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Need a last minute #holiday gift? Get Google Play gift cards, now available at Target, +GameStop, +RadioShack and +Walmart. Find a retailer near you: US-
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Ive been waiting for this since the android market 1st breathed life and has now grown into this fantastic online now I can buy stuff and not have to give card details which I don't have.fantastic news.
Not in uk? Bah! Humbug! I imagine they'll arrive here quite soon.
listen GPlay, its 1:30 AM on Christmas! if someone hasn't gotten their  Christmas gifts by NOW!? they deserve what ever wrath their family or friend brings down upon them.
Not available in my area. Which is strange, seeing how I keep getting ads for it. If you can limit content by area, why not ads? 
necesito descargar Instagram pero no puedo alguien me ayudaaa !!!
+Alex Seibz I wanted to import them. An Australian Guy sold one on eBay. I wanted to get it, till I read in the description that he solds it, becuase he saw that it didn't works in Australia and don't works in every other country outside the US. 
+Google Play why does it took so long to make them aviable outside the USA? 
Google, you're so good at targeting your ads, then why the fuck can't you target your posts to people who actually live in the US? 
Cards don't work in Canada which doesn't make sense. Nintendo figured out how to market their points cards in different countries. Only small print on the back of the Google Play cards would clue you into the region restriction. Not cool.
well, dear Google, you could make much more 'googke play' revenue by selling/offering google 'gift' cards also outside USA... 
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