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Google Drive has arrived, and is available in 47 languages! Download the Android app from Google Play at, or learn more at
There’s been a lot of I’m excited to officially introduce Google Drive. We have really focused here on letting users create & share with others and this is a natural evolution of Google Docs. It’s not just storage, it’s about helping you live and work in the cloud and making sure your data is seamlessly available everywhere. You can use it across platforms -- Mac, PC, Android, iOS (coming soon) -- and you can use it with many third party applications - we’re working with many developers to expand the Drive ecosystem.

So, between the Loch Ness Monster and Google Drive, looks like you’ll have to keep looking for Nessie.
Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist. Today, we're introducing Google Drive—a place where you can cre...
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I'll stick with dropbox until they add linux support.
The "Docs" Link forwards you to GDrive...
Does Docs not exist anymore?
+Google Play ... for pricing on the new #GDrive ... mine still shows the old /year price. If I buy one of those now, and I be grandfathered in to it?
+Rich Hyndman sure, thats not a problem for me, i was just wondering what happend to Docs... so Docs is Drive now... with more functions...
ok, Docs is not anymore, the link bar above is changed as well...
Does this App replace the Google Docs app? (I don't notices Docs on my tablet or even in the market anymore after installing it)
Doors it do everything and more than dropbox? I was really hoping to store my java source files and be able to access them without having to manually download them...
+1 for this :-D works great on android and mac. thx google
+Mathias Tillman Thanks for the heads up. Just making sure it wasn't my sanity or sketchy eyes that were the problem ;)
Excellent very nice .....
Tnx Google <3 I've downloaded on my Win Laptop and also on my Smartphone :D
Looks Great !
the (not really everywhere) google drive. sorry linux people, I guess we aren't important enough.
Already have it .. not really useful to me lol
like Google Drive is better then Drophbox <3
Why did you not integrate +Picasa 3 sync? And thinking of it: #musicmanager sync as well.

Why three applications which sync data when one would do as well?
but essentially the pricing is INCREASING is it not? With Docs it was only $5/year for 20GB... now it'll be $30/year for 25GB
not from what I've seen...
Is there a Linux client for Google Drive? I looked for one, but if it exists, it seems to be hiding. I need a sync client for Linux before I can replace Dropbox with Drive.
Anyone know if your standard Google Docs documents count towards your 5G storage or just non-Google content uploaded such as pictures, videos, and other documents?
looks like it's just non-google content... what i'm wondering +Google Play is if our 'free unlimited' for photos on G+ will eventually be rolled into the same pool of files

now THAT will be handy
until there's linux client I'll stick with dropbox
+Ryan Moore that would be awesome if our albums were viewable from Drive. Don't think they'll ever charge for the Google+ photo albums, especially if they want to stay competitive with those OTHER social networks. I'm sooo hoping this is a hint of things to come with the Google Play tablet launching later this year.
Yeah, i was also hoping the GDrive to be like a G:\ on our devices...
Was erzählt Ihr hier? Ich habe ein Google Drive Verzeichnis (1) auf dem Desktop und das wird synchronisiert. Nix WebDAV. Obwohl, das cached WebDAV von #mobileme fand ich noch besser.

(1) Alias, shortcut — die eigentlichen Daten sind woanders.
My +FX-602P Simulator was able to open an +Google Drive file. Which is pretty cool. But


is a rather wacky place to to store files. And especially on older systems one might run out of space pretty soon.

Also, I was not asked it I rather want to use the +FX-603P Simulator — both are able to open the file.
+Mathias Tillman they support all platforms that have JavaScript which includes Linux. Go to and all cloud docs are there waiting to be edited and viewed in the cloud or downloaded to be edited in open office ;)
deberían hacer algo para poder comprar cosas en google play, para los usuarios que no cuentan con tarjeta de crédito, tal ves unas fichas que puedas comprar en cualquier establecimiento solo eso les falta...
Finally it has arrived ,Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and More Compared: What’s the Best Cloud Option?
We'll email you at when your Google Drive is ready..... pfffft
Ok mine is ready, now syncing the PC, Macbox, Galaxy Nexus, Acer Iconia table, and waiting for iphone and linux version. Can't wait to complete the circle, I have uninstalled the Skydrive, Box, Dropbox and the Evernote. One cloud to rule them all!
I noticed Google Drive are creating duplicates of certain files....
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