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Starting today, people in the US might notice a new Devices section on Google Play. Check it out at You can now buy an unlocked Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+) for only $399, directly from Google. This Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) device can work on the GSM network of your choice, including T-Mobile and AT&T in the US, and has +Google Wallet pre-installed. Learn more in our blog post at
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David Duarte
Make it aviable in all countries! :(
Had this been available in Canada in december, I'd have bought this. :(

Note: I bought my GNex full-price. Ouchies.
Ah, not available in the UK, obviously.
Huh? I bought an unlocked Galaxy Nexus months ago in the UK
I hate each time I click and see "We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country" !! Come on google! open it!
And that's what happens when Verizon makes them remove Google Wallet from their device!!! Seems to be inline with rumors that Google will sell their own tablets...
the link says we can use it on T-Mobile and At&T and it also shows Google wallet and claims it can be used on the Galaxy nexus HSPA+ but is Google wallet not tied to certain carriers at present?
If you want it global it's probably worth +1ing the first comment made on the post.
Tony Hu
What about China users -_-

We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country.
Great phone, just wish the camera hardware was better. And if I had known there was going to be a more pure Google offering than the original Verizon sale of the phone, I might have waited.
I thought Europeans have had easy access to unlocked GSM GNX phones for quite a while now?
Does it come with 4.0.4? Because then I might consider getting one, seeing as I STIL have NOT received that update....GSM Gnex here and yes I is updated by Google no carrier involvement whatsoever :S
Damn you Google, the phone I want, unlocked, @ the price I want w/o contract...right when I get my tax return, guess they're getting my $ again.
Still $400 bucks? If you guys are working with an OEM to make a 7" Nexus/Google tablet that weighs in under $200 bucks, how come a 4" screened device still costs twice that even when sold direct through Google? Don't tell me HSPA+ radio, anyone who knows anything about the hardware that goes into these devices know that the radio isn't gonna double the cost.

Come on Google, we need to disrupt the carrier/oem price fixing scheme. Give us a $150 Nexus phone off contract!
I love my Nexus S, there should be more options for stock Android than just the Nexus line.
Hello!!! Sprint, Verizon... Do you see this?
it sure would be nice to have the ability to remove a device from my list of devices that I was temporarily using for work and have long since returned. I have unchecked "Shown in menus" many times but it continues to be shown in the damn menus.
+James Pakele prices for physical products are almost never the same between countries, though, export costs, taxes and competition being as different as they are.
+Lino Barreca there's some extreme regulations barring international companies from doing fun support shit in italy, it has to be local. And then there's the classic "fell off a truck" reputation, though I'm willing to put that one in the "hearsay" column.
Such a great phone, but so much money.
+Abe Abrahamian they heard we like phones, dawg, so they let us buy phones from our phones so we can phone shop while we phone!
All is only for US.... too bad this google policy!
+Keith Heard I know they've had access to the phone unlocked, so just guessing at why it would be important to them at the moment...
Any chance on getting the free Extended Battery Deal like the Verizon model is getting?
Needless to say, make this stuff available > USA!
+Brent Stewart my guess is the tablet will have less memory built in, only one camera, and other components won't need to be so tiny/scrunched in, making the manufacturing process simpler. Smaller does not always equal cheaper.
I'm guessing we'll see the Nexus Tablet sold here
Although, you can get it in UK for £399, so that's probably what Google would sell it for here anyway!
+James Pakele because it's something for them to complain about, and G+ loves to complain! :D
+Brent Stewart the smaller the devices are the harder to engineer, the more they cost.... Additionally cost, materials and such for this device were discussed and agreed to a while ago with Samsung parts manufacturers, they are still being produced under those terms...
I swear to god, if you launch the Google Tablet via your store to US citizens only, I'm 'leaving' Android.

Using Android outside of the United States is becoming like being treated as a second-class Android user. It's a sad joke. Every cool service you try, you get hit with a "Sorry, this service is currently unavailable" message. Want to buy books, films, music? Nope. The film selection is terrible, the books are ridiculously overpriced, the music is non-existent.

Get your priorities straight, Google.
+Lino Barreca what I've heard is that there's some weird local trade regulations that basically sorta prohibit Asus from shipping GPS dongles to TF201 buyers post-transaction, or some weird shit like that. If you tell me it's bullshit, I will chalk it up as bullshit.
+Danny Holyoake Those services all come with a rash of agreements and contracts with the MPAA, RIAA, studios, authors and such... It's not as simple as just posting it on a website...

Anywho don't feel too bad, the US got the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II a while after the rest of the world had it... It is a two way street...
+James Pakele I understand that, but why this phone? I'm pretty sure the Nexus One wasn't even restricted to US-only sales. In the last year, Google has changed as a company from focusing on semi-global launches to just launching in the US and promising eventual global-rollouts that never really come (Hey, Google Voice!).

If they do this for the impending Google Tablet, it's even less excusable - there are no carrier ramifications that come with selling a tablet.
+James Pakele +Danny Holyoake we got the Galaxy Nexus months after Europe did as well. People really are just grasping at straws so that they can be the victim.
+Danny Holyoake I don't think it's the carriers necessarily, but rather trade laws and governing (not government) organizations and such especially with so many trying to restrict or cash in on digital product...
+Danny Holyoake Nexus one wasn't US only but it was only available in about 6 countries direct from Google. I wanted to buy one but then as now Google didn't want my money.
+Google Play what are you going to do with your current customer base that are having the worst possible experience with their Galaxy Nexus and paid +600$ for it? (having every known problem with my Gnex in Canada and still stuck on 4.01...)
+Danny Holyoake the GNX isn't restricted to the US only!!! Google is selling the GSM version directly to consumers BECAUSE NO CARRIER WILL. The only way to buy a GSM Galaxy Nexus in America right now is through an exporter.

In Europe you can just walk into your local store and pick one up, correct?

We have the carrier locked CDMA version available currently at Verizon, soon at Sprint, and that's it.
+Jonathan Robidoux blame samsung and flash your gnex to use the Standard Google build. It has nothing to do with Google and, again, everything to do with Canadian gangb***ers carriers.
+Keith Heard I wasn't aware of that. I figured you could only buy the Verizon version in the Verizon shop, but you could still buy the GSM version anywhere else.

I forget how screwed the US carriers work. :/ That doesn't explain why Google wouldn't want my money, though (I'd rather buy through Google directly). Other comments here seem to have some smart ideas on why that is, though..
Now we're just waiting for you to announce Google Drive US only
+Renaud Lepage I shouldn't have to flash or change anything from a stock phone to make it "functionnal" Flashing and rooting is great way to add new features but at first, it should at least be functionnal!

I'm not blaming Samsung or my carrier because it's Google who advertised it as being a "Pure Google phone" when it's not
+Ulrik Borg I can't see them doing that. I mean, they want their product to succeed, right?

Oh wait.
+Ulrik Borg upload a file to google docs this morning and you will be bumped to 5gb's instantly
+Ulrik Borg +Danny Holyoake luckily Google Drive, like many of Google's most popular products, will have the distinction of being free and not really stepping on the toes of any regulatory bodies with any of its features. There is no licensing to deal with, no exporting or customs.
I purchase mine with verizon on contract. And honestly, it's the best phone I've ever had. If this is true, I say go for it!
i wonder if it's just that... they can't be blocking Google Voice, Play Store (music and now devices), Wallet, etc...
+Jonathan Robidoux install the Gnex ToolKit and flash Google factory stock Rom, this will change your product ID so you get updates from google
+Ryan Moore my guess is because it's already available in Canada via the carriers, their contracts probably get in the way somehow.
but we were able to buy the Nexus One at that time... why the segregation lately? (no music, no books for almost an eternity, no voice....)
+Ryan Moore Music is easy to bypass, log in to a proxy, log into google music and you will have an account that works. Use it all the time and love it :D
+Ryan Moore BTW you only need to log into the proxy the first time, after that it just works. However you can NOT purchase music from google yet
oh, i use music, but it'd be nice to purchase too
+Ryan Moore the Nexus One was available from Google first, and then the carriers. Any contracts they had with carriers would have been established with that conflict already established.

When multi-million dollar contracts between major companies are written, I'm sure there are clauses involved that say "you can't have us pay to do all the marketing for this device, then sell it directly to consumers for a lower price and cut us out of the loop."
+Keith Heard probably a really good explanation... but then why would it be ok to do in the US, but not elsewhere? I'm imagining the US mobile market would be MILLIONS (if not billions) more than the Canadian mobile market with agreements and whatnot.
+Ryan Moore the GSM GNX is not for sale through any carriers in the US, so there is no direct conflict.
+Google Play where is my Android 4.04 update. I have been using the GSM #GalaxyNexus for couple of months now.
+James Pakele not completely true. The cost difference between tablets and smartphones have largely been attributed to the proportional cost of the glass not the hardware within since the launch of the first gen iPad. The argument was that since there's more glass on a tablet they were more expensive than smartphones and other touchscreen devices of the time such as the iTouch. But with tablet prices dropping below the cost of smartphones and the cheapest Apple touchscreen devices that argument no longer holds water. Less glass is now starting to cost more than more glass.

I will agree that the costs of the Galaxy Nexus has already been agreed upon with the OEM so Google can only go so low. The OEM is where the price fixing originates though. And right now Google has been doing their best not to bite the hand that feeds them by screwing over their OEMs (which is the same reason they most likely won't take advantage of the Motorola purchase to build cheaper devices). But if they wanted to they could partner with someone like ASUS and build inexpensive $150 (or less) Google experience phones. But none of the carriers would carry it or allow it on their network because it would undercut all of their other phones and actually get people questioning why they should sign a 2year contract for a $200 phone when they can get one just as good for $150 without a contract.

I'd suck up my ETF and dump Verizon to get a $150 Google experience device off contract.
Obviously unavailable in my country. Thanks google.
I hope since you'll be selling more phones that these particular models will be the first to be updated and have exceptional support from google it would be cool if there was a real customer service number like apple care add free premium apps since we're paying full price for phones 
Hope you'll be adding tablets unlocked and wifi options 
+Brent Stewart tablet prices are going down because they have to, and only in certain segments. There have always and will always be cheap tablets, that sacrifice quality of hardware (my Acer A100 has horrendous viewing angles, for instance), but even the relatively high quality 7" tablets being sold for cheap are relying on media sales for profit margins. That is the only reason they can be sold for such low prices.

Samsung, HTC and the like would be greatly deluding themselves if they thought they could slice their hardware margins and make it back on media sales. They are going to struggle to compete in the tablet market.
I'd buy one right now if I was in the U.S.
I have an OEM battery & battery cover for sale. For those looking for a second battery. GSM Galaxy Nexus only. Send me a message if you're interested.
So it looks like the world stop in US for Google... so long, and thanks for all the fish.
About time! Wish you had done this faaaar sooner though.
Wish this was how the product was launched. Purchased mine on launch day for a highly inflated price.
If this wasn't US-only (and if I didn't have a GNex already) I'd totally go for this right away.
Just placed my order. which it was subsidized and i could use my upgrade for T-mobile however a nexus is a nexus
I would have jumped on that a few months ago. Now I have CM9 on my GS2 and the GS3 is around the corner so I'm good.
Hey +Google Play why don't you talk to ur dad +Google or y'all cousin +Samsung Mobile USA and get the 4.0.4 on ALL the 100 different versions of your suppose "flagship" galaxy nexus phones before releasing a newer one that's only gonna push ours further down in your update process

Sent for an unlocked 2 update behind non-yakju so not good enough for google galaxy nexus
+7Search to be fair, the GNX wasn't as woefully behind on specs as it is now thanks to the HTC One X and rumors of the GS3.
+Keith Heard it wasn't pioneering ahead of the competition either. Verizon definitely got in the way of a smooth launch, not that I'm too disappointed with my phone. It's always much more comforting to pay a cheaper price.
If you sell at this price to Brazil, you will not make phone bill!
Se vocês venderem por este preço para o Brasil, vocês não darão conta de fabricar celular!
:-o I bought much more expensive in Europe! :-( UNFFAIR!
awesome :) now this is how phones should be sold!
Will this stay around for all future Nexus devices?!?
I'd love to get the next Nexus directly from Google
If Google starts selling tablets in there too I hope they'll make them available internationally.
Google, Make it available to in US people as well!
Sorry. Google, make it available to non US people as well!
We're sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country.
Perú? I was thinking why I can not visit the offer from Perú. there are many services that offer USA addresses to receive products and send them to other countries.
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