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Today’s Surprise: Get a #free Kendrick Lamar track (US-, and pick up his breakout album good kid, m.A.A.d city for just $5.99.
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I just listened to about 5 seconds of the free song, and I can say without reservations that it's priced a little high. You'd need to pay me to download that.
This is definitely my favorite album of the year, followed by Nas-Life is Good. When it's all said and done, I believe it will be recognized as a "classic".
Why the most movies and books are in English in Russian Google Play ? Couldn't you reach an agreement for copyright owners that we can watch movies and read the books in Russian ?! It's very bad !
This guy is a fan of story-telling.
That was not the NAS I was looking for...
I bought the album this morning because of the free song promotion.  It's actually pretty good.
I just browsed the latest +Google Play posts. Almost all of them are US only. Time to clean my stream. Be back in a couple of months. 
+Skipper Kagamaster you're silly. How can you can tell something is bad in 5 seconds? Listen to the whole track than form a less ignorant opinion 
Sorry +Theophilus Sangodele but I agree with +Skipper Kagamaster, it only takes me 5 seconds to determine if I want to listen to the rest of a track. Beat, flow and lyrics. If any one of those are not on point it's on to the next track.
Sad, but true. Most modern music isn't dynamic enough to start bad and end good.
Besides not to take anything away from Kendrick Lamar, he is very talented, but he is not the only talent in the pool that should be getting this type of mainstream exposure. See Joey Bada$$, Rapsody, or Jon Connor. People need to stop being lazy and look for good music and stop praising whatever gets advertised the most.
These people criticizing this album are pretty hilarious. It's been lauded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums for a while, an instant classic, and the resurrection of west coast hip-hop. The story telling is unreal, the beats are interesting, and Kendrick's rapping ability is so varied and skilled from beginning to finish. To dismiss this album after listening to FIVE seconds of ONE song is a disservice to yourself. Wassup.
This cd was the best rap cd out this year. I bet joey bada$$ blows up in 2013 +Marvyn Haynes he put out a tape with him and his crew and he destroyed his verse on 1 train 
Im glad Google play is giving him the recognition he deserves. This is one of my favorite songs but they are all great. Kendricks been dropping some sick mixtapes for a while and this album is an instant classic. I bought it day 1 for 12.50. Worth every cent and I would've paid more.
I got love for Kendrick, no body knows how hard he worked day and night on his music. It sounds great and I'm so proud of my cousin, love you fam.
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