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There are many ways to pay on Google Play. Some carriers offer direct billing that lets you charge your Google Play purchases directly to your monthly phone bill.

This week we expanded this service to include all types of digital content on Google Play. In the U.S., T-Mobile customers can now purchase apps, music, movies and books by charging them directly to their mobile bill. In Japan, DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank customers can also enjoy the convenience of paying for movies, apps and games on their mobile bills, too. And coming soon, Sprint will offer expanded direct billing options so you can pay for more digital content for your Android device.

Check out the full list of carriers that offer direct billing at
Google Play currently provides the following carrier billing options in the countries listed below: Country Carriers Currency Germany T-Mobile International, Vodafone EUR Italy Vodafone E
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Wow, nice to occasionaly see something where Germany is taking part.
It would be great to let us pay with GOOGLE ADSENSE revenue:)
Nice move. Especially for users in developing countries like Vietnam. Carrier billing is king.
What is the recommended way to use Gift Certificates and whatnot to pre-pay a fixed amount and then draw from that balance. (Like what is available at Amazon and Apple)
Hey +Google Play ,

What is the policy for developers that a) don't respond to user issues with payments within their apps and b) don't/won't refund for in-app purchases that they don't deliver on?

I would think that there has to be some sort of policy. You can't keep letting and app/dev just continue to take $ from current Google Play and unsuspecting new users, right?
While this is nice, I don't have a contract and I hate to pay with my carrier. I have luck and a credit card - even if I have to pay fees for it.

I'd rather like to see two things: 1) Something like Google Points that I can buy in the store - yes, like iTunes - because I have a ton of friends who have Android phones, don't have a contract because even data is dirty cheap on prepaid and don't own a credit card and 2) give us finally a possibility to GIFT apps to friends. It can't be THAT difficult, can it?
After 9 months Google Play Team is still unable to fix a problem with paid apps in Serbia. You are a real disgrace!!!
.. Many ways..... Haha.. Credit card in some parts of the word and carriers in some. Many ways =)
not a bad start but still not enough to improve the app economy on Android, you guys need to issue gift cards and add support to paypal if you really care about the developers who helped in making Android the best Smartphone OS out there
This would be useful in Spain if it were available on more carriers and there wasn't zero actual multimedia content available on Google Play.
i would buy tons of apps if this was possible on vodafone portugal
That is cool. But it is so bad that it is still NOT available in Mexico.

When will Internet content providers will understand that the Internet is truly a Global Village... physical frontiers do not really apply anymore.

C'mon Google, open up this feature to all countries.
it is so bad that it is STILL NOT available in China.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Add some Venezuelan carriers to the mix!! We can't spend dollars so we're almost out of the loop here :-(
+Joakim Erdfelt We don't have Google Play gift cards available at this time but you can use pre-paid cards to purchase apps, music, books, and movies on Google Play.
+Tina Patel what about paid apps availability in Serbia. Why did they disappear from the Google Play Store and when will they return fir users in Serbia? Thanks.
Are you still wondering why Android Play has less paid apps purchases than iTunes??

* GiftCards as like for iTunes and Amazon
* direct Bank Transfer (esp. Germans doesn't use and like any CreditCards!)
* PrePaid in Wallet for German users
* Support more carriers!
Yea pre paid cards? I was searching for a gift card last Christmas.
I love the idea of gift cards for Google Play. And I still love the Android Market, or even Google Market, names better.
+Fredrik Breitholtz +Marcel Silberhorn +Daniel Imms you can get those pre paid cards at any bank and then just use it at google play store to buy apps. They are like credit cards but they are not connected to a bank account and you recharge them with as much money as you wish. I was using them while we could purchase apps in Serbia. You can also buy them as gifts for other people.
Play still needs gift/coupon codes to give an app for free to someone without incurring recharge fees, please.
Ok +Milos Lukic but that dosnt help... Looking for a way to give students apps... School enviroment. We cant give students money on a Credit card. But gift cards for a restricted use is okey... Even better if it was able to distribute the apps in some way of course... And then take em back when students leave
+Milos Lukic There are (as far as I know) no reliable bank offers for "debitCards" in Germany! My bank doesn't offer this. Googling for this will reveal many dubious vendors… ;( I'm sorry, you're totally right. There are VISA Prepaids available...
+Fredrik Breitholtz I didn't know what you plan to do with gift cards. Google Play Store needs a lot of improvements. For us in Serbia, paid apps just disappeared one night and never came back without any explanation from Google.
+Marcel Silberhorn I got mine from Erste bank. It sounds German to me :) They even call them Gift cards in the bank. You don't have to be a customer of the bank. All you need to get one is your ID card.
+Milos Lukic The point of gift cards is to give them as a gift. It's very different giving someone a gift of some money to spend on apps on Android Play and giving them a pre-paid credit card. Pre-paid credit cards are effectively the same as giving money.
Meanwhile, I'm in the U.S. and use T-Mobile, and while a carrier payment option shows up in Play Store, it's grayed out and doesn't work.
Aaron G
Google Play needs to have the ability to gift apps to other people.
México too p-p-p-p-p-please!
Love paying via Google Wallet. So simple, and I love how it's all contained w/in my Google account.
Indonesia (3, telkomsel, XL, Axix, Esia,Smartfren, indosat) ?
When is going to be available in Mexico?? or What are the reasons for doesnt be available in Mexico yet?? Should i say please??
definitely need a paypal option.
it's a huge form of online payment. I almost didn't buy an album because I didn't have that option.
I'm glad to see this option coming back to Sprint users. I won't buy an app unless I can bill it to my Sprint account, no matter how cool/secure Google Wallet may be. 
I would love to be able to bill Books to my Sprint account
Hey +Google Play, Do us developers need to do any changes in our code to accept the through Carrier Billing process? Will we see any difference in revenue? is it still the same 70%-30% share? Thanks!
Come on Google.. don't be such prudes.. if you ever plan on making Android sales or Google Play NEAR as big as the iTunes store.. you better step up the game and add GIFT CARDS!!  GOOGLE PLAY CARDS.  I simply do not understand why you don't.. dumb.
Gift Cards and Movies, Music, Books, Carrier paying for all countries
Direct billing is worthless to me, as I don't find using a data plan for my wireless device to be useful.  There are far too many places now that offer free wifi service, to be forced to pay for it.  Can you not just make a GIFT CARD?  I mean seriously!  Stop being so selfish.
A points system, gift cards it has to be for the kids and low income
When will I be able to gift apps to other people on google play?
I would like to buy an app for a friend sometimes...would be nice to do this through my Google wallet please.
I used to pay with carrier billing. When did they take it out?
Make carrier billing available for boost mobile please
ok so google you dont want me to spend money really good job this is pathetic google is a search engine and thats it all the other stuff they try already exists and now they force it on me google is getting as worse as apple
Not cool that you still don't support Gibraltar for Paid Apps. I lived in the UK for years and years, I bought lots of Apps, moved to Gibraltar and voila, no more Paid Apps (not even for updates to those which I have paid for whilst in the UK!!!). I e-mailed you several times about this, posted on the forums, etc...nada, no Paid Apps for Gibraltar yet. 
We need to be able to use paypal. That's what I use. eBay sales go to paypal, paypal buys things. My phone isn't even allowed to have a Google Wallet app, apparently. Not sure why, as my phone was new on the market only 1.5 years ago. Either make friends with paypal, or add Google Wallet support for ALL ANDROID PHONES. It's ridiculous that I can't purchase mobile apps because you can't get along with paypal and your app programmers are being lazy. Seriously, either of these solutions would be easy to institute.

Hell, I'd even be fine with being able to wire money from paypal to Google Wallet (but, again, I can't use google wallet on my phone). Fix it. I'd hate to have to buy an... iPhone... Ugh, I just got chills.
Paypal is a horrible company please do not ever add them to anything google or i anf my entire company will cancel everything google even my adwords account that i have monthly spwndings off 23000.00 paypal is a horrible company and do what they want to businesses they are worse then apple or even microsoft i hope everyone at paypal and that uses paypal goes down with the ebay paypal crap
Hey if it's possible, will you make payments method via mobile available in Malaysia too?
Is this on Qmobile and samsung galaxy tab 2 cellular?
Is this available in pakistan too?
T-Mobile and Google can't get their act together...there used to be a $200 monthly/cycle-limit, and I was just told it was "magically" lowered to $80 for everyone. T-Mobile tries to be helpful but are largely clueless when it comes to Android; Google Support is just plain non-responsive (and non-sensical when they do respond). No wonder Apple is running circles around you guys (look at profitability and customer loyalty) --- you can't figure out how to help people give you money.
google play store suck I dont have a credit card and google play is the only place I cannot pay niiiiiice
when will it be available n India???? i guess google has a huge market in India where people prefer android more than ios and windows.why is it that piad apps cant be downloaded via debit cards.its been such a long time and  google still cant figure out the solution??????????????
PayPal please. i dont use CreditCards, DebitCards, PrePaid Cards.
so after 500 years. I still cant pay you know why because I dont live in the U.S. google wallet doesnt deserve to live
Che cazzo questo e il sito piu bello

I would like it if google added iDeal in the netherlands, because i dont have a creditcard, and refuse to get one, but i do like to buy the occasional app like i have done with my Iphone, they offered a sort of company that does the payments for you directly to the bank.
Can someone please tell me if extended carrier billing will be coming to UK? I can use it for apps but I'd like to use it for books and music :). X
Please add support for Indonesian Google Play Store that let us Indonesian make purchase for Google Play Store content (Apps or Book purchase or in-App payment) via phone bill, especially for big operators like 3, Telkomsel, Indosat and XL.

Making voucher cards available and actually easy to access and buy also might greatly help us to access Google Play Store paid content.
When I purchased some passes for the app episodes.they billed me on my cell phone.Now I kinda wish They didnt,Cause they made it easy for me.And by the time the bill is due,wheww my bill will be sky high.Cause I don't have a credit card.So nowI can get apps and without a credit card.I think its a GOOD Thing and a BAD Thing lol
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