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In search of a hero? Get one, or at least get their movie (US- The Avengers, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and more building-leaping, bullet-dodging superhero movies are now available for a limited time from $4.99. Who's your favorite superhero?
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My favorite super hero? Wolverine.
I loved the Avengers! Really funny and still tough :D I hope there will the a sequal... BTW, my favorites: Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine and many more! I just can't decide!
If it was really a "super" hero, one would guess he would manage to be available in my country. Wolverine is immortal and sports adamantium blades. But even he cannot defeat copyright limitations! :P
+Vandré Brunazo you see, our money isn't good in America. They beach and moan about illegal downloading but still they don't want to take money when you want to give it to them. That's why I live in the great country of Croatia where illegal downloading is legal.
+Google Play You guys seriously need an atlas of the world for Christmas. There is more to it than just the US.
Do you people honestly think that Google isn't selling to your countries because they don't know where you are or hate you? Check out your country's laws on international sales if you're looking for a culprit.
+Skipper Kagamaster We do have a Google Play store in Canada, yet there is no interaction coming from Google. I'm sure that the person in charge of social on Google + could squeeze out another post for other english speaking countries with unique links to their stores.
Google wants your money. Look to your import laws. Holy crap, people.
I will say, of they allow customers of all mobile companies in Puerto Rico - and not only +SIMPLE Mobile users - access to Google Play Movies ;-)
Well, I would buy if I could. Get me Play Movies and Play Devices too, here, in Italy.
About that +Juan Ricardo Perez, I live in Puerto Rico and I don't have access to Google Play Movies & TV. So either Claro PR is not admitted for Google Play Movies or something else. 
Then it must be that, cause my friends they all have full access but they are with att, T-Mobile and sprint :/
Wait wait wait. There are countries besides the United States of America? /sarcasm. 
I'm so hating claro for that :l 
Jajaj nunca habia escuchado de esa compañia, estaba pensando cambiarme pa T-Mobile pero nose, de aqui a Agosto me decidire
Lamentablemente jajajaja, a mi me queda hasta Agosto 5 2013, en cuanto llegue me voy pal caraj* claro PR son unos listos 
Voy a checkiar esa comp Net10 Wireless 
probably i dont remember when last time I bought CDs from stores. Over 6 years maybe. torrent is the best option and I think it s time to say good bye to CDs
+Eduardo Camacho no man. I was just speaking with a sarcastic tone. No ill will towards other countries. And yeah we owe a ton to everyone. 
Not available in Denmark. It says to check back soon. Is 3 months soon?
Not available in Mexico....hurry up Google!!!
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