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For those in Germany, you can now get unlimited music from Google: Stream millions of songs, instantly, on any device and store up to 20,000 of your songs for free. You can now also enjoy custom radio from any song, artist or genre, with no skip limits, and easily discover the music you'll love next. #googleplaymusic  

 Start your free trial: Mobile-, Web-
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TZig Adam
Canadians spamming the comments in 3,2,1. 
Why isn't it Google Play Music All Access?
The trial started some weeks ago in the UK - maybe three months- I am signed up and enjoying it alongside my usual music sources, such as radio but the rental idea is very good at the introductory price point.
Sigh...still no love for Canada. aliens on Mars will have this before we do
I want it in Poland!!!!!! And legal access to Google Wallet payments, and all services!!!
Would be great to be able to pay with Google play cards or PayPal. I'd like this service, but it just isn't worth to open up the 100th payment method..
Dear +Google Play
Does this indicate, that you have finally settled an agreement with those Bastards from the GEMA, and will this somehow make an end to the annoying "Leider ist dieses Video in Deutschland nicht verfügbar..." story? 
+Rovindra Singh It is exactly that, with one month free trial and a lower price if you join during that period.
Would love to use it, but it doenst accept my (valid!) credit cards which work throughout the regular +Google Play -Store. Disappointed.
That should have worked Jens. Don't give up on trying (I am not employed by Google, sadly!)
Mike L
Why no Canada? It's pretty much America's top hat (geographically only). We trade with them like crazy. Most of our oil comes from there. NAFTA anyone? I could see issues with books and newsstand, but music?
+Mike L considering all the restrictions to trade, custom duties and other market protecting techniques the government had put in place to push prices up, I wouldn't be surprised that the fat cats in the recording industry in Canada are wanting bigger slice of the action.
Unfortunately ther is a Credit-Card needed, to get the free Version... I've got no Credit-Card and i'm not willing to get one...
Hey Google Play! I have Google Play Unlimited Music and I love it, but if I go to Mexico will I be able to continue my service there?
Finally, was about time.
Google Play Music in Greece???
HF Soo
Malaysia ?
signed up the minute I heard, I'm loving it so much, thank you for dealing with the GEMA and making this happen. Now defuck youtube.
Are there differences between this and All Access?
Ted R
Mike L
There's fat cats in every recording industry.
I don't want Google Play Music in Canada - Radio is just fine.
How about here in the Philippines? How soon...
When can we enjoy it herein the Philippines? I hope it would be soon too.
Bill CX
No way I pay money for things I can get for free!
Eastern Europe still waiting for several Google services. 😑 
Bought instantly when I figured out it was available yesterday - thank you, it's amazing! Great to see that more services are finally coming to Germany.

Still, you should get over your US-only/US-first mentality. 
Ted R
Will Google make Sky look small fry in 10 years time?
G Music Come to Brazil !!! we need it!
한국은 언제쯤?
Don't forget South Africa, at least we have books now 
if I subscribed before using an US proxy, is there any way to revert this now and get the german version?
Best music service out there. Been using it since launch
+Mathieu Laflamme non-important countries? Do you think canada is that important? Lol! You're just kidding right? Please say yes on this one.
If he isn't kidding he surly isn't speaking for all Canadians when he made that statement. 
Von wegen all inklusive, viele Alben sind zwar im play Store käuflich, sind bei all inklusive aber nicht dabei... Blöd. 
I have a Sonos Play:1 speaker. How would i be able to play my google music on Sonos?
Bring Google Play Music to Japan. A lot want the music from the games that are imported from Japan.
And there is still no direct link to Google Music in that little navigation menu box beside the Notification bell. There are links to Google Play, to Youtube, GMail, and Drive. But no unique link to Google Music.
+Google Play   Please improove your UI. I miss sorting. It wopuld be great to mark an artist by a star and so on.
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