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Be sure to watch our exclusive interview with Tom Wolfe as he talks about his latest novel, Back To Blood, now available on Google Play ( 
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Open Play Store to Switzerland and take my money
Please open google play in ITALY!
Not being able to buy a Nexus 4 makes me very sad :(
What a clusterf#%k of a release for Nexus 4.  Started selling at wrong time.  Didn't notify me via email.  WHY DID I SIGN UP for that?  Error messages when trying to checkout.  I though google would be able to manage this.  A bit pathetic for google IMO.
Good to see you guys have your priorities in order. I also think that an interview with a guy that wrote some stuff is more important to update everyone on than small things like "making sure our notifications go out on time so people know when they can buy a phone" and "not removing items people added to their shopping carts".
Why isn't it available in Germany? And why can't I buy the books of Jeff Jarvis in English from the Play Store in Germany? Yes I'm German, but nevertheless I like originally in English written books also to read in English. So I have to use the kindle store or the service of an other competitor to get those books in English.
I fully agree that the German Play Store should have English books (and movies). I'm an American living in Germany (like very many English-speaking foreigners who live in Germany), and I prefer (insist on) English language books, movies, and software!
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