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We’re loving the latest hip-hop albums from Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and more: Be sure to check out our raw, exclusive peek into the mind of hip-hop's most compelling figure in 2012: +1 this post if you’re listening to #GKMC .
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Definitely loving that Kendrick Lamar album.
Been Bumping Kendrick and Meeks Albums all month
Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco have the best solo albums this year. No doubt.
Ed H
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .........if only there were more things than just apps @ the play store in Mexico!!!!!!!!
Bought GKMC day one! Actually day zero because it was the night before the release lol Still bumpin' it! #classic
Bring Google music to Canada. We are your very good neighbors but have been given the cold shoulder in that regard!!
Bought both albums thru Google Play.
If only Google Play Music was open in Australia 
I meant Google Devices, in Italy there's Google Music since two weeks. But actually the real reason that brought me to comment is my desire for the Nexus 4! ;-)
if my cousin (who lives in the USA) logs into google play with my account (i live in canada) and buys a song or any google play content that is restricted to the US store, would that content be playable on my android devices here in canada?
It still requires a credit card, even to upload files. Completely useless...
when Nexus4 in  portugal? we need more google devices :)
well my cousin in the states bought an episode of a show for me and i can watch it on my tablet and phone :) the only problem is that i have to purchase things with an american credit card, my canadian one is not acceptable but oh well at least i know it works lol
Transformers 3, which came with my N7 I purchased while staying in the US for a while would not play when I came back to Europe. I don't feel much loss in not seeing it, but it did come free with my tablet so I feel like I should be allowed to watch it.
oh wow really? I think it's because play movies and tv are not available for all countries in europe. But since at least only movies are available for the canadian google play my guess is that's why i can watch this episode. But it's only on my devices that I can, when i try to watch it from youtube on my computer it says the content is not available on my country. At least europe recently got google play music, we still dont, freaking google :( how can they not expand their store when so many people just wanna throw their money at them? it's stupid lol
Play Movies is available in the country I'm in.
very strange. Hope google play goes world wide like itunes some day 
I cant see anything as my country isnt on the list.. :(
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