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How old were you when Eminem released this song ( #FSOD #tbt #BlastFromThePast
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I can preview the song in Canada but still can't access the music store :(. Especially disappointing with BB's announcement of music and TV coming to their stores.  We want to shop on Google too, eh?
The 8 Mile soundtrack is where it's at!  Still awesome!
spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. I miss Chappelle Show
I remember skipping school to go to the mall and buy the Marshall Mathers LP in high school. 
Too old to care...

Or, in other words, old enough to not care...
Very Nice song. But I can not buy in Brazil... 
Old  enough to have considered him a new thing back then
Could it be the Eminem 8 mile movie soundtrack? 2001-2002 I guess.
Great song. But when will be available in México?
Niko P
Guys the song is FREE!!! :D
Sean G
Guessing 27
From the 8 mile soundtrack, only 9 I think lol
Niko P
It says Free when you go to the link, it's the only free song in the album though 
+Malkesh Vaghela click the "buy" link. It will take you to a page that confirms you're downloading it for free even though the word says "buy."
No where can I see free
Do we get the free song of the day in the UK?
Why does the play store tell me its the free song of the day.. then ask for £0.99 and only play a sample.. If its Free, then let me have it for free. If its not free. Don't tell me its free..
+Colin Richardson It's not free for every country. This one is only free for US. Here at work (our internet gateway is at UK) I can see the free track for UK but my cc is registered at Germany so I can't get it for free. So it only matters where your cc is registered to get the track free.
Shit I was jamming to this on a CD player on the way to High school lol good mems
I was 6... Haha. I LOVE Eminem... 
(And P. S. I am comment number 50... YAY!!! ) 
funny how time passes us bye!  this song is old  too me and it seems like yesterday it was released ! 
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