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Books on Google Play has arrived in Germany. Enjoy bestsellers like Charlotte Link’s Der Beobachter or Jeanette Walls’ Ein ungezähmtes Leben, as well as classic titles. We’re happy to invite Germans to start reading today on the web, Android, and iOS.

On the web:
On Android:
On iOS:
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Google Books is great but please fix the iOS App!
Awesome! Now get cracking on Music and Movies!
We still don't have a good digital Movie Service here in Germany and it is frustrating to say the least.
Endlich! Vielen Dank <3
Music und Movies auch bitte :-)
Music and Movies tomorrow??? :D :D :D 
Uh, one more thing! Please put the original content in anything you sell, ok?
I don't want to read a good book in translated german, if it was written in english.
Same (or even more so) goes for Movies and TV-Shows.
Great. And when can we expect it to be available in Switzerland? (since we read german books too)
+Ronny Terhuerne yes movies and music please. Music works if you set it up with vpn but no chance for movies with VPN. You can hire the movies via vpn in YouTube but no chance to load them on your Android phone. And up to my knowledge there isn't any other movie rental app available in Germany for Android.
I'll start caring when you open up these services in Romania. We're practically begging you to let us give you money, what's up with that?
C'mon Google Play, come over to HK.
Erm. I only see books in German there. Is the book selection different in each country?
je fais déjà de l'allemand 6 heures par semaines je vais pas commencer à lire des posts en allemand. La flemme!! lol
Viel Spaß beim Lesen (happy reading)! Bonne lecture ...
This is great stuff! But like +Ronny Terhuerne I would appreciate it when original English titles were also available. Or English books in general. It's about having the choice :-)
And the reverse. Here in the US I am apparently not allowed to read German books.
It's so funny I can buy Google+ guides on Itunes, but not on Google Play.
yes of course +Wilhelm Fitzpatrick is so right! the internet tears down so many borders, so why should book languages be a geographical thing? 
Nice to have this option now over here too. Thanks google.

Will music and movies follow soon?
Do we get movies, if we beat Danmark at the Euro 2012 on sunday?
I want Google Music, Book, Movie come to Hong Kong, NOW!
Please Manager is opened when the books in the Middle East
And only a handful English books in the German store, pity! Actually, I'd expect getting access to all available languages if I buy a digital edition.
+Max von Beust Thanks for your feedback. What specific improvements would you like to see? I'll circle back your feedback to the Google Play team. 
+Tina Patel : Great to get such direct feedback :-)
-Better (more fluid) Animations
-Auto Sync/Download
-Link to the Store
-Small improvements (the text on the login-screen is cut off)
-Sharing quotes to G+

That are the things I noticed at the first glance. Will dig deeper into it and will then write feedback again :-)
When Middle East?! I'm dying for the books, music, movies section to come here! 
This thread nicely shows one of the basic problems of Europe: each little country requires its own deal. Ridiculous!
+Google Play   Austria: ... "Bücher auf Google Play sind in Ihrem Land leider noch nicht verfügbar. Wir bemühen uns, diese beliebten Inhalte schnellstmöglich in mehr Ländern anzubieten.Schauen Sie bald wieder vorbei!"  ..sad...  :-/
+Google Play  Ich träume von einem barrierefreien Europa, ohne künstliche Grenzen, weil ein EINZELNER seine Felle davon schwimmen sieht..

I dream of a united Europe, without artificial limits, because a SINGLE ONE sees his hopes dashed ..
Books (and Movies, Music, Nexus Devices, etc) for Austria!
Geht nicht in der Schweiz... Zudem lese ich hauptsächlich English... Also weiterhin Kindle...
I'm living in the UK and would like to read German books on Google Play. How can I see them? I only find English books.
hahahahah i am in ghana and luv to read all books
How can Google let us chose the language or country we want in Play Books. I am currently not in Germany and want Play Books to show the German books. I have logged in with a Google account that clearly mentions the country as Germany and language as Duetsch. However when i open Play Store or Play Books on my Android device, it just shows books for the country i am currently in( ie India). It shows Indian books, movies etc. I have tried everything possible but cant let google dont use my location but my account, so that i can use German versions of Play books.
I have even tried Google Play on my PC, but same results.
Can Google please God sake stop tracking my location and let me do what i want.
Any suggestions are welcome.
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