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Google Play hung out with 4 people. #hangoutsonairℓaura ℓawrie, Damon Meredith, Google Australia, and Ashton McCord
Google Play Presents: Christopher Paolini
Google Play and 4 others participated
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"The only thing I'll say about Angela is... my new book will be about Angela's back story"
What is your opinion on the FanFiction for The Inheritance Cycle?
"Writing is a performance". Fascinating hearing the background to his stories, his character inspiration and writing process. What an amazing guy!
How does it feel to have had your film made into a movie? Especially since the books were so much better than the movie.
How many chapters are there that you wrote for the series, that didn't make it into the books?
Does Christopher have a google+ page??
I've been looking for it and I can not find it; please post it if you find it
Weird, it says the video is private, and won't allow me to watch it.
yeah please put it public!
If the video is private and I am not allowed to watch it, why is it shown as a public post?
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