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Which new TV shows are you watching? Get hooked on the season's latest from The Mindy Project to The New Normal: US-
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Oooh! I get to be the first to complain that it's not available in my country!
Nah, I'm U.S., but I wanted to be the first anyway. Just wait. They'll come. They'll come. They always do.
Then I shall be the one to complain first.

Hey +Google Play what about UK!
Never mind... Second it is...
In the UK I just saw episode 2 of Utopia.
Weirdly gripping.
Not paying for shows already available on cable or satellite. Your prices are outrageous! 
Watching The Following. Loved it! 
I'll complain. First only stuff in German language - god forbid someone may move country for work and want to watch stuff in English - and also when I was visiting family I could not pay for a video using my German credit card in the UK play store. Sort it out google , some of us actually lead international lives and like to have our choices dictate the language option of a film, or the payment method.
53% of Google's revenue comes from international markets. Imagine what they could accomplish without this US-only attitude...
not even +Google Play store are available in asia..
like the magazine or books even movies..
its only shows play store for android apps

any one..?
Here is an example of a company doing things right. +maxdome  - they provide films in both German and English. And these are brand new releases. So if they can do it why not you? Is it any wonder people resort to piracy to get content how they want? And if the excuse is 'that's what the studios tell us to do', well then you should inform them that there is a whole group of people who, being well off, and so able to buy those products, can't, because we get region locked out of content in our native language. Just because I live in a foreign country does not mean I want it in that language. Just because I go on holiday to a foreign country should not mean I am stuck with content in that language, or unable to buy it because my card is - holy shit - from a foreign country.

While many of use want to live in a world without such boundaries, and to be able to work where we would like, things like this makes life harder than it should be. How about doing the right thing google and push back and demand to be allowed to provide content in all languages to all regions. Start acting like a global brand.
I guess I don't get to have any of the fun I'm not watching shows. Correction I am going to watch the new Kevin Bacon TV series The Following. 
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