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Today’s Surprise: Start off the new year by experimenting with these surprisingly delicious wheat-free recipes from the Wheat Belly Cookbook, on sale for only $2.99 US- Which wheat-free dishes do you love to cook?
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These daily deals have kind of sucked...
quit teasing us when we can't buy books in The Netherlands yet.
Well: Petit Four, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Frozen Yogurt, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich,  Jellybeans. This is the Google way!:)
A quack peddling a book of broscience... just what I need.
Eh, I follow a no wheat diet, but making substitute sugary foods is not the answer.
It's not national bias so much as the MASSIVE number of laws companies have to identify, interpret, and follow with regard to copyrights, privacy, monetization, etc. in international commerce.
The fruit company managed to do it +Charles Brooks If google is serious they should be able to do it too. the Play store is still just an app store in most of Europe.
We Americans are world-renowned for our active reading lives and vast knowledge of the world outside our borders!
Great book and well worth the reading if you are interested in nutrition and wellness. Even better yet to apply this information to achieve better health.
Olá Dave Sil Bom dia, será que dar pra vc falar português, entendo muito pouco a sua língua. abraços
+Dave Sill, a review of the recipes themselves. Many of them, including the most popularized ones, are replacements that mimic the sugary foods that so many people are addicted to and that caused their obesity and diseases of civilization in the first place. 

While avoiding wheat will help some people greatly, staying dependent on the tastes and textures of what we have been taught to enjoy about wheat is counter-productive at best. The use of processed nut flours, fruit and artificial sweeteners, even xylitol and stevia, does not retrain your tastes away from the sugary, HFCS, high carb diet we have been hooked on. Much better to just learn to enjoy real, whole, unprocessed foods again.

Um... IMO...
+Bill DeWitt, fair enough. I agree that it's best to wean oneself from sweets, whether they're sugar & wheat free or not. But these recipes are consistent with Wheat Belly, and on the occasion that you do want a healthy alternative to an old favorite, I don't see much harm.
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