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+1 this post if you're ready for the platformer challenge! See if you can run, jump and fly through some of the most challenging jumping puzzle games on Google Play: We're reliving our sorely missed Sega Genesis days with Sonic 4 Episode II. Wednesday has never been this much fun. #VideoGamesIGrewUpWIth 
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In all honesty I'm more ready for the Nexus 4 being back in stock in the UK.

Has been out of stock for approx a month but, still no news when it'll be back on sale
People actually install games that requires access to the GPS and phone state? Or that starts at boot and/or have services always running? You'd think people at Google would know better than to recommend such broken apps. 
You missed Happy Poo Jump and Happy Poo Fall.  Despite the subject matter, they have very solid, addictive gameplay.
If you have a list of games/apps that DON'T do that please feel free to list them. That actually would be quite useful.
Low support for weaker phones (first two on the list). I expected opposite.
none of the games is compatible with any of my 5 android devices.
what about paid apps in iraq android market >>just thr only way ROOT and its not legal .....WHAT the SOLUTION
Please sale Rayman and Prince of Persia! :-) 
Android is the cutest thing ever !!!!
+Google Play I have a proposition for your Play ecosystem that would destroy all other app stores :) are you interested?
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