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Music was made to be loved. We just made loving it easier. With Google Play Music for Chrome, you can now keep all the music you love in the cloud so that you always have it. To add new music, enable the “Google Play Music for Chrome” lab at Then simply drag and drop songs into your Google Play Music library. If you have a lot of music in iTunes or if you want new music to be added automatically, you can configure this by clicking “Add Music” at the top right of

But, wait, there’s more! This new lab has extra goodies. You can now open a handy mini-player by clicking the arrow in the bottom right corner of our web app so you can see what’s playing or skip songs from any tab. Plus, download songs, albums and playlists directly from the web. Let us know what you think! 

We built this lab using Chrome Apps and Native Client technology, developers can learn more at and Uploads, downloads and the mini player are just the start, and we are excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web.
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Congratulations. This is exactly what I was looking in Google Play Music. Thanks!
This looks like a much more intuitive way to add music to my music library! Music Manager got the job done, but it did have some issues. 
Google is always working to improve the experience!!
That's a nice feature +Google Play but if you don't make the Play Music service available in Brazil I won't be able to use it.... :-/ 
This is how it should have been from the beginning.
More people should use this service. It's a steal!
Really love Google Play Music - BUT, have stopped using it for now until it can do things like cross-fading and gapless playback.... 
The "not available in my country" complaint is getting pretty old. 
The extension won't install on my Samsung Chromebook. Sigh.
MiniPlayer is goog idea, but it's not so mini. And it can't be minimized. :|
The NaCl app seems not to be compatible with mounted network drives. For now, I keep using Music Manager.
+Michael Bargerhuff Gapless playback has been around for a while now.

Not sure about the cross fading though.
I'm confused as to why this would work on Chromebooks. 
Why not just use Music Manager??
It automatically updates anything you add to your music folder. Nice, but this doesn't add anything that makes me love Music more than I already do... which is a whole lot.
How about a dedicated chrome packaged app?, Better and more detailed search. aka, 2014 metal should look up new metal albums from this year not 2014 metal. Better social sharing to more than just google plus, aka the devil facebook and also twitter. 
Should have the option to use Drive space to add more than 20k songs...
+Jason Wright what I can't buy music on my chromebook from another source then use Google Web site to upload.. gee it's not like it's the 21st century or anything.. oh wait it is.

There is no reason what-so-ever why I shouldn't be able to use my chromebook running Google Chrome to upload music to Google Play Music. It's ridiculous that I can't. 
When will be available to Brazil?
I don't have a Chromebook but I thought they were just for browsing and doing work in the cloud. I was under the impression that Chromebooks had minimal, if not no storage at all. 
Works great on my Chromebook, but why the same title (and icon) as the shortcut "app?" There's no way to know which one I'm clicking!?
Please add sort songs by name/date/etc and options to export list 
+Google Play all we're missing now is a media key support.  As i've seen it done in many other chrome apps, i'm guessing its pretty easy.  
+Keith Rea It works perfectly on mine (HP 14). Are you using an ARM Chromebook?
+Michael K. Braucht Because you don't need windows or at least thats where its going and it adds drag drop support
I'd love it if the player added in the ability to navigate the library in a short little pane, and had Chromecast control
Great feature, but please add remote control for multiple devices :D
OK, this stuff mostly works. I got a couple of beefs tho. Trying to run the mini player opens a login page even though I'm already logged in. If I open google play music in a separate tab it works fine but that sort of defeats the purpose of a mini player plug in. Second... again, with the mini player, could we have an option for it to float on top of other windows and maybe a minimize function? As it is, doing anything else in Chrome hides the mini player. And when it's on top it takes up a fair bit of screen real estate. Lastly, could you steal Apple's old Quicktime spectrum analyzer and implement that in the mini and full player. Don't worry, they aren't using it anymore. They won't care.   
So people are having problems getting it working on your Chromebooks? I'm at work and I have a Win7 computer so I haven't been able to use my Chromebook yet.
At last, web uploading! The old Music Manager was kinda crappy.
What the who now? Only available in certain territories... *gets grumpy 
I'd prefer a mini player that would play the music in the background and not require that Google Music be open in a tab to play.
Neat! Finally a step towards turning Play Music into a proper Winamp replacer. Looks good and works good.

There's 4 key features that I feel are still missing, tho:
- support for playback control keys, which are present on a bunch of modern keyboards;
- playlist in the mini player, at least, if not a full library control pane;
- the ability to start the mini player without having any tabs open in Chrome (and without keeping the Play Music tab open in addition to the mini player)
- the ability to pin the mini player on top of other windows and tabs, maybe having it stick the edge of the desktop.

(The latter two are present in the Hangouts for desktop, hope they make it to the Play Music app as well. )

Anyway, thanks for the good work!
Does this apply for downloaded music also? I don't expect a yes, but dreaming is fun!
I don't see this lab.  Is this something that is rolling out?  Could it be that this requires a minimum version, since I am stuck at v29 due to IT policy?
+Google Play - Is this a complete replacement for Music Manger? IE - I purchase new music off the play store and want to download it via web are the "3x" restrictions now lifted?
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks 
A great start. I truly hope that integrating with global keyboard shortcuts (like media keys) is on the roadmap. I would love to be able to pause/navigate my music directly from my keyboard without having to hunt down the GPM window or mini player.
Also works fine on my Chromebook.

Ive got a HP Chromebook 14 running on the Dev Channel
I currently subscribe to MOG/Beats Music in Australia because they offer unlimited unmetered streaming to Telstra & Boost customers. If Google could match this, I'd walk away from MOG/Beats. Telstra have the best coverage in Australia, which is an important part of the equation should Google consider arrangements like this.
Huge thanks for delivering these awesome features!
The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories. 
Good Jab racists google :(
I want my keyboard play/pause keys to work for All Access!
Google Play Music doesn't accept Maestro cards... That's shame...
All my prayers have been answered! This is great, Google!
I'm glad this is finally a part of Google (Play) Music!
So should I just trash the Music Manager? 
Wanna see upload from phone... Getting closer..
Not in Canada you say? What a PITY
Seriously - how can you with straight FONT - type that LOVE - when you ignore CANADA all the time with Music - Since November 13, 2012, when you promised us a LAUNCH????

no access here in canada.... when will that happen google?
When in Poland ? We are part of EU, you know.
Anyway I can have a "fingerprint" of some sort read from my CDs and recognized by Play, and then added to by library, without actually having to rip those CDs manually? 
Still need to be able to start phone downloads from the web.
I don't suppose the 20,000 song limit will ever be increased?  It's been at least 3 years now.
Can we expect this on Linux soon enough?
Creditcard ?? how many plp in EU have that ? 
i don't  
Look... Google. I love all that you do. But I can't get used to Chrome. All this cool Chrome-only stuff... well, what happened to building for the Web? Not your browser, but the broader web? It's kind of sad to see all this cool stuff and I can't use it because I prefer Firefox.
Good job! Thank you Google! I missed this function. Much better than the music manager app.
The problem I have with Google Play Music is that it's not really designed for classical music. There's no way I can see orchestra/soloist. I've saved them in the comment tags on my mp3s, but they don't show in Google Play Music in Chrome.

I'm not interested in ratings, because I wouldn't add music I didn't like!  For me, it would help if I could replace 'ratings' with the contents of the comments tag.
Finally. No longer a need for a windows or mac. This can be fine from a chromebook
Darn, I thought the mini music player would run without the Google play music  website being displayed. No background application running? Can you please implement it in the extension bar so I don't have to have the website up while I'm browsing the internet?
Great work google, hope you will be Sonos support as well :-)
It's like all things Google they hate Canadians so we only get access to about 10% of their services.
I'll likely ditch my Android stuff next tech upgrade for that reason. A person can only be teased by products that we can't use for so long before we look for companies where we can have access to the full suite of products.
Me and a few million of my friends would love to see this in Canada!
Can someone clarify how this is different from the original Google Music functionality?
+Jason Stewart maybe they'll lose the blinders and realize that there are people living to the north of them some day is why.
+Marc Boudreau yeah... I'm sure they just haven't noticed there are other countries. That's totally it. :P
This is so nice! About time.
Awesome. I got about 100 more CDs I need to rip and upload. I should have done this during the last major snow storm we had. 
excelsior!  i would love to see an ampache plugin for chrome
Meh, that's nice, but why not make it so we can actually use Music? I've been having duplicates, missing songs, and songs bouncing because of the size limit. The size problem I can overlook, as all cloud services share this problem, but I would really like the other ones to be fixed. I'm moved on to a self managed folder in BTsync, but I am always ready to have a backup copy so I can listen to it on my nexus 7. When it (Google Music) works, that is.
Waiting to pin songs for offline playback like on Android 
+Google Play And when will the Music Manager stop downloading files multiple times (even though they are already in the target directory with the same sha1 sum)?
Ya and when is it gonna be released in Canada?
The pop up came up, but does not seem to work when dragged into. From Australia.
Without doubt the best interface of any music app and my go to music player, but please make it possible to delete podcasts from the android app. It's doing my head in.
+Daniel Neto +Matthew Galloway +Heyno Despotovic I just tried downloading multiple times and I think we can finally download more than twice (I believe 2 times was the original limit). I've downloaded 4 times and still haven't seen a warning.

Be careful when you set your default download folder location though. I can't find a setting to change it afterward.
Perhaps this will allow us to add songs that the music manager insists on ignoring.
Ford L
Great! I can't wait to take advantage of this feature... as soon as it is available in my country (Canada)!!!!!! :(
Agreed Canada really needs this app.
I use a different google account for music than I use for work, so this doesn't work for me. If it added multi user support like the web player does then it would be fantastic.
Still waiting for Sonos integration 
Curiously, this works on C720-2844 but not on my five-day-old ASUS Chromebox. Also works on Win 7. Anyone have luck with the Chromebox?
Does not work on Chromebooks. It worked on my Windows 7 machines but on the Chromebook you get a "failed - No file when it tries to add the .crx file. Huge Fail!

Samsung Chromebook
+Robert Caldecott Google is still working on this.  It won't work on my Samsung Series 3 Chromebox too.
If you would integrate a playlist transfer for Spotify playlists, I would consider changing. GPM doesn't have quite as many bands available yet, and sharing music with friends is easier with Spotify since more people use it.
It would be great if you mentioned this is for "select countries only", +Google Play. Any reason for the restriction?
+Google Play Please allow uploading from Google Drive (web not desktop gdrive) just like Google Play Books !!!
I was literally complaining about not being able to do this this last night. Perfect timing +Google Play!
Is anyone on Google plus ever satisfied with anything. What a bunch of whiney bitches. Thanks for making the music player better Google. 
Is this available in Canada?
When will google music services be available in Japan?
+Henry Dowd   All you have to do is use a VPN and pay for one month of All Access and you can keep accessing it forever, I've had Google Play Music for over a year now and I live in Ontario.
Great addition...especially for chromebook only folk. Now get the stars lab to the mobile app. I am dying with this thumbs rubbish...
Great, but still not available in Indonesia, so still useless app for me.
sad that it's Not available in India..  
I'd love to use this app but it's still not available here in the Philippines.
I like it, but I dislike the fact it is not available in India.
If you really love the people and want them to be happy . Why not everyone can use the app and the cloud ?!!!!!!!!!!!! Hypocrites 😠
Sadly, Google play music is not available in indonesia.
Would be nice to listen to music in Canada... 
make it available in India too
why is nothing ever available in Canada.. we're literally connected by land to the states
It's about time. Cmon Google it's also about time to tighten up the ship and support your entire ecosystem. IE chromebooks and android. This should work flawlessly on cbooks! They are your baby! People whine about fragmentation on android. It seems Google's entire ecosystem is fragmented. And I'm a Google loyalist! 
How about you release an API so that Sonos and ROCKI can access my music collection?
Thanks for taking my request into consideration Google. :)
If this was available in South Africa I would be ecstatic! Please hurry. 
Trying to make more use of the browser Chrome  but issues of APPS availability  in Canada does not help. Any plan to expand the release 
When will play music come to India! Bollywood has sooo much music to offer... 
Google please enable debit card payment in India. .I beg of u..please..
Great! But when it's gonna be enable for Central America... Especially in Guatemala....
It will mean something if you ever bring this service to Canada!!!!!!!
I'm using the Google Music Manager for Linux (Ubuntu). Pretty cool that they now support Linux! 
Waste it is available in selected countries then what is use ? :@
its not available in India, which is extremely disappointing..
this is nice but senseless! i dont get it.. what is the advantaage of this pop up when i have to let the music tap open? would be cooler if i could remotecontroll my google music player on my pc mit the google music app!
The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories. A.k.a. It can not be used in Serbia!
best thing I tried in a long, long time. perfect working! thank you.
The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories.

Not for India?
this is also available for google play books. now you can add pdf's and epub files to your library through chrome! :)
Sooo I found an album that used to be available on play music now nowhere to be found. I've listened to the album for a good month before the songs disappeared. Actually, the album didn't disappear, just the main songs. All that's left seems to be some bonus songs that I haven't seen until the main tracks went missing... 
The widget is a good addition but it could need a volume slider and the ability to stick it to the foreground. In its current state I see no big difference between bringing it back by clicking on its icon on the Windows taskbar and directing back to the Music Web App tab in the main Chrome browser. It seems to be the same work. Best thing would be kind of a control add on for the Windows taskbar as it was with an earlier version of the Windows Media Player. A control interface at the bottom right of the Windows interface would never get covered up by any window and would be always accesible.
Felling Sad... Not available yet in Indian territory!
Recently made the switch from Spotify, and this is why: actual enhancements. Bravo! 
+Joe Wehry I was having the same error. I tracked it down to the Lab music plugin wanting to use the default Chrome user to login. I have an Apps account as primary and a personal account (which I use for Music) as secondary. I tend to switch accounts from the Google user menu but even though I initiated the plugin setup from a 'personal' tab it tried to use my Apps login to setup the mini player -  and it would just get stuck - presumably because I have not agreed to Music terms on this account.
I created a separate Chrome user and it installed without error.
I like too simply add my pre-purchased music from my SD card to my Google Play library to chrome from my Android phone. It's that possible or uploading to chrome is my only option? 
+Google Play now you just need to make it work on machines that don't have flash installed!
The Web app installed on my Samsung Chrome book, but not even an option on my Chrome book 11. Why? 
Chrome installs the app but then times out and the page says "There was a problem with setup." Any ideas?
When will they make Google Music UPnP or DLNA? or at least take out a Chromacast only Audio? at that moment I will be awesome 
Khoa Vo
+Josh Head I believe it has to do with your chrome profile. Make sure you're logged into music with the same user that chrome is using for your profile.
Awesome. Then we don't have to use the desktop client.
Is it true when I upload music and that is already in the database from gooogle, google takes the music from its own database? And my second question is, is this counting for your quota of 20.000 song?
Just go ahead and do it then if we don't you get the songs back
Music was made to be loved, even in Canada.  When Google when?
They can not find acanada n Google Maps.
+Rob Möhlmann   Not sure on the 20,000 limit, I think it's 80k

You get instant access to studio/cd-quality versions of the music that you upload, but you also get access to ANY music you want, and can "add it to your library" for easy access.

+Matt Alexander   You can get it in Canada VERY easily.  Use an American-based VPN (free).  Register your credit card on Google Wallet as an American address with a fake zip, I used "404 Los Rodes Drive, Pasadena, California" and used a fake pasadena Zipcode.  (They don't check it, even if they do, you can pay using a Canadian card)

After that you have all access forever (or until you stop paying for it, obviously)

anyone else get the "Failed - File not found" error when trying to install the extension?
This is such a welcome addition! I've been hoping for something like this for a while now. 
Now, i will a Setup to edit my Mp3 Tags ON- and OFFLINE. than PERFECT!
When this will be available to Canada ??? Now, we can't use Google play music how it has been created for! A Google fan
Music was made to be loved but still not available on my location its so limited to few countries.
+Joe Wehry
I'm getting this as well on my Win8 machine. Not my Chromebook though, go figure. 
(the "there was a problem with setup" error when trying to install the miniplayer.)
+Jason Wright it's true they are mainly cloud based, but if I see a song I like, I should be able to add it to Play Music, a cloud based service, from my cloud based computer.
Arrr a much needed feature!! I've been a happy client since it was open to the UK and at 8 a month I feel it's a good deal for both parties :-P gj 
That's cool n all, but I'm still waiting for the ability to upload from mobile.
Thats cool... Can we get support for Canadian users?|
Is there anyway for users to create and share playlists?  I want a playlist of the trainspotting album.  
Please make it available for Canada!!!! This would be sweet but I cant use it haha!
Please make it available for Belerus! I know that it stupid
request, but I believe in it XD
Still can't do it on a Chrome book though.
Unfortunately I am not able to download this extension to my samsung 303 chromebook. Anyone else having this problem?
is this also available in India? I guess not.
Can't figure this shit out, alls I wanna do is play a game and I got to deal with all this bullshit
I'm having trouble finding the mini player on a Chromebook Pixel after installing the ext
when i click "save changes" after enabling the mini player/drag and drop lab NOTHING CHANGES. when i try to "UPLOAD MUSIC" it directs me to the link to download Music Manager. Samsung Chromebook. Weak-sauce.
uploading in chrome does not work for me, after I drop the files in chrome, just like in the animation in the post, it just minimizes and I see the music player, however there's no uploading queue...any idea why?
It would be nice with Music videos as a feature in Google Play Music.

Lately, I have noticed that my downloaded music does not play, and either an entirely different song plays versus what the cover art depicts or it plays two songs at once. Please fix this ASAP!
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