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Books on Google Play ( has arrived in France. Enjoy millions of books from the world’s largest eBookstore, including hundreds of thousands of French titles like Les liste de mes envies ( by Gregoire Delacourt. Enjoy reading your favorite eBooks anywhere on web, phones and tablets. Get started today!
Shop millions of books, including recent bestsellers and thousands of free books. Start reading on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone or the web.
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Latin America is waiting for books, music and movies
Until I can load my own books to read it's useless for me.  At least Kindle will let me load my own content.
i am impressed, you guys really did a great job by ignoring your costumer.
The Google Play Team, you guys well done.
you guys let me how awful your  costumer service is.
i just want to know the meaning of preorder?i ordered mine at june 28.
 if you guys could delay my shipping any time you want without any
Good job.
Thank you.
Good I wait nexus 7 in france :D
I bought my first book a minute ago, I will try to see if the epub is correctly readable by my bookeen device (Adobe Digital Edition read it correctly).
Bring on Movies, Music and Books in Norway!
Please, give Mexico Google PLay Books.. i don't care about the movies, lol.
Irir Ax
google play for iran?
Nexus 7 and Google Play music really has a market in France. 
Me when I go on Google to make a play book he said : he will need the latest update to buy the book. I'm on Nexus S in 4.0.4 stock and I did not book the application
I wish we had a similar message for Austria.....but as far as I see that need a lot of time
finally, i got the delivery letter from google! My nexus!
Wish I had my delivery letter. Waiting.....for my Nexus......
Books now... Music and Magazines... When ? ^^
Still waiting in Ireland. C'mon you've got the best OS and while I appreciate the complex legalities of getting music film and books to the play store, don't leave us hanging. This should be your main focus right now. 
Yay, we can buy books costing more than the real paper ones \o/ Don't really care about that, what about the REAL interesting stuff, Music and Magazines?
I still want the nexus 7,even without books,music, etc. +Google Play ... cant wait for it to come Tor austria
Hell, I just wish someone with Google Play would respond to the emails I've sent about a problem with my order. 
Google Wallet and Google Play non-responses to msgs sent via their webpages is abysmal.


Google you have 5 hours to complete pre-order fulfillment for Australians as indicated yesterday:

"In Australia:
All Nexus 7 8GB and Nexus 7 16GB orders will be fulfilled by the end of day on July 19 (AEST) and will arrive in 3-5 days."

Still waiting for shipping information on an order placed
27 June 2012 15:37:37 UTC-7

#nexus7shipping #nexus7
When google play full in czech???
I didn't get the supposedly free magazines and songs that were supposed to be bundled in with my nexus 7 purchase (though I got the movie and books) since I do not live in the US.  Is there any remedy to this concern?
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