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We’re hanging out with the creators of Angry Birds Star Wars right now. Watch as they reveal the game for the first time. Leave your questions in the comments below for a chance to have it answered on air.
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Aargh. Stream above this post not working for me on android app :,
Ojalá regalen alguna promo por el desvelo.

Salu2 dsd MX!
Speaking of Star Wars, have you all considered creating fictional life-forms (non-human or animal) for a game? Angry Birds, Pigs, and Amazing Alex...Star Wars has all kinds of aliens and 'out of this world'  characters.
Just curious.
Has George Lucas seen and played the game and if so, what was his reaction?
You know what would make Angry Birds worth all the fame it has gotten? DIFFERENT CHARACTERS
Angry Birds Star Wars focuses on the Original Trilogy - was that deliberate?  Does that mean that we 'might' see a Prequel Trilogy version and what about a Bad Piggies game when the Empire is attacking the Rebellion?
Well, they'd have to wait until they released the digitally remastered edition first.
Hasbro used the codename 'Blue Harvest' on all their product lists for the products linked to the game.  'Blue Harvest' was also the codename for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi which celebrates its 30th Anniversary next year.  Was this name used by everybody internally?
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