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+Nexus fans, wireless chargers and accessories abound!

The Nexus Wireless charger is now available in Australia, India, Japan and Korea:

If you're also looking for the perfect accessory, check out our #Nexus7 sleeve, now available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong,  India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, US and UK:
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Very good pricing of the Nexus charger. I imported my unit and it costed me quite a bit more. 
When will you start selling accessories for the Nexus line here in Brazil? To date, neither the LG brought any accessory such as Qi charger or headphones here.
Alan S
These are nice but they'll never come to Ireland... You really should show some love to the Country where your European Headquarters resides!
+Alan Shannon why would they give a shit that the HQ is here? Its all for tax purposes anyway. I mean I've had to import 3 nexus devices last year alone (Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2012+2013)
How much does they cost I need one for my tablet
Poetic Slimline case costs 12 dollars, has magnets AND feels nice.

Just sayin.
Yaa .. too expensive ... one of retailer in Malaysia sell about RM300. 
when will it be available in Indonesia?
I'd worry about scratching the screen on the zipper putting it in and taking it out!
I would really love to buy a sleeve for my N7 and a wireless charger but noooooooo we don't have google play here in the philippines .. -_-
Please make it available in Austria. 
Por favor en Argentina!!! O alguna forma de hacerlo llegar. De verdad se siente horrible no poder comprar estos accesorios
The bumper cases for Nexus 5 are out of inventory. When will we see them in your inventory? Please do it soon :)
The Nexus 7 is one high end tablet with Great quality and the prestanda is beter than most of the more expensive tablets(my opinion) for a verry low price. Sadly i want a 10"+ tablet to have in school and i can't wait for next gen nexus 10.
Ordered the wireless charger, don't know why Google won't pay for shipping!
Wow some improvements on global availability but still not in switzerland :(
Посоветуйте стоит ли его брать или всётаки aple
Shipping is just too expensive. £11 for a £35 device increases the cost by over 30%. Not worth it.  
+Brian Utne totally agree. I had a Poetic Slimline case on my 2012 N7 and got another one for my 2013 N7. Great case for a reasonable price and shipping is free from Amazon (UK). 
But what about charging the nexus7 2012.. Is it compatible with Nexus 7 (2012).
You can find cheaper 3rd party alternatives but I'm a sucker for the official accessories
Was going to buy until I saw the delivery charges. £11 is atrocious. You lost a sale there Google 
is this a tablet or naw
Paul D
i'm from the Netherlands and i'm looking for the Nexus 5 bumper case or Quickcover.  

but i can't buy it in the Playstore from the Netherlands. they sell only Music, Books and Apps and the don't have Giftcards.
I like my wireless charger ... the one I got after I returned the Nexus wireless charger. It was just too damn sensitive. A little off center and no charge. Also no charging indicator on the unit. You have to turn the screen back on to see for sure.
Spend half as much and get the Nokia DT-900.
Look up reviews yourself and confirm. 
+David price bet you can't wait for iPhone 20 to get this feature. Then apple can take everyone to court for copyright infringement. 
Anyone else read this as a list without an Oxford comma, and wonder what a Nexus Fan was?
sad day
Cheaper model, s will come
Vorrei informazioni sulla custodia se si può acquistare e il prezzo gr
Want nexus 4 and 7 so badly!!!!!😞
Gotta get one of those fucking wireless.chargers now!
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