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You loved Disney movies as a kid (and probably still do!), so share some of your favorites with your kids this holiday season. Own classics like Cinderella and The Aristocats, seasonal movies like Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas and new favorites like Tangled from US $6.99 ( and CA $7.99 ( #HolidaySeason
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Can't wait to look through my kid will love this 
I have a lot of them....we need monsters inc, Aladdin, beauty and the beast on +Google Play .....then my kids will have a well rounded Disney collection.
Link seems to be broken... is this because it's actually broken or because I'm Canadian and can't get the content here?
$7.99 I thought the Canadian loonie is doing better then the U.S. monopoly cash!
+Chuckie Canuckie does that you're in Canada and the link works for you? (I'm assuming yes due to your name. :-P)
actually the exchange rate of monopoly to Canadian is $8,000 monopoly=$1 Canadian (at most banks)
Darn... completely failed to notice the Canadian link. Sorry for bogging down the comment stream, guys.
I would't use a bank that has a banker that don't know math. The Canadian link works the American link won't work. 
Get a better deal crossing the border in the backyard.
The comment is a bit misleading.  Only 3 of the 10 movies are available for purchase starting at $6.99, and Tangled is not one of them.
Not a very deep offering of Disney stuff. Only quazi interested in a couple of these for my son.
If you guys start supporting ultraviolet so I can watch the movies I purchase on Play using other platforms and vice versa, I'll be happy to start using Google play to purchase movies. Until then, I'll stick with Vudu and Flixter.
In Sweden Netflix and HBO is picking up speed. Time to react to that Google...
Own or Rent? So far, I can only rent movies on Google Play.
+Joshua Davidson Lucky you. In Poland we can still only access Android Apps on Google Play. Google it is ridiculous that you bring Music, Books, Magazines, Movies and TV and Devices to Switzerland 8.5 mln citizens and bring nothing of these to a 40 mln country :/ 
+Dawid Kania That's not true... In Switzerland: only Apps!
Do you know something that I don't know? It would be a great christmas gift...
That has far more to do with the content providers than with Google. What bugs me is that Google advertises "buy" but in my region means "rent" and in yours "nothing".
when will Google Play music/books/movies/... be available in Belgium?
I know Belgium is a bitch to get something going like that (laws and such) but I think a lot of people are waiting for it over here :)
Lars S.
Like i saied several time before in comments to these Play Store update Messages:

Goole please make individual Play Store Accounts for all the countries that can use the store, or at least something like N.America, S.America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

Because it is really disappointing that 99.9% of the updates you can read here are just for the US store and other countries or continents get nothing.

It doesn't matter if it is Googles fault, or the fault of import laws of the countries or what else. It is just not verycustomer friendly, if the main and official information source for the play store has only updates for one store, but is presented as a worldwide account.

Normally i would say it should bother a company if every day so many customers are complaining. But it just seems that Google doesn't care at all, which is sad to realize.
how about some sales in Europe?
1 decent one is 7 bucks,  The rest are ten bucks.  Not much of a deal for downloads if you ask me.
uncircled...... until you can send me links to stuff i CAN ACTUALLY BUYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! 

get with the international market. regions are so 90's
Nav Gi
Canadian dollar is up the green bucks, why do we pay a buck more than US counterpart?
When will this be available in Mexico!! Take my money! But then can't, not supported in my country...#googleplayfail #googleplaytomexico  
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