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Subscribe and save! Get 50% off annual magazine subscriptions (US- for a limited time. Whether you like surfing, snowboarding, gaming or photography, we have titles you'll love. Enjoy online and on your #Android devices. #CyberMonday  
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Would love to subscribe, but there are no magazines in Germany yet. 
It's the same problem in the UK 
Would love this in the UK.
Magazine subscriptions need to come to the UK - please ;)
Everyone develops
google play different from the rest
Jay Lay
Not available in spain... Still not! Please hurry a lil bit
Wish +Google Play would make it like another company so when you already have a subscription in paperback, you could have it on your Android device without having to pay for another subscription. Any chance this will happen in the future? 
newsweek is all digital now, no paper edition.   Hope you have golf digest soon.  
+William Peterson You can check out an app called next issue. It is not as good as Google Play, but I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and can also read it on my tablet
Same here in India....when will we be able to purchase movies, magazines from Google play?
Yeah, get mags onto the UK store. Otherwise I have to use alternative methods of distribution.

I want you to take my money......don't you want my money?
I wish there was a way to limit these announcements to their relevant (geographic) audiences. At least until all such promotions are available to all Google Play customers.
Advertising stuff to people who can't buy it only creates envy, as evidenced by most of the comments on this type of post...
I'm almost sure the problem is not Google. The companies holding the rights for the movies and copyright are the problem, send them a letter!
Ed H
wow thats nice!!!! wait a minute!!! NONE OF THAT WE HAVE IN PLAY STORE MEXICO!!!!!!
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