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Locked and loaded, ready to play: we’ve started shipping +Nexus 7 pre-orders today!
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Here's hoping there is enough to go around.
Will they ship in the order of preorders? I ordered on the same day as the announcement at IO... 27thJune
I'll put hand on it to decide if i want it but right now i really want on it will be my first Android device to leave Apple 
I will have to get one of these soon and replace my Nook. If only I'd known.
Placed my order yesterday, but received no email confirmation. My credit card shows the charge, though!
Why gamestop and office Depot got them first than us that pre order from you guys Google
John Luikart
Yay!  However, I'm sad that I ordered within minutes of the time they were available and other people have gotten theirs :( 
eu quero..quando começa a vender no Brasil ??
Too bad everyone else is already shipping them.
I hear Gamestop and Office Depot has got them also
I ordered during the keynote and I've not seen any indication that mine is shipping, processing or otherwise. Yet some people are able to walk right into an actual store and pick one up without having to pay the shipping costs or wait and guess.
do people just like to complain or what? Someone else got theirs a day before you...cry me a fucking river
Just noticed I was charged for mine earlier today.  Can't wait to get it!  :)
Rob Herrera
Still sucks that I had to pay shipping but get no added incentive over someone who pre-ordered at Gamestop and possibly has gotten it in hand before those who pre-ordered through the Play store.
It's funny, they are all whining on the Nexus page update instead of the Play Store page update.... me thinks the direction of their ire be misplaced some.
Again its not about the shipping the product late, its about being silent so long ! But thanks Google for letting us know at least now, that we `Pre-Order` fans, can finally get our device in hand. I still wonder if +Google Play  can define what `Pre-Order`  is ? got some 'splaining to do....
Not to sound like a bad guy here but, too bad they are shipping on a Friday. We won't get them until Monday. Would have been nice to use over the weekend :P
Did they make it rhyme on purpose?
Did they make it rhyme on purpose?
Woo! This is why I pre-order early, directly from the source! For the guarantee of getting it slightly later, and slightly more expensive! No... wait... ;)
+Victor Gracia how can you pre-order when they are already shipping? That would just make it a regular order.
This announcement is anticlimactic knowing that people who ordered from gamestop have theirs today....... 
Is there any priority for different countries? I ordered as soon as it was available in the UK, hoping the US don't get preferential treatment here...
Thanks +Benjamin S. Whipple, ordered mine immediately during keynote so hoping I get some information soon
I just pre-ordered this last night (Canada). I don't expect get it before people who pre-ordered before me, but it's kinda funny lol... and assuming shipping is happening simultaneously in North America/Europe and not just to US... PS I'd like access to Google Music ASAP please & thnx :) haha.
can I come to mountain view and pick it up?? LOL
That's neat... ! Hope to try one.
Alex Top
I don't really know how to express my disgust with the handling of the Nexus 7. You charged ton of people shipping fees in order to deliver it to stores first and have them sell the tablets without shipping costs. I will sleep well tonight knowing how many customers are very mad at you!
Jorell B
Can I get an additional $14 in play credit for not going to a brick & mortar?
No phone came close to iPhone 4 or 4s I swear !!
Junk junk junk wast of $$$$$$$ 
Ordered mine in Canada and paid $19.99 for shipping and almost $35 in taxes for the 16GB model. Don't expect to receive it before August, considering it's Canada ...
It's very nice, and I'm thinking a lot during these days.. ;-)
Thomas Li
agree it's kinda unfair as many people, including me, pre-order in Play store in the first few days need to pay for the shipping fee while others pre-order in GameStop doesn't need to pay for the shipping and these people can get the device today while we still need to wait for a couple days?? We paid first + more expensive, but get the device last?? What is the logic LOL
Once again: can't wait when i get mine ;)
I wonder if gamestop would still exist if they broke street date with an apple product? I respect the fact that google are not playing the blame  game, but I would have liked to have seen a faster update. awaiting my nexus google play even though I understand.
What the hell google? People are buying their N7 from Gamestop and such and I have to wait all weekend now for mine? Thanks.
you guys are barking up the wrong tree. Google has no control over what Gamestop does. Probably safe to assume Gamestop will not get the next devices early though.
I pre-ordered mine on the 9th -- going to have to wait until Thursday or Friday next week for it to arrive, though. 

Question: Why the hell did I pre-order it when I could have not, and picked one up today from GameStop or some other brick-and-mortar?

And of course Google won't let me cancel the order.


I'll give you a pass this time, Google, as you're new at this sort of thing. But in the future, please have your shit together. 
...or you could just give me one for the price of a +1 to this post.
Just an idea for you
How cool would it be if you could meet the author of a book you bought on Google Play? You could have a button somewhere within the digital book that allowed you to circle that author on your G+ account. You could, of course, extend the idea to Music, Apps, Games, and TV/Movies with meet the artist, meet the designer, and meet the producer or actor.

Just a simple button within the content or within a menu, with the permission of the author/artist/designer/producer/actor, that takes the user from the content (s)he purchased directly to the person who created it. 

As for getting content creators involved, you could offer incentives of some kind, but I would think being circled by the people who have purchased and enjoyed your content would be a no-brainer, especially if there was a notification, like "this user circled you from your book, XYZ." That way, the content creator could organize and engage with their fans, and they would know which fans purchased which content.
Gonna pick up a 16gig one when they come out, I'm stoked!
I ordered mine as soon as the web site allowed me to on announcement date, but all still quiet in my Google Wallet account :-( ... and no schedule date yet there either. Fingers still crossed though. Looks exciting from all I've seen and heard; Gina Trapani (on TWiG) very impressed.
Mine is for UK delivery. Would love to know if they're shipping here yet.
Woohoo! Can't wait for mine to arrive :)
Still can't believe the lack of info from Google. After a day of so much speculation and bad feeling, this is the most info we've had from them. No clarification if its US only, or all pre orders. And no explanation for the jump start. I too went direct to Google and paid extra thinking it would be released through them before everyone else. Guess you live and learn.
Google has an excellent opportunity here, I counted at least a half dozen posts (without trying) of the loyal "Jobs" core looking for something better.
What to do while I wait??? Oh yeah, I'm at work.
Looks like I'll be expecting one if what Russell Lewis says is true.
Thomas Li
is there any advantage of ordering from Play store than in GameStop??
(note that play store require shipping cost while GameStop can pick it up locally)
Why did I have to pay ridiculous shipping costs when people are just going to their local Gamestops for their N7.  I picked Google Play because I thought it'd arrive here the earliest, not the $25 store credit.  I still haven't even received a single email about it being shipped out when there's units down the street in a Gamestop store. 
Don Cue
Marvelous news!
Start shipping 16GB ones please. I'm sick of seeing people who ordered after me getting theirs shipped first because they ordered the 8GB.
Wow, so many other people in other countries other that US want the Nexus 7. Some of them are not going to get it. ;-)
I hope they have some sort of special treat in the box cause damn. Does anyone know if the Gamestop ones have the $25 play store credit?
Hahahah, good job Google!  Way to make Gamestop look cool.
so when will it be available in hong kong?
I want to know if shipping has started in Canada too.
+Michael Scragg Ditto. Knowing they are going out but not to me is TORTURE. And the shipping cost on top of that when I could have just gone and picked one up (I had no idea at the time)... #sigh  
This is sooooooooooooooooooo lame.. pre ordered mine almost as soon as it was announced.. still waiting for a confirmation.. (via Google Play)
my card just got charged but no email yet. hopefully i get mine today too!
+Randal Ketchem I ordered mine the 27th, got the confirmation, but still haven't been charged yet! By what the confirmation email says, I'm pretty sure that means mine has definitely NOT shipped yet :-(
Gaaaag I want one!!!
No USB ports for Flash drives... what a parcel!
My neighbors never home and I know he ordered it lol ima take it!
from keynote: ships in mid July and is available in US, Canada, UK and Australia with more countries to follow.
Not available in my country. Please Google don't show me the add if you won't sell me the product. 
I think my trust in Google has been damaged since people have received theirs before the play store. You managed your customer expectations with 2-3 weeks. Thats ok, I can deal with that, but for an inconsistent launch I feel let down. I'll never recommend purchasing a device from Google play ever again.
Very un-patiently and anxiously awaiting the Nexus 7 that I purchased on Day 1 of the pre-order.  C'mon!!
Why does I take so long, to roll out G-play, so we all (the rest of the world) get access, like in Us, play music books magazines movies and Nexus gear.?
Or at least open for others than Us, so we dont have to fake ip's aso.
I'ts kind of irritating. 
Come on Google, lets roll, it's good for the world and for your bank account. ;-)
Thomas Li
+Craig Ball  Same  Feeling.. I won't say I will never recommend purchase a device from Google Play, but probably won't pre-order things in Play Store,,, If purchasing in play store is the same as purchase in local store, why do I need to spend money for the shipping with "late" shipment.. However, if it is exclusive from play store ONLY or there is a advantage from purchasing in play store, I will buy it in Play store again... 
can't wait to play with my nexus !
+Henry Foole : It has a mico-USB port. Get an adapter, root, and you can install an app that will let you mount USB flash drives.
Any word on Canadian shipments?
I preordered and am paying more than the people who are wandering into Gamestop to buy them and they get the $25 store credit too.  Thanks for screwing me out of Shipping #google.  I will never buy another device from you again.  Ever. 
Honestly, who knows if they've really started shipping or if this an attempt to stall the groundswell of upset customers.  I've yet to see many people claiming to receive their shipping information.  Still, shipping this late on a Friday means Tuesday at the earliest for most folks, but possibly later (almost a week after others got theirs 3rd party).  

Regardless of whether some retailers disobeyed orders, Google will need to address and reward the loyal +Google Play customers, if they want any hope of people like myself (and many of you commenting) who pre-ordered direct, to use their store in the future.
+Michael Scragg No kidding!  I'd much rather have my Nexus 7 TODAY from Gamestop than paying in advance for one that "might" arrive sometime next week... My patience is worth much more than $25.
When will orders be opened for the rest of the world?
JUST ordered mine. Will I still get it next week?
That looks really cool wish I knew more about it.
This good news! UPS, hit the road and make me happy.......
+Google Play I want to know why the only people who seem to be getting shipment notices and charges on their account are those who pre-ordered the 8GB. I know several people in real life who ordered several days after me who have been charged and gotten shipment emails for their 8GB, and I ordered during I/O on the 27th and have heard jack from you guys regarding my 16GB. Why am I being punished for spending an extra $50? I'm really confused.....

This is not even taking into account the fact that third party retailers have been letting them walk out since this morning.....
Yey! I can't wait to get mine! Any news when the Q will ship?
+Jed Willard Exactly, if I hear nothing from Google on this and they just shrug it off, I'll never do a pre-order from them in the future.  There's no incentive in it whatsoever.  We aren't loyal drones like Google's competitors.
Too bad some people already have theirs in hand. Without paying for shipping...
Received notifications in my Gmail on my phone.... Was pizza hut and and my bank..... They are depressing every time I get a notification and it's not a Google play message
Got my confirmation today!!  Monday it will be here. Wish it shipped a day earlier to get it on Saturday. Oh well. Still excited!
International shipping? Dont forget Brazil!
Way to go, +Google Play . You set a fine example for others as to how NOT to release a product. Maybe you should work on your total lack of communication with your community (if only there was a place to talk freely with them ...). Really, how hard is it to just say a release date up front. Other companies seem to do that just fine. Or this rather poor post. What information does that convey? Did you start shipping all pre-orders in all countries? Or maybe some pre-orders in some countries? Or maybe you just gave the shaft to people outside the US once again? And maybe, just maybe, next time you won't show the middle finger to people who purchase devices directly to you. You know, how about ensuring that you have sufficient stock to ship for pre-orders before shipping devices to retailers ...
me muero por tener uno,, !! y trabajar con Google
Specs look great. Need more clients to afford such cool. Thou shall not want, until I have.
Pre-ordered mine just moments after it was announced on the Google Play store. My order status says "Jun 27
Google Inc. received your order." I hope mine ships soon...
As disappointing as it is, and as much as it sucks to get burned by google, everyone needs to realize that this is not the end of the world.

However, I understand why people are a bit peeved. I signed up for info to beta test the chromebook before it was even a news-item. And when I got the email saying I could apply to test it, I applied within a minute. Nothing. I guess it goes to show that the ones that get the preferential treatment are the ones with the biggest pocket books, not the ones who are first to "stand in line"
You are right on point +Viktor Kojouharov! Video game companies do this every week without issue.  Sure you hear about the occasional guy who gets his game a day early, or who paid the guy at Gamestop some cash to advance him a copy, but this is pretty silly coming from a company with as much clout as Google...for others to have their tablets multiple days in advance of their direct orders.  I'm anticipating Gamestop's PageRank to slowly decline...LOL
In all seriousness, the process of ordering through Play was pretty terrible. No ability to interact with your order, very little in the way of concrete information. But worst of all, I sent a message early on to inquire about changing the order (from an 8 to a 16). But Google completely failed to respond. 

Sod it, I'll keep my extra fifty quid then.
Google, you should've done better job on communicating with buyers. Thx a lot for making us angry for GS pre-orderers getting their first hands on the devices...
I have received no info about my 16 GB version.

Let's all call Google and complain, what's their number?
Life long Apple "Fanboy". This is my first Android device. Really excited about the Nexus7. Ordered on the 1st. Charged earlier this week, and no shipment notice. Wonderful 1st experience with Google Play sarcasm ............
Just adding on to the "why exactly did I pre-order and pay for the shipping?"
Are you sending any Free ones to Collett Ave in Riverside, CA?
You sound like 2 year olds.... waiting a few days isn't going to kill anyone.  Take a deep breath and go find something more important in your life to worry about.
Saw the money taken out of my account but Google couldn't or wouldn't tell me what it was for. After spending more time then I wanted on the phone with them still never got an answere
can I return my pre-ordered N7 to google with full refund (including shipping fee)? lol
Google is famous for great products and half hearted efforts to market it.
Too bad GameStop, Adorama, eBuyer and Sam's Club delivered today! Thanks for not knowing how to manage a supply chain, Google. 
LoL - I see a lot of people here who were always pissed off at someones birthday party when they didn't get a present too..
About time! And those that pre ordered from game stop are reading this from their nexus 7. Way to let your loyal fans down Google.
I agree with you +Dan Buchal, but I think most people here have been posting valid feedback for Google...not just whining.  And, honestly, if Google doesn't see the value in improving customer service, then they'll have a hard time surviving in the world of selling physical merchandise.  

Personally, I try to only deal with companies like Newegg and Amazon who have earned that right via superb customer service.  Most people here are just trying to emphasize that point, because it is not something to just simply brush aside because you think your customers are behaving "like 2 year olds".
What about China? That's impossible!
I thought pre order goodies were for those who pre ordered via play store? What was the point then for buying via the play store where others got the same minus postage charges.
Shipping dates for the UK and other countries would be nice Google
Hi +Chris Douglas ... it will be all worthwhile when they arrive .. my galaxy nexus has been outstanding for 7 months .. and just updated itself to android jelly bean about an hour ago .. even better now !
I wonder what was the point of the pre-order.
I love it, I want it, But I live in Honduras, how can I buy it?
Back to the most important 2 questions: 1. WHEN DOES MINE SHIP 2. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE ME TO MAKE UP FOR THIS CLUSTERFUCK OF A RELEASE????.....just sayin
Thanks for nothing, I could have waited till today and got it with no shipping costs from the local Sams Club.
Uber fail Google. I know u want to differentiate yourselves from Apple, but a shoddy product launch is not the way to do it.
Ray Kutro
Everything was going great, nice hardware, great OS update (Jelly Bean) and best price point, BUT #Google  messed up the whole excitement with this shipping shit.
Well, since I was skeptical earlier about them actually shipping, I figured I better provide an update of my situation.  My account was just recently charged the full amount of the device (8GB model ordered 6/27).  This has happened in the last 1-2 hours.  However, Google Wallet has not updated and I have not received any sort of email or tracking notification of a shipped device.  Good luck to all of you with your purchases! Hopefully we're close to getting this sorted out!

Also, isn't it ironic that a company that runs their own email service and social network, couldn't communicate better with their customers? Weird, huh?
Absolutely nothing on my end, Wallet is still saying the same old stuff. Friend grabbed his from PC World, eBuyer are sending theirs next day with FREE delivery.. Not overly happy with this, shouldn't the people who pre-ordered from GOOGLE be the first to get theirs.
Definitely think we should have our delivery costs refunded, either back into our accounts or as Play store credit.
Jason H
I want one soooo bad!
I wonder when I will get mine, my husband pre ordered this a long time ago. I am in the USA in California!!! 
so the gamestop ones got the 25$ play credit and the transformers crap and crap? dang man... shoulda gone with free shipping...
I ordered the Nexus literally the hour it was announced at I/O, but still no shipping confirmation. So jealous of people who did.
+Alun Heseltine Yeah, just over the road from where I work. Almost stole it from him, aha. Pretty annoyed as I pre-ordered mine the same day as the announcement and I'm sat here waiting.
Ray Kutro
I just want to ask a very simple question to the company which is known for doing simple things in most effective way, GOOGLE.

What was the point in PRE-ORDERing Nexus 7 from Google Play, and paying shipping cost, etc. and getting it after everyone else who didn't pre-order it and just walked into some random store and picked it up without paying any extra cost?

I'm suddenly feeling like a stupid person. Do we deserve an apology or something #Google  for this BS?
Zack S
Not sure if I'm going to pre order again I got it the first hour it was available on pre order and people are already posting pics from Facebook with their 25$ credit and pre order from gamespot. And they didn't have to pay for shipping. I agree with some other comments I saw double our +Google Play  credit for starters.
Just as an FYI to all the UK peeps, I spoke to someone at Google today, and UK pre-orders are going be shipped from Monday apparently.
This would be much better news if I hadn't had to pay $14 for shipping (which, incidentally, is not mentioned on the product page for the Nexus 7: only at checkout do you get the surprise, inordinate shipping expense). I'm paying more than half the $25 Google Play credit, only to receive it 4+ days after Gamestop customers. How is that fair? I mean, $14? Who charges $14 dollars for shipping? I understand that it's two-day shipping, but if that's the case, they should have sent all of the Nexus 7s out TWO DAYS AGO.

I could have ordered yesterday from Gamestop and gotten my Nexus 7 today. Now I, along with all of the other Google Play customers, have to wait until next week. Thanks, Google.

I was excited since this is my first Android device after years of owning iPhones, iPads, and iPods, but the whole experience with the Google Play store has really soured me to Google products as a whole. 
It's actually faster for me to travel to the U.S. (5-6 hours drive), stop by a Sam's Club and pick up a Nexus 7 than waiting for my pre-order to start shipping in Canada. #fml #Nexus7
I am still super excited for the Nexus 7 and will be happy as can be when I get my 16GB unit.  That said, nothing short of a full refund of the shipping costs will make up for this fiasco.  Lacking that refund, I will never order any physical items from the play store again.
I hope #Google  is reading these comments very carefully and they won't disrespect us by ignoring us once again.
I pre ordered a 16 gig on the 27th, don't see why I should ever pre order any device from the Play Store again. Next time if ever, I'll try out the device in a store , save on shipping and get it a few days early. Not a very wise business decision Google to ship pre orders last.

Sorry Google, I lost all of my confidence in your Nexus program and the ability to deliver tangible goods. Between the LTE Galaxy Nexus debacle (and how Google licenses android to carriers and hands over control of updates). I own a Galaxy Nexus, but it's Verizon so I probably won't get Jelly Bean anytime soon unless I root my device. Licensing should require ALL manufacturers to release updates on a unified schedule.

Nexus 7 - Ordered one July 1st, no info from google with the exception of the paragraph they added to the google wallet page. You mean to tell me people who bought from Staples, EBuyer, GameStop, Adorama, etc are all getting their devices before those who pre-ordered from the Play Store? I now will never buy a Nexus device, as there's no guarantee it will be on the AOSP release cycle. I will certainly never pre-order anything from Google again. I'm sure the Tablet is great; I'm commenting on the sales, marketing and fulfillment failures here.

Edit: releasing the authorization and re-issuing the credit card charge was pretty inconvenient also. I understand it's my job to track my funds, but when you have a lot of transactions going through your account it's not easy to notice. Lesson: a pre-order is still an order, hold the funds. Don't auth and release. #getwithitgoogle 
+Michael Marks Awesome, thanks. Any chance of a screen shot for the XDA Forums? They're all convinced they're only shipping 8GB as out of 700 pages not a single 16BG pre-order has gotten a charge or email. Thanks for letting me know! Stil don't know why I haven't gotten a shipping notice, since I ordered 1 16BG model on the 27th literally three minutes after the playstore refreshed.
ACCORDING TO GOOGLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: the 1st wave of pre orders are being shipped today and ALL pre orders will have been shipped within the next 3 business days
Haven't received shipping notice yet. Credit card charged. I ordered on 6/30.
+Jed Willard I understand people's frustrations, and I think there are some valid points that google needs to work on... however I disapprove of the way in which they are whining and demanding (like a 2 year old).  I stand by my comment.  The fact is Google has only directly sold a few devices, so this is actually still a new process for them.  They will hear, learn and get it right in time.  We should grow with them, be supportive of them, and help them with valid constructive criticisms... not whining.

Edit: I'm also guessing this is way more popular than even they suspected.  It's quite possible that the demand has been SO huge that it introduced some complications.  If that is the case, it's a win.
Best news! though still too late for me. ...
Next 3 business days... Paid for 2 day shipping, so I'll be lucky to see it this time next week.
+James Sutherland no its not. Their whole pre order system is seriously flawed to say the least. I'm still angry and highly doubt I'll be over this by the time mine arrives.....I wonder how Google plans to appease this...
Germany is waiting but it doesn't want to! I never thought I would beg somebody to let me buy something.
+Radaja Williams really? picture yourself 3 months from now... using your device.  Are you going to look back and say. "Damn, I wish I had been using this for 2 more days!!!".  If the answer to that is yes, I feel sorry for you.
+Daniel J. De Jesús with an update weighing in at around 160MB and having to be pushed to hundreds of thousands devices your comment amazes me. Initially when an update starts its controlled so patches which get larger until its more saturated
All good, but disappointed we still don't have google music and the other products in the UK that would make the nexus 7 worthwhile buying. Come on Google your wasting a huge British market.
+Daniel Panichelli makes a good point. All the complaining, while a litlle (read: lot) annoying, does show that people are excited about the device. Which is a good thing, I suppose.
Tyra H
I'm glad it's finally shipping, but on a Friday? Really? sad panda face
One of the WORST product releases ever. People in UK who ordered from EBuyer getting before Google Play orders? Not to mention people who bought from GameStop in US. Terrible, despicable launch. Pathetic.
+Dan Buchal, that's a really great perspective on the issue.  I agree with most of your points, and while, yes this is still kind of new for them...they've had a few BIG, high-volume, releases hampered by some of these same issues.  I guess it kind of feels like they're not learning from past mistakes.

And, while the delivery delay is annoying, I had multiple issues from start to finish with the entire purchasing process.  I received weird messages related to my PO Box on my initial order, which gave the perception the order didn't complete; only to find out it actually did.  Because I thought it didn't go through, I placed a second order sans-PO Box, only to not be able to cancel the first order because I waited longer than an hour to cancel the order, etc, etc.  Overall, a very poor experience from a company with the capability to be better.  And, this doesn't even mention the lack of communication in today's connected world.

I'm willing to accept a few "learning" mistakes, but to continually repeat mistakes, is just a lack of respect for your customers.  A dangerous game of learning to play when you're sparring with the likes of Amazon and Apple who are shining examples of customer service.
Ok, I pre-ordered it, I shopped it on the official site and I paid more for shipping and now you are telling me: "Hey! you should be happy because you will get it just a few days later than those who pre-ordered from other retails without paying any shipping."
If I go buy one in a store, and my order from google play has not yet shipped, can I cancel the pre-order (considering it's no loner a "pre" order?
This thing is awesome...
+Dan Buchal Dude if no one bitched they'd think everything was gravy. I still love the google machine, just wish I had preordered from Gamestop.
While I'm very irritated with Google retail/marketing, I pre-ordered through Play because I'm a big fan of Google's software and infrastructure.  I badly want them (and Android/Nexus 7) to succeed.  But, Google, do me a favor and try not to make me feel like a complete idiot for supporting you...OK?  You can keep the $16 shipping charge.
+Daniel Panichelli 16gb order was just charged, no confirmation on shipping. I'm guessing an email confirmation will come tomorrow or monday.
I could have pre-order at a retail store in DE., save 13.99 for shipping, 15.78 in PA tax and have tablet in hand today.  Instead pre-ordered early at Google Play paid more and am still waiting for product.  Thanks a lot!  :(
+Dan Buchal its more of a customer service issue than anything else. I just find it aggravating that this release is not very well planned out.....and yes in 3 months I probably wont care :)
Dear Google.  Get your shit together.  Tell people what is going on.  Enough of this black box crap.  You have an entire social media site with which you could give us some clue as to what is going on.  Just think, now thousands of LOYAL Google customers will think twice before ordering your next product. 
Might as well ditto the frustrated #nexusgate comments; maybe someone at Google is even reading them.

I pre-ordered within less than an hour of the device being made available after the I/O announcement. My online bank account shows the credit card got charged today, but I have no indication from Google Wallet of the charge, and no e-mail regarding a ship date. 

Sure, it's not the end of the world, but it's kind of a poke in the eye to Google's most loyal customers that they get their devices up to a week later than those who saved themselves the $14 in shipping costs by pre-ordering through Gamestop. Why should anyone bother using Google Play to purchase devices, exactly?

I called Google Play CS, and the guy was nice enough, but admitted he's received no news from Google management, and that he's been getting his updates from Droid Life(!). If it's any consolation, the CS rep said his Nexus hasn't shipped yet either!
My recent experiences with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus's reboots, lost connections, and delayed software updates and this Nexus 7 preorder are further eroding my confidence in the Google brand.
It looks like a VHS cassette tape!
Just called Play Store C.S. a woman rep. told me that they are only alowed to ship out 10,000-20,000 units a day. I ordered a Nexus 7 on June 27th. And another on July 9th. The July ninth order date has switched to July 13th.

She told me my first order has shipped and that I should expect the second order a couple days later. 

I shall expect the first Nexus 7 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week.

I shall expect the second Nexus 7 order on Thursday, Friday of next week. Possibly Monday of the week after.

Hope this helps a bit.
Cheers from Texas.
Thanks +Google Play I have to pay more and wait longer than those who bought from 3rd party retailers....and you guys wouldn't allow me to cancel. Awesome service!
I don't care whether Gamestop people got theirs first or not, I'm just pumped its shipping and I'm supporting Google directly through their Play Store!
Looks like mine shipped, I think Google noticed I was trying to trend #nexusgate  and shipped it to shut me up lol jk.
Mine hasn't shipped or charged yet. Google needs to make a formal apology for their mistake to their direct customers, and compensate us for their failure to have it to us by the same time as everyone else. Why would anyone ever pre order from them again after this?
If I were interested in a tablet, I'd get the Nexus7. Still not convinced I need one yet though! I am however excited to see one in person!
YAY!!!! I payed 14 dollars for 2 day shipping and will get it late yay hoooray way to go man....Google play store is so kick ass can't wait to preorder more shit from Google play store because everyone knows how much I love paying more money for no fucking reason. 
Ordered mine in the first half hour they were available, paid my shipping and tax, and haven't seen any charge on my card or gotten any shipment information.  Meanwhile, people are picking up N7's in brick and mortar stores for no shipping, several days earlier access, and the same $25 Play credit.

+Google, I love you, but this is unfair.  If you want to make amends, you'd be wise to consider refunding shipping, giving extra Play credit to Play pre-order customers, or some other gesture of good will.
I can see them giving some compensation for their poor communication/lack of respect for first-party Play pre-orders.

At the same time, we'll get our Nexus 7 soon, it's just a couple of days. Nothing to freak out about.
Cannot BELIEVE this. I've walked past 2 HMV stores today selling them, if i didn't have it pre ordered on my credit card (un cancellable on my card... wtf is that about as well Google?!) i definitely would have had it there and then. The credit etc isnt worth having your face spat in by a company you support.
I know it isn't their fault that companies jump the gun, but SOME statement instead of this secrecy and tight lipped attitude. People don't mind waiting, as long as they know WHEN they're waiting till.
Sort it out Google, if you want to start competing with the big boys, you need to grow up and mature quickly.
I wish I had got mine today too even though I purchased mine on the play store before the IO presentation had even finished.  But, the Lord has seen fit to bless/curse me with a lesson in patience.   #patience   #nexus7  
I want this so badly, but I don't need it.
Why must I own a Playbook?! 
Before you cry : Release date in germany in 2 month !!!!
Jed Willard
I think most of us here enjoy Google products and services, so let's take this in a more positive direction by offering a list of suggestions to improve the experience for the future.  Here are my suggestions:

Customer Service/Communication
- Reward your loyal customers with a REAL incentive: bump the play store credit at least $15 to offset the shipping fees others didn't have to pay OR another $25 cause it's only a "win" for Google to hook us on more +Google Play content.  Your loyal fans watching I/O and pre-ordering should be treated better...or at least the same.
- Communicate better: no excuse in today's connected world to be so mum on shipping dates, etc.  I can only imagine how much different the perception would be had they posted this a day ago. (take note all you fellow Marketing professionals)

- Allow retailers to be primarily responsible for distribution (follow video game model)
- Use more distribution partners (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc): a number of sources indicate potential issues with UPS and package volume.

Online Order System
- Better address validation: I had an order with a PO Box accepted, even though that wasn't possible via the shipping company.
- Allow online cancellations: I was only able to cancel by "refusing shipment", because after the 1st hour of placing the order, it was impossible to cancel...again, unacceptable in today's web world.

I'm sure I'll think of others, but let's make this better! #nexus7 #PlayStoreImprovements
That's good of you a whole day behind ebuyer. GET A GRIP, I will be refusing delivery when mine eventually turns up, I'll stick with my iPad.
Anyone in Australia have there CC charged ? >_<"
I will be gutted if I don't get my Nexus 7 before the stores in the UK get it in stock.
Can I get a + 10000 button pls? Its needed for this announcement! Can't wait! 
I would be nice to receive a shipping notification with tracking info to my inbox.
I can haz free one? no? mo, ... okay_face.jpg
+Geoffrey Glass It's not just receiving it several days later than others (at this point, I still have no word and doubt it'll ship till Monday).  It's that we also PAID for the privilege of getting it late, to the tune of $13.99.
please kick down with Saturday delivery.....
Ordered mine June 27. Hopefully it shipped!
Google Play, you owe me shipping!
+Geoffrey Glass It's something like you want to take a photos with an idol.. you stand in the line in the early morning and paid for the VIP pass to take a photo with an idol... then after couple of hours, you realize there is another line in another room that doesn't have much people and they can take/already taken a photo with idol without paying the VIP pass... 
I know the situation may not be described accurately, but it's something about fairness, in my opinion
Let me get this straight, I could have pre-ordered from Staples, saved myself $13 shipping and a sales tax over charge of $2, been enjoying my Nexus 7 tonight, and not checking my email for a shipping confirmation.  All I can figure out is that it must be Friday the 13th.  Someday this will be a case study in business school on how to screw up customer relations.
Doesn't it seem funny how even Google isn't using their social media site to communicate with others... One vague update on the official ship day for a flagship product? Seems about on par with how much others are using Google+
So, when will it be available in Croatia? Nvm,guess we're a 3rd world country according to Google... :-[
Apple didn't even have to block this with a patent law suit, and Google still can't deliver. Who would have thought Gamestop > Google Play? slaps forehead Can I have my $283 back, please?
Anyone see anything about the Nexus 7 covers shipping with the Nexus 7 tablets...
Same for biggest economy in Europe ! German customer cant even order on Google Play ! I preordered in the UK.

Its like Google wouldnt sell in USA first but in Mexico ...
I agree with all the guys here. I LOVE Google. But boy, are you screwing up on this whole order situation. Please, just give us some CLEAR information. I'm not even bummed people have it earlier than those of us who pre-ordered direct from Google Play. I just want to know WHEN you will be shipping them? In the UK, 16GB version (because for some reason I hear 8GBs are being shipped first?). Are we to go by the date set by retailers, but for some reason you guys don't have a date? Hmm, annoying.
Anyone see anything about the Nexus 7 covers shipping with the Nexus 7 tablets...
+Ryan Bryant Good question.  I ordered a cover, too, and haven't seen anything about them.
Ordered almost immediately as they became available for pre-order. Still only a hold, no shipping info or anything. Still waiting for my Galaxy Nexus OTA as well! :-(
I wonder if Apple has patented their awesome release experience? Apple employees clapped for me when I picked up my iPad 1. I am booing the non-shipment of "my" Nexus.
You know what? I really hope there is a "-1" button on this post! If so, at least I can convince myself that I pay more and get my device later is because I can have a "-1" on Google Play !
Got Nexus OTA info 5 hours ago but already got it from xda
Thomas Li
I really doubt Google will take this serious... I believe Google will just let us angry for these couple days and then we will relieve and forget about the shipment issue after we received our N7 in next week... I like Google, but I am really disappointing at this time :s
You can walk into a retail store and buy off the shelf in the USA but if you "pre-ordered" and paid extra premium for shipping to get it early Australians have to wait with no updates from Google on when!
+Ronnie Smith shit happens, there is nothing we can do about it now so might as well get over it and be excited it's on the way!
anyone got tracking # for 28 june's pre-orders 
This release is more botched than the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I am superbly disappointed in the way this has been handled but I'm just one peon...
+Gary Hoggatt I can understand you are pissed about the delay and lack of information. But complaining about $13.99? That's like lunch or dinner; cheaper than a movie and popcorn. I'm sure you burn even more cash than that without blinking....
Fake Name
Why would you force us to pay for two-day shipping if you were 1) going to release it on the weekend; 2) hold off on actually SHIPPING it until it's already available elsewhere?

Can anyone that already has a Nexus use Google Now to "define pre-order?"  I'd like to hear what the result of that is.

The point of pre-ordering is to reserve a copy; the point of reserving a copy is to get it so you don't have to wait after people that try to buy it on release day.  Well, we might as well have had tried to buy it on release day and wait for the next shipment because that's how it functionally ends up to us customers. 

What I'm really peeved about it having to spend two-day shipping OVER THE WEEKEND for a product that I could have got in-store immediately.  Why the hell didn't you just ship them sooner?  Why did you want to ensure retail released before pre-orders?  Why the @%$# would you do that?
I ordered mine 4 days ago, my card hasn't been charge, my order hasn't been processed, and I think it's lousy that I could have just walked into a local store and bought one today..... Come on Google,   a little communication please....
The Verizon Galaxy Nexus delay was a result of Verizon Wireless being a controlling carrier with way too much power. This issue isn't too big of a deal, but Google could help avoid all this with more customer service skills. A tweet, a blog post anything giving information goes a long way to help customer perception. The radio silence seemed coldly blind.
Awesome, except those of us week pre-ordered at the announcement will be getting ours after some have placed orders or picked up today from retail stores.
Seriously why did we pre-order if I could just go to the store today buy one without a ridiculous 2 day shipping charge and have it already.
Love it at the exact same time of my last post I get the Nexus 7 shipped email.
Eric Co
When in Hong Kong?
Any idea when 16gbs ordered on July 6th will ship?
Raf E
Ordered mine on the 28th of June. My card doesn't show the charge. What does this mean? Do I have to reorder???
They don't charge your card until it ships. Relax.
+Serge Herve Meny So it's a good thing to pay $13.99 to get a product five days (shipping on Monday at this point, in hand Wednesday... hopefully) after I could have gotten it in hand?  I love Google, but this is horrible customer service.
Doesn't seem that mine has shipped yet, but I'm so damn excited!  Can't wait for next week!
When is it going to ship in Australia? Ordered ages ago and can't wait to get my hands on this baby. Come on already Google..
When kids throw tantrums its because they have a lot of growing up to do, when adults throw tantrums its because they are justified. Just saying. Can't wait to get mine, its going  to be a blast.
+Gary Hoggatt i understand but do you agree that pre-order only guarantees that you will have the device? A lot of the retailers that jump the gun did not openly advertised that they got them. And for those that did, their stock is depleted. So if you walk to your local gamestop, you might not get one till august. However, with our order in GP, you know it will be coming. I understand your upset and it's normal. Hopefully once you get it and play with it, you'll forget about all this hopla
Ismel C
I want this for my birthday 
Wow! I now am happy after an hour of making my complaint post, Google shipped my order... I'm happy now!!! Thanks for listening Google!!!
Dear Google play store. This is the last time I pre order something from your store. That is all.
I too have been a fan of android and google.  Google's releases sucks.  This really is infuriating.  I preordered the the day it was available.  What is the point of preordering if everyone else can just walk into a store and pick it up same day while we have to pay shipping and wait.  This is ridiculous.  This play store crap is full of it.  No information, no communications.  Last time ordering from google play.  Next anything, I rather walk into a store get it same day and not pay shipping.  No waiting, no extra charges.  This is what we get for being loyal google fans.  Screw that.
+Serge Herve Meny So why didn't we get told we could get it the first day pre-ordering at gamestop--and without shipping charges, to boot?
They might surprise you guys,wishful thinking.
왜 한국 구글플레이에서 못 사는건가...
Yeah, I really don't appreciate paying an extra 2-day shipping charge for the privilege of waiting for my mine while my local Gamestop has already been selling them.  
Really don't understand how people half-way around the world in UK already got theirs, while people who preordered on Play store in the U.S. haven't even gotten theirs shipped yet! This is NOT a good way to start promoting Google Play to the masses ...
+Serge Herve Meny Had I preordered from a retailer, I would have my device now.  That's the problem.  Ordering from the source carries a large implication that you'll get it first.  Especially when paying a large shipping fee.  Do you really not get that?
Not really cool of you to delay ship to those that pre-ordered early and paid for shipping yet GameStop is selling them now. Waste of $16. 
how about refund our shipping, add another $25 Play credit, and ship a complimentary protective cover.  I'd accept that.
Not buying hardware from Google again unless they can make a promise that this kind of thing isn't going to happen again, and prove that they're going to keep it. This is a travesty.
I am finished with Google. I pre ordered on June 27th. I just went by the closest GameStop and they are already passing them out to folks who ordered just 3 days ago from them. With no $14 shipping charge. Google can shove it where the sun don't shine. I am blocking the charge on my cc and I will send it back when it arrives. I am typing this on a new iPad I just bought at the Apple store in the same mall. Apple at least respects their customers. The extra $300 for the iPad is still cheaper than the blood pressure medication needed for dealing with Google. Google just made me an Apple convert..
Yeah, this is pretty bad.  Google is trying to get their act together with selling directly to consumers, but they just blew it on their big release.  Shipping price is now down the tubes; plus, I could have had it earlier at GameStop.  Come on.  Oh, well.  I'm still really excited to start working on the Nexus 7.
You dropped the ball!!!! I ordered on June 29th and still dont know if mine has shipped. I have friends who ordered just last week from Gamestop and they are opening theirs right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So from what I can tell +Google Play is only shipping 8GB models and stores only have 16GB models. Does this mean all the 16GB models were shipped out to retailers leaving Google with no 16GB models to fill pre-orders with? I pre-ordered on the 27th at 12:30pm and still have not been charged or received a shipping notice. So I'm thinking I won't get mine till September.
Pre-ordered the day after I/O Day One. I still haven't got confirmation if mine shipped or not :(
mine 16gb model has shipped out and ordered it from play store. can't wait to receive it. i hate the fact today is friday. 
The way you handled this is just terrible.
terrible customer service won't order from google again. charging shipping to get it later than stores, nice one google! considering sending it back.
I ordered mine (with the case) hours after the announcement on June 27th.  Still no charge on my account or shipping info.  I was assured that adding the accessories wouldn't slow down the process.  A bit frustrated as I would have gladly gone to the Gamespot down the street had I known they would have them before the Play Preorders.
Way to launch the play devices store Google.  Probably the biggest launch you'll have on the store.
I ordered the 16g @ 11:30am CT on the 27th of is now 9:30pm on the 13th of July and no indication it has shipped and cc has not been charged. What are the chances I'll have my 7 by next week?   Love Google, but hate bad customer service!
Really love reading online about the people getting shipping notices that ordered a week after I did, and the Gamestop buyers, and the Sam's Club buyers...
Why the hell did I pre order this RIGHT after the key note?!! We get no preferential treatment for supporting Google launch a new device to market early... I could have gone in to a lowly Gamestop and enjoyed this today! I am disappointed. I won't be fooled twice...
Yay, mine is shipped.... Got a mail at 10 P.M....  Are they working extra hours??!! 
This is horrible customer service.  What did I preorder for if I could just walk in to a retail store today and purchase it...without paying shipping fees! Will never order from Google again.
Well, technically we can't walk into stores and purchase them because most are already reserved to other people, right? 
I just got TROLOLOL because i paid for shipping on a pre-order and have to wait.
Lol... people chill, we don't even know who is at fault here!
Gamestop probably released them early, and in doing so created a chain reaction among retailers. I agree with the communication issue though, could have been better!
Ordered min 6/27.  Got tracking at 10.  Looks like we paid the shipping to have it delivered half a week later.  This is totally unacceptable.  Last time I order anything from the play store.  Way to catch up to apple with this awesome service.
I'm sorry I pre-ordered from the play store. It's unacceptable that pre-orders from the source get their product after people who order from a retailer like Gamestop. PLUS I had to pay extra for shipping! Way to show no love to those who wanted to support Google and be the first on this new product. Never again!
yep...+ 1 on the above  300+ comments voicing outrage. Releasing to stores before fulfilling your pre-orders? Great job alienating your strongest fan base. Should refund shipping, at the very least, imho
Guys its not the end of the world. Relax a little.... so what you have to wait?so do a lot of other folks, so grow up and stop acting like my 2yr old.
Disappointed I don't have one in my hands.  Not sure why I preordered one.  Way to mess this one up Google. 
Thanks to Google for disappointing me and their loyal fans who watched IO with excitement and enthusiasm, only to be crushed by the news that Gamestop customers who "pre-ordered" got it first. Oh don't forget Sams club, e-buyer, Adorama and someone's Mom and Pop's store. Sheeesh!  Who cares if your Nexus 7 is selling out if it's tainted with irate customers. Such a shame!
Pr-order customers like me got screwed! I want my $14 back, what a fraud to charge for shipping and not ship in time. No excuses!
Ordered June 27th.  No e-mail yet.  Now at least I understand what to expect out of the Google Play store and avoid it for its unreliability.
+Daniel Flanigan , can you please stop spamming the internet with that very weak defense of Google?  I'm sick of you trying to pin it all on Gamespot everywhere you go. What a fanboy.
+Keri Christensen ... they did ship it to you on time. They announced mid-July and have been saying all week that the first pre-orders would ship Thursday or Friday... which they did. 

Stop freaking out over nothing. You sound like an entitled brat. What do you want your 14 dollars back for? You didn't pay 14 dollars to get yours first. You paid 14 dollars for the shipping. And it's shipping on time. 

Welcome to how things work 101!

+Kenny Kaczor, what have they been unreliable about? You'll be getting it today or Monday (the confirmation). Right on time! Imagine that.
Disappointed. My wife ordered mine in the first hour on 6/27.  Add me to the list of people who want my pre-order shipping back.  It's just bad, almost deceptive business.  Yes, it's still reaching me by "Mid-July" but I could've waited two weeks and pre-ordered at Gamestop.
I guess the Android fanbase isn't as important as the average consumer.
God, everyone on this stream sounds like an entitled brat. You didn't HAVE to pre-order from Google. You pre-order from Google to give them the custom. Other stores aren't SELLING THEM. They're distributing pre-orders. They're also doing this against Google's will. 

You're being obnoxious and your privilege is showing. 

Here's to Google for an ON-TIME shipment of people's Nexus 7 pre-order.
Safe to say I won't be in a rush to pre-order
This launch could have been a lot worse. Just imagine if Verizon was launching the tablet...
+Dylan Uriah Herbert , nobody is getting it today, and Monday is not "right on time," and it's possibly not even Monday.

Days after launch because they didn't ship to coincide with launch is not really a pre-order; and if anyone knew that we wouldn't get it on the launch date we'd had just pre-ordered it from Gamestop.

Yes, they said what time frame launch would be, but they did not say pre-orders would arrive after launch.  Ridiculous.

You're free to send me money to cover the shipping costs.  I'll stop complaining then.
when is it coming to India... pls....
Um... Getting the confirmation today, +Kenny Kaczor. Lots of people are getting the confirmation of it shipping.

It isn't really launch, though... lol. The places distributing it currently weren't supposed to. It's not available for sale. So it's not really launch... the pre-orders are just shipping.

Lol. Why are you bitching about having paid shipping..? They're still shipping it to you. YOU ARE GETTING THE SERVICE YOU PAID FOR.
Got confirmation for an June 27th order and July 9th order. VERY EXCITED. Expecting delivery Tuesday, hopeful for Monday!
+Dylan Uriah Herbert 

It is available for sale.  Google gave them the go-ahead.  That's why the Nexus site is showing such.  Every retailer that got it is selling it.

Google has 15 minutes for me to get confirmation today.

I'm mad because I paid two-day shipping to get it sent on a weekend after release.
Yes, I must agree there has been horrible customer service with this Nexus 7 release.  When I ordered the Nexus 7 I was told that I would be charged when the device was shipped and that I would receive an email with a tracking number.  I was charged almost two weeks ago and still have not received an email. I feel like a total ass for ordering off of the play store.  Unless google does something to make this right I will never order any thing off of the play store again. 
If they had told people that pre-ordering was basically a lottery, like Dave Matthews does to his fans, nobody would be upset right now.  However, in tech, "pre-order" usually means you will get your gear at the same time everyone else gets it (when it is released).  Those of us that paid the premium (shipping and list price) and ordered when the device was announced from the preferred delivery channel, should have been given priority. 

Instead we find that whoever is doing the shipping for Google/ASUS/Play is totally incompetent and can't make sure that the 'early adopters' get priority delivery. 
I don't get all the whiny stuff.  I ordered last Friday, and my N7 shipped this evening.  There sure are a lot of spoiled children out there.
+Bill Webb You ordered 7/6 and got yours shipped today, and you're wondering why people who ordered it 6/27 and haven't gotten shipment confirmation are upset?  Really?  And that's without considering the people who got it from retail today...
I pre-ordered the first day with the shipping charge. I just checked my order status and still mentions nothing about shipping. And another guy just goes to a store and gets it and is playing with it now.
What's the benefit of pre-order and paying shipping???
Shame Shame!
I am thinking of returning it as soon as it arrives and will go to a store to pick one and save 14 dollars.
I am seriously waiting for my pre-order email confirmation that the tablet is being shipped:-) i am so excited that Google is setting the standard really high with this device:-) 
Just share this to larry page's google plus... lol not sure he will read this
I hope Google, Asus and whoever take all this feedback in to consideration for the launch of their next device.
Off topic, I know but... THANK YOU GOOGLE FOR JELLY BEAN! :-D :-D It's freaking awesome. I love it. Android rules the world for sure!! Thx! ;-) 
You are all behaving like (insert Arnold's accent here---"girlie men")
Ray Kutro
Loyal Android fans/consumers are deeply hurt by this horrible handling of pre-orders of #Nexus7  by #Google . They are posting their sorrows on every social network/blog/site.

#Google  are you listening to us? This has damaged whole credibility of Google Play Store. I don't know about others, but this was my last purchase from Google Play. If my device doesn't arrive at my doorstep by Monday, I'll cancel my order or return it back to Google if it arrives after Monday and get my refund. I'll then go and pick Nexus 7 from some random store. That's what #Google  wants us to do, right Google?
Fake Name
Actually, I kind of think we're behaving like customers that paid a two-day shipping fee (the implication being that it would be used to ship us the product on launch date) for it to be sent on Friday (negating the point of two-day shipping) to get it later than walk-in customers.  That's how I think people are behaving, but your free to have your own interpretation.
The comments are cracking me up.  The reason you can walk into GameSpot and pick it up is because those who pre-ordered from there went to GameSpot.  Pretty simple.  I guess if Google wanted to sell tablets out of the front lobby in Mountain View, technically you could have gotten yours directly from Google today too. 

A pre-order is not a pre-ship.  It simply means your orders will be filled first.  Indecently, the same time those at GameSpot's were filled.  The only different is you paid the USPS to deliver it to you and that takes time and those who chose to pick it up in store, didn't.  Make sense?

If you didn't know what pre-order means, then I have a hard time not feeling sorry for you.  
Also, if you have a wholesale agreement with Google, you can probably order a bunch of these and not pay shipping on your order, thereby keeping your price the same as Google's price in the Play Store. 
I can confirm that my UK account is £209 lighter this morning. I preordered on Google Play.
+Basha Bill I also checked mine and was the 208.99 lighter, ordering from Google Play. Retail stores here saying they're gonna have them on the 19th, but if we've been charged now then surely that means they're shipping now?
This was my first google device/purchase experience, and i can truly say it sucked.
I really wish everyone would just calm down about not receiving their Asus +Nexus 7 There are many factors and reasons why you have not received your new +Google tablet. As a lot of you know, Apple is sue happy as of late by trying to keep Samsung from selling the Galaxy Nexus. Now Nokia is trying to stop the sell of the Asus Nexus 7 due to some kind of patent. Google should never rush out this brand new tablet just to please impatient users. Asus and Google need time to work out the bugs. You know you will all bitch and moan because the littlest thing went wrong on the Nexus 7. Remember that this is kind of generation 1 of the Nexus 7 so expect a little growing pains. Some of you commented about the superior service that you received from Apple. Well, Apple had issues with their customer service at one point and some issues with their generation 1 iPad & iPhone. Now look how far they have come. I too feel a little slighted that you could possibly pick up a Nexus 7 from Gamestop, Sam's Club, and other retailors while not having to pay shipping & handling plus the $25 Google Play credit. But I am a patient man and willing to wait for my pre-ordered Asus Nexus 7. I really think this could possibly be Google's year due to the amazing success of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean software, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the high demand for the potential hit Asus Nexus 7. So ladies and gentleman please take a moment to Relax Relate Release. Don't get your blood pressure up about a device that in a few months in technology standards will be considered obsolete and yesterdays news. You all know in your heart of hearts I am speaking the truth. There is always something newer, better, faster, slimmer, and prettier coming around the corner. Google probably did not expect such an overwhelming "Apple pandemonium like" response to the Asus Nexus 7. This new tablet has been showcased on all the major networks and cable news shows unlike the previous Google tablets. "Maybe" Google will learn from this situation and be more prepared for future Google devices. Only time will tell. +Google Play 
Well it's almost 4pm on the third business day and so far absolutely nothing regarding my #Nexus7 order. The communication is abysmal.
L'essayer, c'est l'aimer sans appel attention cet appareil est TRÈS TRÈS ADDICTIF !

Desirable packing so cute
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