo...ora non so nemmeno se me lo riparano (ha solo 5 mesi e ha sempre avuto un difetto di battery drain)
Still unavailable in italy too.
I suppose due to the extra tax applied on any film, music or multimedia product.

Thanks Italy. Thanks.
stranamente il nostro paese non centra nulla altrimenti google avrebbe dato un comunicato ufficiale in cui scaricava a terzi il problema
I can only rent them in Australia. Doesn't give the option to buy :-( 
retailers get back in stock today the nexus 4...Playstore still says sold out...this is really disappointing. Seriously...would you like to sell this phone? RESTOCK THE PLAYSTORE (uk please)
Seriously, +Google Play has now spread to cover many more areas yet you still only seem to be catering to the US. Why not give us some joy now you're in the UK for example? There are some willing customers awaiting some killer deals!
Would love to have these things here in the Philippines :( are we too poor for you guys? :(
Lars S.
+Jonathan Seyghal add germany to the whishlist. But atm Google doesn't seem to care for global customers. Wether its payment conditions or content. Its always US...US...some parts of europe...nothing.

Of course there is always the argument of different laws and regulations due to the content providers in a country and so on. But then i keep wondering how the other competitors do it and why google can't?
exactly. Apple and their iTunes store already lets us buy music in my country!
Lars S.
Although that we got Music in germany for a few weeks now, we can't buy movies, we can only rent them (and the price is somteimes pretty high for that). And we have books, but no newspapers or comics. And no TV series.

This are several things that are working with other providers. Well now you can say that other providers are there now for years and Google is still pretty new, which is true.

But no matter what, if you're not from the US, you always feel like a second or third class customer if you the postings like this.
Looks great.
When can I buy Boomstang, movies and music from Google Play in Danmark? 
The play store is totally shit
you would think that a company that processes millions of searches could competently run a web store... guess not
Ed H
google music for México!!!
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