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+Angry Birds Space is now available on Google Play! Try it today and let us know what you think in the comments.

Angry Birds Space:
Angry Birds Space Premium:
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So THAT'S why +Angry Birds didn't post it yet.

Though I might have hit the birdswitch a bit soon, as I saw 5min after the refund window that there was a Tablet version deployed. Egads.
Thanks for having an ad-free version immediately.
HD version says: This app is incompatible with all of your devices. I have a VZW GNex and Xoom both running ICS.
+Jason Brian Chapa I'd assume the GNex is getting it for screen size, despite the resolution, but for the Xoom that is really odd as I just looked and it's compatible with Xyboard, Gtab 10.1 and even the original Galaxy Tab in my list.

Never mind, I see people saying it's ICS. That makes sense.
The HD version is not compatible with my 10" 1280x800 Tegra 2 tablet. Usually the HD term is for tablets above 720p.
What is the minimum spec for Angry Birds Space HD?
eep. Stock ICS (but unlocked)... says incompatible
Who needs NASA? Angry Birds is taking on the Universe. Go Angrybirds!
I've installed it and played a few levels, it's cool I can say :)
you need to pay for HD? -.-"

Anyway, the interface on the regular free one is kinda weird on GNex, really small buttons. Like it was meant for tablet or something.
I'm going to go on a limb and complain that the Premium arrived first and I didn't see the HD until two minutes after the Refund Window.
hmm. Amazon App Store not available in the UK.
yes, it seems small on the Droid Razr Maxx too. The game is awesome though!
I agree with +Randall Hanley, it seems that it would benefit greatly from a larger (10.1 in) screen. Love the new mechanics though.
pretty interesting woooow
and i agree
Shame the HD version won't install on the GNex.... Everything is tiny in the standard version. :(
Not available for me on my transformer prime. I'm gonna wait :)
This game looks great, shame I haven't alot of space on my phone to install it. Anyway I'm going to write about this game for my blog.
works on my thrive, it's ok... think I still like season's more.
So far, so fun! A little easier than the other games in the series, but still the same smashing good time!
Bought the HD ver. but it keeps crashing on my tf101
i have 14 android devices (varying between phones and tablets) and all of them are incompatible with the HD version !!! what's the target device of the HD version ?
+Majdi Jarrar I am guessing a HD display (Galaxy Nexus, Sony Xperia S, etc). That said, the HD version works on my TouchPad which has CM9A2.
Played for a few minutes at lunch. Excellent training for the Mars mission.
Just downloaded and played. It's a challenger alright than the previous series.
Btw, I think that the games that are in google play, google+ and chrome webstore, like the traditional angry birds, should be synchronized. That way we wouldn't have to play them again in different platforms and it will be a plus for google+ !!
I'm one of the few people on the planet that still has the Droid 1... (been waiting for my contract to end so I can defect to another carrier, because sadly, after 15 years of being with Primeco/Verizon, I've come to the conclusion that they have their collective heads up their asses, and decided to move)...
Anyway, Here goes nothing... let's see how it does....
Downloading........ (it's not the phone's fault.. the cell connection @ work here is slow...)


Ok, 1st of all, when you make a 20+ MB app, it's only polite to have it automatically install to SD, especially when I have my phone set to default to SD storage... #justsayin
Ok, so it loaded, and before I could get to the game, it quit... I know that was my phone killing the process due to memory... oh well... Maybe I'll get it to work somehow...
Attention! Really angry this time :)
WHats the difference between the free and the pro version?
why isn't the HD version compatible with my Motorola Xoom running ICS?!
Won't install in 64-bit Firefox = I won't bother. I'm tired of everybody dragging their feet on 64-bit stuff. 64-bit has been around since Windows XP FFS, Windows 8 will be coming out soon. GET WITH THE PROGRAM GOOGLE. And I don't care if other companies are dragging their feet too. If I can watch Hulu, youtube, crackle, etc etc etc in 64-bit browsers/flash there is no reason these games and google hangouts shouldn't work too. It's just 64-bit flash. There is no reason it shouldn't work without a small amount of work. And there are a lot of 64-bit browser users now. And you guys could help increase that base by making your games and apps ACTUALLY WORK in 64-bit flash and 64-bit browsers.
Oh and screw Chrome, I don't like it. It's a malware magnet and it just sucks. And you have got to be kidding me with this google update crap. Constant connections out looking for updates. For what reason? You guys don't update any of your products that often and even if you did people don't want update apps running constantly in the background accessing the internet. And then when you go to remove it, you realize there is no uninstaller for it. Googleupdate is bascially malware without the malicious part (or so you all claim). You have to manually remove it from the hard drive and the registry, and connects constantly looking for updates and then you wonder why people treat it like malware. DERP!
64-bit runs faster and more efficiently. Which makes it GREENER to use because resource demands on the machines is lower. So you all claim to like being green, well I guess you have another reason to go 64-bit now huh?
Windows users... I totally forgot that they still don't have 64 bits in use. Everywhere else it's quite normal to use the full CPU address bus and full length registers. I am running a full 64 bits system since 2003, as far as I remember.
+Martin Sugioarto Windows has had 64-bit OSs since XP. The problem is software developers not making 64-bit apps for it. ANd that problem is an issue for Linux and Mac as well. It's not limited to just PC users. You have to understand that 64-bit operating systems don't make a lot of sense unless we run 64-bit apps on them. I use 64-bit browsers, 64-bit disc burner, 64-bit anti-virus, 64-bit firewall, and a couple of other 64-bit apps but most apps are still 32-bit. Developers were slow to change from 16-bit to 32-bit a decade+ ago too. And they didn't seem to grasp the benefits of going 32-bit back then either. But that was them just being lazy and stuck in their ways, history repeats itself. All of these computer users with 64-bit operating systems and all of these developers are just letting it go to waste.
+Eric Weber " For what reason? You guys don't update any of your products that often "

Buh? The frequency that Google updates has been a bane here at work. It's way too often.
seems cool!!!!!!!! might get it
creative way of getting them up into space! AND the yellow and giant red bird look different (not in space when they are on Earth).
Brilliant on the Galaxy SII but.....must....sleep.
The game is alot of fun. I did not think it would be so addictive. It's way better than the earlier games.
Never played any games on-line, but the angry birds are by far my only favorite, hit that mark little red bird!!!!
Zamir P
aww lol i love this game, never played the one in space though, they soo cute, hate those dam pigs though
Already loving it to the point i think i broke my phone...
Installed it on my phone and tablet. Loving it!
Have to give props to an indie game developer who struck it big.
This is awesome. Love it.
thats awesome its kind of cute
Dammit, I want a desktop version! Some of us prefer dumb phones to smart phones -- if I get a smart phone I'll turn into one of these zombies who is stares into a screen every waking second of my life!
+Ike Hull Some people are trying to get mobile payment popular... you can't leave anywhere without your wallet... umm mobile phone. Getting money out of every transaction is not bad business, so can't blaim them trying to compete with traditional credit/debit cards.
Works fine on my Galaxy Note. Just install the non HD version. 
Enjoying it much. ..the free version is annoying. ..can't find a premium version in south Africa
Zyu Z
Getting more birds, hahahahah.....
Not downloading anything til you change the name back to android market!
The Incredibles meets Angry Birds! BTW - when is here ever going to be an Incredibles 2 ?!?!?!
lol soooo cute my school is doing a angry birds day and that is really helpful
angry birds fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 lol :)
Awesome! Works perfectly fine with my SII. :-)
Runs great on my galaxy note n7000 international version
Angry Birds Space-Awesome. Worth the wait. I started checking the store at midnight GMT/UTC... finally I checked the store while walking my son to school this morning, and JOY! It was there! Downloaded it, walked back home playing it... looked forward to playing it more... Downloaded the paid version...Then unfortunately, my daughter managed to throw my Galaxy S onto a concrete floor, shattering the glass front- it still works, and I'm sure a few glass slivers in my fingers won't spoil my enjoyment of the game, but I'm seeing it through a craazy spiders web...
i love Google and what their doing
It's pretty fun, the gravity dynamics are pretty cool
I run linux and have a blackberry. I'm quite sad I won't be able to play.

Any idea if you'll start selling it in the Chrome Store for the browser? Come on, it should work with the chromebook :).
Feel sorry fo the guy wit the messed up screen, it's a great game!
Trailer should show an example of the gameplay and actual screens.
Great game! I was getting tired of the original angry birds but this one just reinvented the game and made it worthwhile to revisit the title!
Cant get enough of this game, love the whole gravity thing! Adds a twist to it.
What an amazing game. Can't put it down.
+Dale Martin I got three of them for my step-daughters for Christmas, they make the little scream when you press their head! The girls love them - best present ever!
"Angry birds" another set of key words I would like to block from showing up in my stream
Hayal gücünün ötesinde çok başarılı
Angry birds in space is a great idea. i like it alot. im not really far in the game but so far alot of fun
Glad I don't have to do as much guessing, like the extended trajectory prediction
does android premium version include DANGER ZONE?
The next evolutionary step in anything great is anything great... In space!
ههههههههههههههههه كفو
I want to try for free
Why HD is compatible with Galaxy Tab 10.1 and not with 8.9? All the specs and hardware are the same!!!
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