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And when pray tell will international users finally be able to buy hardware, books and music on Google play? 
+1 to what +Stefan Suurmeijer said, I'm sick of not being able to download music or books from the play store.
The biggest joke of all is that I can't buy devices in Ireland from +Google Play, but the devices SHIP FROM IRELAND!!!! 
That is just insulting.
Can we at least get some word from you guys letting us know what's going on. 
I haven't had any trouble downloading any music from play store or anything else from that site! I wonder why you aren't able to!
Get your trade folks to stop suing the hell out of these companies, protecting friend's companies and hollering that monopoly crap and just maybe you will be able to enjoy all this fun with the rest of us!
+Roger Underhill unfortunately, for music and movies that is in fact part of the problem (here's hoping that everyone at BREIN gets the swine flu tomorrow :-/ ), but that still doesn't explain why I can't buy a Nexus through the play store. And besides, the worst copyright trolls are in the US (hello RIAA and MPAA)

+Tom Meaney if that wasn't so sad I'd be laughing. You can see the trucks with the devices driving by but can't buy them. Ridiculous. Google fix that please
+Tom Meaney +Stefan Suurmeijer You guys realize that Google isn't trying exclude you from buying things right? Google is based in the US--so obviously that's a marketplace always open to them; but outside of a select number of easy-going foreign countries, there is an extremely difficult process for making things available globally. Each territory has it's own regulations, policies, legal systems, and resistance to deal with. Negotiating licensing agreements with music, film, publishing,(etc.. ) industry giants is a difficultly that most of us cannot appreciate. It's ridiculous to think that Google doesn't want to sell as much of everything as possible, and that they wouldn't gladly take your money if they had the ability.
If you want to get mad and demand explanations from anywhere, it should be your government officials and/or the media companies that are resistant to digital marketplaces. The goal of most any business is to expand and reach as many people as possible. There isn't any conspiracy to keep devices and content out of your possession, and if things were as simple as you try to make them seem, you would have had access to these things a very long time ago. 
+Nicholas M bah humbug ;-). Google sells me extra storage for my Google drive, sells me apps through play. Please explain to me why it would be more difficult to sell me devices? For music and movies, yes, they have to navigate some difficult differences in regulations, so that it'd take them a little more time to get that going internationally is logical and acceptable. Still, we've waited a long time already. And I'm not just blaming Google, the copyright trolls are more to blame. But getting them to listen is about as easy as climbing mount Everest blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back
+Stefan Suurmeijer I know what you're saying man. I can see now, that you're obviously not of that mindset, but there are really people out there who believe this stuff is personal, and that Google doesn't want their money. I guess it seems like that sometimes. All I know is that there are many large organizations, companies, and countries who are extremely uncomfortable with Google's larger than life business model, and in an effort preserve their old-fashioned way of doing business, they're making things almost impossible to agree on.
I'll admit, I don't know what it feels like to be denied the ability to purchase things. It must get irritating, and I'm sure it must really suck. I always feel this need to be the voice of reason. It's kind of ridiculous. I don't know why I always do this, lol. :-! 
+Stefan Suurmeijer Kind of a neophyte here - why can't you buy devices? What happens - just not available? won't take your currency?
I have the devices, I just can't seem to get the Google Music to work on my PC. It's just not there, to physically sync my music. I've got hours into trying to get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks :-) 
Your dartsearch links don't work on Chrome Beta. Same goes for links in emails. I barely ever use a desktop when my Nexus 7 does the job nicely. Please fix! :-) 
I'm in the U. S. and I'm a geek! How sad is that +Abhinandan B R . Tried troubleshooting everything but still nothing. It's got me stumped, buddy. :-) 
Just use vpn and market enabler guys.... I use it all the time to buy or rent whatever i feel like.
It's really frustrating...always just US...
+Michele R when we go to Play on our Android device, the categories just aren't there, we only see apps. When we go to the Play website and go to books, music, hardware, etc, we get a message that that service isn't yet available in our country
Make it available in all countries, please!
+Nicholas M The really galling part, for me, and is that they can and do restrict content based on location but the stupid ads for said content, they are not restricted. Why do I get this ad for things I am not allowed to access? That is one place +Google could improve. 
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