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Today only, get a $6 annual subscription to +Maxim Magazine (US & CA- Now that’s a good deal!
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It really is, great job Google!
+Google Play  just disable comments so we can see the deals without all the whining below it!
How about selling Google Play cards in Canada?
+Paweł Karamański go ahead and put words in my mouth, the truth is every single time Google Play puts out a deal there is literally 300 comments of "Still not in my Country" but this has almost nothing to do with Google Play, but more so, your countries laws.  Stop whining and go get political on your gov.  That is all. No hate, just tired of the same old thing.
Then maybe Google should stop sending these ads to people in other countries. Get political. lol
Thanks from the U.S.! Keep it coming, Google.
hmmm i got Esquire and GQ already. now Maxim? wonder what the wife gonna think? :p

But good stuff! $6 annual sub is great! Now if we can only get National Geographic...
Hey guys, I hear amazon and itunes have some deals right now, in participating countries. Go complain there, change the damn scenery. 
Kiss the belt, a little lower, thats whats up. (This deal rocks)
Great deal indeed! Thank you Google!
Nice to see this deal is good for Canada too, and not just the U.S.
Isso sim é uma iniciativa empreendedorista,como também é um negócio que beneficia o Canadá(1),eu descrevo como uma iniciativa beneficente!É por um feito de caridade como esse que o Google é a maior marca empresarial do planeta terra!Isto é uma mostra do que é ser o:Google Business!
As a current monthly subscriber, I am unable to redeem this deal. I have canceled my subscription but can't resubscribe until middle of January. Help

This is for new subscribers only.. Sorry to those of you already subscribed.
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+Google Play it would be a GREAT deal if there was any writing worth a Shit....
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+Ryan Luehrs Thank You!!!!!!
Fucking sick of the sniveling.
BTW, I'm pissed at France for keeping the Louvre to themselves; Peru for hogging Machu Pichu; and Canada for sharing Bieber.
Shouldn't everything be available everywhere for nothing?
Still not free with a paid subscription.  Talk to me when you follow in the footsteps of Apple and Kindle.
+Marius Malan You can buy in NZ, Day1. Setup a US address via youshop or buyusa. Day2 Add your new "secondary address" to your visa/master card, add your new address/shipping address to your google wallet. Purchase anything you like from google play. content, Nexus 4 or any thing else that requires you to be in the us.
That's a great deal! Hoping UK get some of that action soon. 
Jason F
+Ryan Luehrs as much as I don't want to, I have to agree with you, I'm in the UK and know fully well someone wants a cut, a slice of the pie before that deal can come here, No pay? No sale? Once they stump up it will cost £32 for the end user anyway.
+Dennis Spaulding Peru is open to anybody willing to buy a ticket to Cuzco and then travel or hike to Machu Picchu :-) 
I don't even read this but bought it because its $6 for a year 
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