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Hey Chromecast users, here’s a new tip: Google Play Movies and Music are now optimized for casting from the web!

When you don’t have a phone or tablet handy, you can visit and cast your Google Play music, movies and shows to your TV directly from the web. Make sure you have the Google Cast extension installed on your Chrome web browser (, and then look for the Cast icon in the Google Play web player. Click it and your movie or song will instantly start playing on your TV through Chromecast. Google Play offers new release movies and next-day TV shows, as well as more than 20 million songs that you can enjoy from your phone, tablet, computer or TV. Try it today.
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Hey Google, here's a new tip: Release Chromecast in the rest of the world!
You need to bake it into Google photos and slideshows
I'm planning on getting a Chromecast for Christmas, but I find this post kinda funny... "When you don't have a phone or tablet handy, you can...cast directly from the Web." Google, why the hell would I have my computer available, and not my mobile device? 😕 
I wish they would have a TV/Movie monthly subscription like Netflix.  Then we could combine our Play with Music/TV/Movies for one fee per month.  The individual prices for movies/tv are too expensive through the play store.
+Silver Veloz I actually find the prices fairly comparable to purchasing a Blu-ray...about $22 for a brand new release. Outside of new releases though, I find the prices to be great; You can see a pretty steep drop in price, after movies are a couple of months old, which is really nice. A subscription service would be nice, but I wonder if it would gain any traction against Netflix or Hulu+. 
+Jay Hiza phone is dead, charging, or people just prefer to navigate a UI with their computer.
I wanna be able to cast the web from my phone and not need a computure for it. Come on now
+Connor Shea Those are good points... I'm taking for granted that I have a phone, tablet, and computer, I guess. 
A better interface for playing music would be great. If I could play music under those gorgeous new images that came as part of the newest build. Or if I could stream my own images. Anything is better than that floating album art
+Jay Hiza
I guess I meant to say a streaming service comparable to Netflix $7.99/month and Amazon $79/year (Amazon Prime) in pricing for unlimited viewing.
+Jacob Hansen it already works with YouTube from a web browser on a computer. Just browse to the video you want to watch on YouTube and the chromecast icon will appear on the video player area. Click and cast!
Finally! Hopefully it doesn't lag everytime I change which window I have showing.
Thank you Google and Chrome. This was the only thing I was waiting on before pulling the trigger on a Chromebook. Now I just have to decide which one!
Wish I would replace cable TV with YouTube, get on it Google
Je n est plus play stor comment je peu le ravoir svp
Nice but no official chromecast in germany :-(
Is this rolling out slowly? I'm not seeing the chromecast button on Google Play Music yet.
+Kevin He Have you installed the chromecast plugin on either pc or tablet?
Anybody know we can't watch movies in HD when viewing from a computer?
Why are people thanking google for NOT releasing a product worldwide, that doesn't do what they said it would, and for not giving us any information???
Is amazon instant in the works?
When its released in Australia I might give it a try
+Jay Hiza Google Music will not cast your personal music from the server using the phone... Only from the website. Graphics are also cooler in full screen...
Took you some time, but great to see it on the web. Glad to see more and more sites and apps supporting Chromecast. More presents before Christmas please :-)
a) Release it in other countries so we don't have to go down other avenues to procure one.
b) integrate with Google Drive so that we can conduct and control presentations.
Any date for Chromecast in France ?
All of this is good but you need to look at buffering HD streams for films ... I don't want to watch the beginning of a film in low quality, I want it HD from the start.
When the service will be available in Ukraine?
+Google Play when will a subscription for unlimited videos like you did for music? Need a Netflix like service.
Nice one bug there's a volume bug compared to Android Google Music app behaviour when casting.

When the web app is connecting to a Chromecast, it ignores its current volume and set the CC volume to the web app's curent volume slider value.
Typically this will be 100% on a PC and this can cause volume scare by settng 100% on the CC. It is unpredictable how loud is max volume on the CC (depends on how the user configured his harware amp connected to the TV). Moreover, the web app doesn't reflect potential volume changes done to the CC with other controlling apps.
Apps dealing  with volume on physical devices (amps) must be super extra careful with volume management to not trigger unwanted volume scares. In general, volume sliders are a bad idea to control volume on hardware devices and +/- buttons is preferred.

The Android Google Music app behaves correctly: on device connection, it uses the current CC volume. And if another CC controlling app changes the volume, it takes it into account (the web app does not!).
Chromecast is a Nice toy but not a must have device until we can cast local files. Also please release it to the rest of the world. 
So I have a Chromecast device and ... Google Movies & Music are not available in my country... :/
+GooglePlay I have the Google Cast extension installed, my Chromecast shows up in it's menu, but the Cast button is not showing up in Google Play Music web. Is this rolling out slowly?
Mike L
Here's another tip Google - stop killing app ops.
Hola feliz ano nuevo la mi jente linda
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