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Immerse yourself in the epic battle of humanity versus its Cylon creation in Battlestar Galactica: Own movies from $5.99 (US- and full TV seasons from $18.99 (US- for a limited time. #battlestargalactica   #BSG  
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Seriously, open up the Play Store worldwide and take my money. 
Really getting tired of Google releasing features to one or a select few countries over many years.....everywhere at once damn it! Australia wants to buy your stuff
Bears. Beats.  Battlestar Galactica.
Even Canada, the Country next door doesn't have access to the TV part of Google Play. Movies yes, Books yes, Apps yes, Tv No, Music No. Funny thing was... Battlestar was filmed in Canada, in fact just a few mins away from where I live...
Yep, until this service is available worldwide, I am not going to give Apple my money. If that means resorting to torrents, then that's the problem of the ignorant, shortsighted networks and copyright holders.
Why not pay 7.99 for Netflix and watch the whole series. Not a good price there.
Everyone realizes it is not Google's fault we can't access this stuff right? Our countries block these services because of legal nonsense. Here in Canada, we have the king of nonsense, the CRTC.
Cool, thanks! What a great offer! I will certainly avail myself of so easy of the great stuff you offer to me!
Oh. Wait. So you are telling me that you can restict content but not ads by country? STOP ADVERTISING SHIT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY! I HOW FUCKING HARD CAN IT BE? 
Please expand to Canada! I would buy all (most) the science fiction TV...
By far and away my favorite TV series. The writing in season 3 was some of the best I've ever seen.
It's true I don't know how other countries regulate communications. But I just can't imagine Google, a company whose entire purpose for being is to catagorize and make available all of human knowledge, would limit that access to certain people. There is obviously external influence happening here.
Btw +Alejandro Matos  I find it weird that Peru has a Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Where's the connection between transportation and communication?
+Steven Romphf for some reason I see some connection between those 2, maybe it's the language or that we are already used to it? 
So wish I could buy these in Australia 
Sad. Very sad... Like BSG, love Android, but no Play Movies, Music, Magazines, Devices here in The Czech Republic. Don't get it wrong, I am happy for ability to purchase apps.
Fact: Bears eat beet. Bears beat Battlestar Galactica
+Google Play y u no expand ur services to India?............ U can't ignore the millions of Indian Android users forever............
A country like ours that the Pope did not play then the store
Sweden had just apps in the store. So I spend my money on netflix, kindle,itunes and spotify. Sorry, but it is not my fault.

i want this, going to check google play uk but i feel im not goingot get it...Though we get music soon frm the 12th Novemeber :)
+Steven Romphf there are other issues at hand, I believe, such as the existing agreements in each country. Take for example Netflix which is now available in a few countries besides the US. For essentially the same price, the amount of content available to US customers is leaps and bounds ahead of the UK offering, an not just in US owned content. Many BBC shows are unavailable or missing series in Britain that are available in the US. The reason is down to the fact that the tv companies have already signed broadcasting agreements across the world, which means that for some series Netflix can't even negotiate access (such as for Doctor Who which I believe is held back by some rule that restricts how soon after broadcast of a show that the BBC can sell the rights to it inside the UK, but doesn't apply abroad), and for others it means dealing with a different person in the UK than they had to in the US who may be less inclined to take up the offer. And Google is likely in the same boat, trying to get rights to sell content, but because there is no easy way to get rights to sell it worldwide. Which sucks, since it means I still rely on Netflix or dvds if I actually want to pay for content. 
Yes. I was referring to each country's broadcasting/distribution rights. aka: legal nonsense.
My Canadian Netflix cannot contain certain American shows because somewhere in the country another business has distribution rights and our government is looking out for our homegrown networks and limiting competition from anyone else, including foreign owned Netflix.
My point is it is not up to Google. Google, if they had the chance, would happily take your money.
Can we please stop trolling every post about music or TV shows that aren't available in our countries? Google is trying to get these services out to everybody, in fact Music is coming to multiple countries on November 13th.
Complaining on here isn't gonna make the process go faster.
Instead we could talk about what a great show Battlestar Galactica is. 
+Daniel Ugurel  Cheers to that! But is there really anything to talk about? Everyone knows BSG is the best fraking show ever created!
So Say We All.
+Steven Romphf I think there are a few shows (mostly from Joss Whedon) which are better but BSG is pretty fraking close. 
I liked you, because of the fact you liked all my comments... but now it's on, like Donkey Kong! Nerd Fight!
I've never cared for Buffy or Angel, but yes, Firefly is close to BSG. Close as in slightly not as good!
Is it really trolling when we are genuinely frustrated? I keep getting those "Follow up" nags on the Google+ sites. I finally added some (to see if they will leave me alone), and I see cool stuff being advertised... INTERNATIONALLY. If they are going to say "come get good deals, or free stuff", then they should note its US only on the post. Or open a US-only group that I can choose to NOT follow and get disappointed over.

If Apple and Microsoft, as well as some set-top-box companies and ISPs can get this sorted... Why is it taking Google so long? No excuses. It's bad enough not getting the full service... Worse that its advertising is misleading to non-US users.
+Steven Romphf I don't think Firefly is worse than BSG. Yes, it only lasted for one season but every single episode and the movie were incredible.
As for Buffy it did have some rough moments but what show with several seasons doesn't? It was also in a very tough position in the first few seasons because it was really the first network show with an overarching plot. It really did change television and I and many others will love it forever.
Angel is very interesting because it was going for a darker feeling than Buffy (even though season 6 of Buffy was probably darker than anything we got on Angel) and by the time it was canceled by The WB for incredibly stupid reasons it was amazingly strong. 
+Murray Webber I understand your frustration and I feel the same way but at this moment the Play Store is clearly US centric and if you don't like its promotions then you don't have to circle the page.
And while I don't think you are one of the trolls there is a big amount of people who only seem to be on here to complain about the restrictions and that simply isn't helping anybody.
When Google is able to roll the services out for more countries they will do it and in the meantime all we can do is wait.
It's not like it didn't occur to Google that the whole world wants to buy music and TV so all these comments don't help anybody. 
Battlestar Galactica exist only one, this is for meo guys ... that need to dream the tits of the woman in red ... sad story
I may be biased, as I have never found vampires cool. However, I have many friends with the same interests as me that love Buffy.
I obviously love Joss Whedon though. The man can craft wonderful characters and stories.
Anyway, BSG is wicked. I plan on waiting until the bluray comes out, before I watch Blood and Chrome. Just so I can see it all at once in full glory! I hope I can wait that long.
+Steven Romphf What I think many people don't get about Buffy is that it isn't really about vampires. There are only a few vampires that play an actual role and the show is more about people than it is about anything supernatural.
And Joss Whedon is amazing. It's a crime that only Joss fans know about The Cabin In The Woods which I enjoyed a lot more than The Avengers because I'm more familiar with and interested in the horror genre than comic book movies.
I for one couldn't stand waiting for the bluray release. You could always watch it in HD on YouTube. It's only ten minutes each but if I have to choose between watching chunks of it now or waiting until next year to watch it all in one piece I'd rather have the chunks. 
+Daniel Ugurel I'm not worried about AV quality, it's more about it being cut up into 10 minute chunks that bothers me. And to be realistic, I will probably cave and watch it online when I start hearing everyone go on about how awesome it is.
Even though I'm less into horror and more into comic book movies, I thought Cabin in the Woods was AMAZING. I agree it was better than Avengers, 
+Steven Romphf I don't know about the US and Canada but here in Germany TCITW wasn't advertised at all. If I hadn't known about it previously I probably would have missed it 
First, allow Puerto Rico users to access Music, Movies and Books (and TV) then I could buy it.
Maybe they should create Google pages for different regions, not just a global one ;)
i wish google had something like netflix...i don't want to pay $18.99 per season when i can pay $8 per month for netflix for all the seasons of BSG and more content. 
At this point I think Google Play needs to make a page for each country. Wow!
Google Play needs to have an Amazon Prime type of option... Considering we have been watching all the seasons for free because of that membership.. 
No English-language versions in Germany :(
What? You cannot get English in Germany? That is pretty foolish, same with some Netflix things in Denmark, and I really prefer original versions.
+Kenneth Rohde Christiansen  it's a licensing thing - some control mechanism installed by the studios, and is not limited to Google (though some online services do offer a choice of languages, at least for some movies). So far Play doesn't offer any choice of language - you get whatever's local to your region :/.
This seems like false advertising. You cannot "own" them from $3. You can only rent them. To buy costs $7!
+Stephan Beal That is sad, I hope they start offering that. Netflix does here in Denmark for some content, though mostly for subtitles. It would be a competitive advantage if Google could do this, and would make it more attractive for me to buy my content there.
got it fore 5.99 from Game or game stop
I really wish I could buy or even rent movies & series in the original language in Germany.
Hmm... I wish Android users in the Philippines could also buy books, movies, TV shows, and hardware in Google Play.
Sorry! TV on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon. It's too bad to live in China mainland. :-(
Sorry! TV on Google Play (and I might add Google Movies, Books, Music and Magazines) is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon.

Bring TV to Australia...After Music...But only after Wallet. kthxbai.
+Jason Cheung +Qiang Duan +朱峰 +robert diao 通过上面的这些评论我了解到,不光中国大陆被 Google Play 官方市场拒之于门外,世界上还有很多国家的相关服务都被屏蔽了,包括政治经济形势尚可的中国香港地区,还有美国旁边的加拿大等,全都是这么杯具,唉,只余壹声叹息!
Please expand this service to China mainland, I will buy all the staff. If this service can cover HongKong, Macro, Taiwan Island, it would be more better.
well, China is blocking Google (as far as I know...) =/
+Alejandro Matos But I can access google from China, isn't it ? Actually, even I can access google by using proxy or VPN network, I am still not able to buy these stuff, as google wallet didn't support the credit cards from China.
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