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Get your favorite content for up to 80% off: US- . Don't miss great deals on apps (, albums (, books (, movies ( and TV shows ( +1 this post if you're ready to play! 
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I am not ready  becouse:

 Movies on Google Play is not available in your country yet.

We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Dont think so...
I am so jealous at people who live in the US, every time I see Google Play things I can't buy :(

Keep expanding Google Play! :D
Please make all of Google play available in Denmark! 
Everything is locked down for me - Because 5th biggest country in EU is not worth the hassle for google.
+1 if you are NOT from US and you can't get Albums, Books, Movies or TV Shows :(
This is the perfect time to spend my Google Play gift card.
Lars S.
Since a few days we can get music in germany and since a few month books and movies. But do we get special prices? No? Can we really buy films in good quality for a reasonable price? No of course not? TV Shows, Comics, Newspapers? Of course not.

I know its not googles fault alone, but why are competitors offering much more and, more ways of payment and you don't always get the feeling of being a second or third class customers?

Is the european market not worth it? Well it seems so :(
+Google Play There are very few TV series that are worth $35/season to me. There are a lot of people who don't want to own the series, they just want to watch it and move on. I would happily rent episodes for a third of the price if I could but I have no need to own them. As it stands, a one-month membership to Blockbuster is a far better value for watching a TV series. You should really talk to your content partners about offering rentals of TV shows. Some of us would happily show our approval with our wallets.
Great deal....discounts on in app purchases in games...wonderful. no thanks. :(
Every once in awhile, Google likes to remind us that they can be just as lame as the Apple store.
All the links say "Moved Temporarily".
Google I know you can't do everything that the people in the preceding posts want. There are regulations, laws, and such that make it impossible to do quickly. I just wanted to tell you Thank You from all of them. Thank You! Sincerely, Google +ers. :-)
Thanks google, but I'm ready to Play in Australia. Are you :P
Im in CHINA, and GOOGLE will not give the payment right to CHINESE bacause of COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT.
Make the Nexus 4 available. Immediately.
Hey Google. Country-specific pages (eg Google Play UK) or location-sensitive posts: not this current, confused mess. Just an idea, I won't charge you.
Lame App offers. Only reductions for in-game purchases. No reductions on buy-whole-game-ONCE purchases.
WHEN will Play be available to a poor, retired, ex-pat living in MEXICO ????
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