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We’re spending the winter days lost in the sprawling stories of  games ( like Hero’s Call, Final Fantasy III and The Bard’s Tale. +1 this post if you’re realizing your destiny, leveling-up and saving the world.
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When does this start?  As I went to the link and none of the apps are showing any price drop at all.
FF3 is showing full price
Cool. Now let's see the Nexus 4 back in stock :)
Same Here, 13€ ff3
Unfortunately I've already bought the game I was interested in of those in that list, The Bard's Tale. :-)

Would be nice if more games would stop requesting the phone state permission and others they should never need, probably the most common reason for me skipping over some game.
Jonny W
Same here... still full price.
bards tale includes the original bards tale and bt 2 and bt 3 will follow? ok, i will buy it!
Still full price here in the UK, is this US only?
Still no reduced price.. would love to pick up FF3 again!
Yep - No deals at all... False advertisement or advertised too soon...
Half price and Square Enix (Square Soft, never go well :D lol ) But sincerely they really rarely lower their prices no matter the platform and the age of the game.

Maybe it's just a timing issue though :P
I wonder if SquareEnix already deleted that piece of code that would make Chaos Rings unable to play on rooted devices...
+Yvan Da Silva Well they do some deals from time to time. But yeah they are not often on the fence of lowering the prices of their games.
If I buy The Bard's Tale on Galaxy Nexus will it work on a Nexus 7 tablet?
Is the same version or is there a specific HD version? 
I can't install now directly on the tablet because I will get it next friday.
So I'd like to take advantage of the 50% discount now :)
+Mathieu Perreault Which is kinda sad, because older games should have lower prices so people that didn't tested them on the time they were out would still be able to enjoy them afterwards.  Of course 16bucks its not a lot, but it depends on your balance right ? For example for me, it's a bit expensive for a game that I'll play few moments, from time to time on my mobile device. But that's my opinion :P 

By the way, when do you start to make "real" games for Linux ? :P Qt, OpenGl, OpenGLES, OpenAL << those things are crossplatform ^^ Haha :P
+Carlo Amendola When you download Bard of Tale (each time you install it) it will ask if you want the HD or the SD version. So no worries, it will work just fine on your N7 and your phone. By the way, it will also ask where you want to save so if someone has an sdcard on his/her phone then he/her can save the game content there :) Neat feature ! 
Oh you will need few gigs for the HD 2.something  and 1.something for the SD if I remember correctly 
only the Bard's Tale is 50% off, and it has been for some time now... they need to fix the description to avoid confusion...
Btw, this FF3 is NOT the same FF3 in SNES.. the one in SNES is actually FF6... 
Does not belong directly to this post but is a very important question for me and possibly all the kid's who want to buy the great games and music offered in Google Play now also in Germany: When will gift cards or prepaid cards be available in Europe/Germany? +Google Play 
Hey everyone! As of right now, only The Bard's Tale is 50% off. Thanks for the comments!
+Google Play When can we hope to see the other games mentioned ealier at 50% - Really looking forward to the FF3 one
I will as soon as I get my hands on a Nexus 7! My birthdays coming up!
Who doesn't love Final Fantasy! :D
It's coming into summer here.
I would love to see these games at 50 percent of. But I cannot see that it says so anywhere on that page.....
Am I the only one who want Heroes of Might & Magic available for tablets and phones? 
Seriously?? Cheap bastards! It isn't said anywhere that these games are 50% off! Stop bitching! Buy or don't buy! That is all.
Maiko Gabriel Kinzel Engelke: They updated the game to make it compatible for rooted devices one week after its release.
Bard's Tale started crashing on my Nexus 7 about an hour into it...over and over and over again :(
+jayson olson That's bizarre :/ I never had such issue... You are using the HD pack right ? :/ Write them an e-mail. And better if you can provide a logcat so they will fix your issue.
Changed article text? What happened to 50% off??
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Google, why are you false advertising 50% off and then changing the post to no discount. Get it together.
Saving the world? Saving THE UNIVERSE!
For those who like RPG tactics games (similar to Final Fantasy Tactics) the "Kingturn" family of games is certain to please. They aren't half price, but are well worth the 3-4 Euros they cost (considering that it's cheaper than the price of breakfast and FF Tactics cost me around 40 Euros back in the day).
hey can you guys buy twonky. i love the software and i think they can go very far.
Very cool games. Brings back memories as Bard's Tale was the first PC game I played. 
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