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Get a free episode (US- of the top 25 moments of +MythBusters to see what happens when urban legends are uncovered.  #FreeFriday  
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Robbie Adams
We Canucks get the shaft again....
FreeFriday? I like the sound of that... Especially since the episode is in HD
I admire them job. It's awesome and really nice to learn physic.
thanks to all with the help but I am only showing 5 episodes in Season 13 with "Mini Myth Melody" being the last one for $1.99 .. maybe  #chrome  is not displaying page correctly .. will keep refreshing.
It is not in Season 13, I think it was Season 8 and it was the Top 25 Moments or something like that.
Is there anyway to watch this without a credit card?
+Lance Walker , yes it is in Season 8. Guess I am not that much of a follower to know that. Love the show though. thank you for the help :)
Would be nice to have a Google Play Google+-newsstream for the people in Europe/Germany. It's nice to know what's available in the US, but doesn't help me at all...
Big warm holiday Thank You to Big G for the present.

If you haven't lurked thru the Play TV Store recently, you're missing out on many, many more free HD episodes (of other shows). Just look and you'll find :)
Sorry! TV on Google Play is not available in your country yet..... :(
+Jakub Janele you're not completely forgotten. I read this week that G is finally bringing online media to Europe as we speak. Sure it's The UK and possibly France, first, but satisfy one EU gatekeeper and the others are sure to follow IMHO.
+Google Play why don't you get a US version of your Google+ account and a “rest of the World” version on which you'll be able to publish different news?
Google "Fuck the world" Play offers really good content
So basically the +Google Play page is US only. Stop pretending the Play store is so great when only 1 country on the entire planet can take advantage.
Hey, for all you guys bitching about Google Play being US only: That's because of the brain-dead TV and Movie industries, not Google.

Google would sell everything to everyone if they could, but the local copyright sheiks need their cut in United Australiastan or where ever you're at...

Stop whining at Google and whine at your local politicians to fix the stupid copyright and regional licensing systems.
+Christopher Best I know about these problems. But it is kind of frustrating when you get nearly only US-updates on a international side. I feel kind of ignored in this way of communication as a non-US-customer.
"An error occurred. Please try again later." :(
I +1'd it and shared it but when i tried to get the file it said "Sorry! TV on Google Play is not available in your country yet."
i feel so used :(
Why do I have to setup a credit card number in Google Wallet to get a free video? D:
LOL use iTunes... you had to put you pin in for everything, even updates until this last OS update... 
I have a Google play card with $.20 on it, so it just uses that, plus if you have the card in your google wallet already you just select it, instead of putting it in.
For some reason, after 2 minutes it says you have to purchase the episode. Isn't this episode supposed to be free?
It is, play music works the same with free music... It's just a way to document that you got it for free... er something... 
Honestly It's probably meant to walk people through the exercise so they see how simple it is, and gets them to start using it... 
can't watch it in Canada...
Awesome. Free episode. Thanks Google.
Again nothing for CZ(EU) =o(
All this "Unavailable in your country" nonsense is driving me mad. I bought a Nexus 7 and it's a crippled device here without support. C'mon Google... Australian's are waiting for this with their wallet (by purchasing an Apple device where everything already works here). It's annoying!
Too bad not for Germany... :(
Sure would be nice if Canada got this...
Google: The rest of the world exists!
This is the one issue that drives me to drink about Google Services. Most of the stellar services that make your devices that much better are not available outside of the United States. Pure insanity. It almost bastardizes my Galaxy Nexus compare to the same device running in the United States.
I am no Apple fan, however this is where Apple has got their collective poop together. When they roll out a service, most often then not it goes in many markets besides the United States. Google. We love ya, but fix this already!
My rant for Saturday
Don't you just love US-only content? Let the other countries look after themselves, who cares about the wasteland that is everything outside The States? U-S-A, U-S-A!
+Konrad Haenel , I am far from being an expert on international law, but I thought it was differing copyright/IP laws (from both areas) that usually prevent media from being released in certain countries? It may or may not entirely be the U.S. at fault here....
Adaway didn't like that clickserv link 
Only available in US, instead of China mainland?
Please make google play movies&tv shows, magazines, books and music available in the Slovakia and Czech Republic
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