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Google Play has apps and games available worldwide. You can download apps and games to your Android phone or tablet directly from the Google Play store app, or by going to on any web-connected device. Since your apps are connected to your Google account, you can use them on any signed-in Android device. This means you don't have to hold off buying that $3 game when you're about to get a new phone, as you get to keep the game when you upgrade your device. Learn more about retrieving previously purchased apps here:
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Not gonna happen... Chrome webapps on Android phones should be happening first I think...
Nice rebranding. Android Market gave a feeling that it was specifically for Android users, where books, music and movies can be bought by non-Android users as well.
"Play Store" on Android has already confused my wife, my mom, and a co-worker. Not because of the change, but because "Play Store" doesn't make you think Google. You don't immediately realize that's where you go to get your apps, music, books, and videos except through trial and error.

I love ya Google, but I'm just really not getting the branding here. I think the consolidation is great and it all makes sense, but it would have been so much more clear to go with "Google Market"
When will music download be available here in germany?
Why the music store and book store could not access from China?
Looks great but I'm not in the US. When will music be accessible in Australia?
It's insane. Some want to send people to jail for downloading illegal music, but do not give permission to sell it. Only idiots can think like this.

Most stupid thing is that on Amazon Polish people can buy some mp3's but not Polish ones. Isn't it complete idiocy?
I think google just get the US market license.
+Peica Chen of course they did!. I do not blame Google for this situation, but right holders for their insane license politics.
That's one thing I'm never gonna understand. Why don't these people want my money? Is it worth less? Or what? They want to sell something, I want to buy it. I just don't get it. Some people say, they are afraid for their cd sales. For the record: I'm not gonna buy a single CD. I don't need it, I don't want it. I want digital downloads.
CD/DVD sales dies every year. It's already doomed. But some people still belive that preparing secret law will make this business unchanged for years.

Instead of buying politicians to prepare this law wouldn't be cheaper to invent new ways to sell anything?
if i don't want buy something, there are many channel to download it in a illegal way. But when I want to get it, i found it is so hard for me in China.
My Market shortcut on my home screen stopped working, and I had to make a new one to the Play Store (since Market app disappeared). I wonder how many users are going to be confused by this ?
Google Play is a stupid name...
Well, u need productivity app - who cares, let's Play :P
Google, damn it! Google Play is not a better name for Android Market. I am not going to say 'download this and that from Google Play' instead of Market. I understand why you renamed it: it is not really 'Android Market' since there are many markets for Android - but it should have simply been Google Market. Get me Eric Schmidt on the phone.
Why not just call it the Android Market on Google Play? {{-_-}}
Book & Music are N/A in Taiwan either. Orz...
+James Chang I'm waiting for Google Movies, Books and Music too... +Google is working too slow on these.
Books, Video & music Not available in other countrys. When will start the absolut Google experience in europe, especially in germany?
Google needs to create a gift card loophole, that allows people to buy media internationally. That will put pressure on mediacompanies to sign deals with Google.
+Erik Martino there is one problem. Some guys seeing easy money with it could create alternative market and started to sell those gift cards. Kinda dangerous.
When will it be posibel to download movies and music in Spain?
What's the fuzz about? I can't see any new beside the name =
The FAQ link at the end of the About section is broken... But let's all celebrate another new project for Google that will see it abandon even more of its other stuff. Dear Google: Bookmarks and Reader need some serious love! And the Wishlist for Docs is longer than Santa's contrail.
i am sad about google not bringing paid apps to United Arab Emirates. I am missing offers.
The lack of options to buy paid content is one of the greatest causes of piracy and it makes it harder to claim that piracy is immoral.
"buyable" Cupon codes please!

A feature suggestion: Google Play should offer a way to gift an application! Many customers of my app ask me "how can i gift this app to a friend of mine?".

The only way now is "to put your credit card number on your friend smartphone...." :(

A cupon code for paid apps is absoluley needed in my opinion, it should be a cupon that can be buyed by anyone at the price of the app, to send it to a friend, and also a cupon that developer can generate to offer promos, for instance i wanna offer a discount on my apps to who has already buyed an app by me.

Other developers do you agree with me? If yes please ask this to the google team i think this feature can really boost our business and market itself.
Dumbest name EVER Google Play?? SO DUMB!!! Come on +Google +Android You guys trying to drive customers away?? Looks like it.
Wait wait wait wait wait WAIT... The apps i've downloaded onto my phone AREN'T connected to my google account?.. WTF... I bought tons of stuff when it was on sale even though my phone couldn't run it with the pure intention of just re-downloading it when I finally got around to buying a tablet. Are you saying that was never an option?

I'm sorry but I don't think i'm stupid for not considering that. Every other fucking cloud market service allows you to do that, why would Google not?
why you changed the name of the site from android market to google play?
They say the reason is to sync all your devices together. But this was already the case. So I truly don't understand. Apps, Books, Music, & Movies were all synced already. +Google +Android you guys have been dropping the ball a lot lately.
+Marcin Ćwikła What's this bit all about then?

"This means you don't have to hold off buying that $3 game when you're about to get a new phone, as you get to keep the game when you upgrade your device."
App sync was already implemented, for paid apps, now there is also a better support to sync free apps this is all the new for now. But the rebranding is a marketing operation in order to bring more people on the market also for buying movies and books. Trust google, you will like the new name
A nice new feature to introduce with the lunch (easy to implement) was my cupon code idea to give to people opportunity to give apps as gift to friends and girlfirends. What do you think about this?
+James Jennings I don't know. Maybe it is for a single game where author does not want it to be sold for account? I have Desire Z, Spica and one tablet. I change ROMs ofter and all my bought apps, even those bought during christmas when they were for 3$ I set up every time I want.
When will be google play with books, music and films available in Slovakia? Thanks.
Google, why don't you care about european consumers? Should I switch to Apple? At least Itunes works!
What is the point of upgrading market on my phone without asking me when I CAN NOT BUY or see the music and books in EUROPE. ONE BIG FAIL
there is an updating for the phone?
maybe i am being less technical than usualy but the books app does not recognise my account - yes the one i downloaded the app through....! keep up the good work Google!
Sorry but Google Play makes no sense to me, ask anybody what Google Play might be, I am sure most of the people will think about an online gaming platform from Google or a store to buy video games. "Play" is too connoted gaming.
Bring Google Play Music & Movies to Australia!! :D
although im still not used to the new name but i say well done google, you're always working on Android and trying your best to make it the best platform but now i guess you need to support paypal as a payment method (this is going to have a dramatic effect on developers and users)
It would be good go have the multiaccount support in play and the market... I always have to log out and switch the account which messes up all my google tabs with mail, g+, calendar etc
any chance that movies, music and books will be accessible in ireland soon? cause basically I have the "FANTASTIC NEW GOOGLE PLAY" which is basically a rebranded Android Market with nothing extra? Why does it take so long to roll out new features (Music, Movies, Books) to the rest of us?

Basically I am slowly moving to Amazon for everything, Apps, Books, Movies, everything, and if I were google I might start to cop on a bit:

Google Music losing Users:

Amazon Growing, and Gaining Speed:

Roll out your features worldwide. Please!
We're sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States.
It sucks bring it 2 sweden or google plus will never go big
Tjerk W
Where are the books? Where are the movies? Where is the music? Why call this Google play.. If only android games are available in Europe?
When is it possible to download music and movies in The Netherlands?
Наверно это всё нам полезно будет, правда я ещё не понял зачем.
Hm.. I have now this "Play Store" icon on my screen. Will I ever remember that this is actually the market? Well, I'll get used to it but I'd not consider choosing that name as a lucky strike.. It's so.. so.. Sony?.. Also Appelish?? Nah. I'm sceptic about that move. It doesn't sound trustworthy to me, my confidence shrinking a bit.. But I hope I'll be prooved wrong!!
A lot of people don't understand, Google+ world notwithstanding.

I think +Motorola Mobility is going to unveil a Google TV set top box/game console sometime this year...
Canadians and Europeans unite. We run behind on Google services too.
Хочу в России тоже кино,книги и музыку((
They can well afford it because it's no difference to Apple ,-( Wouldn't that have been a chance to stand out??

Well, anyway, I have to admit I am not that much into streaming my music/pics/books via yet another service. For my files I'm using DS File, for my music DS Audio, my pics are there, too (though I haven't set up DS Photo+ yet, but I am using Picasa Tools) and my books.. well, I read them in Amazons' Kindle App. The rest goes via Dropbox. The longer I use this, the more I get used to this "work arounds", the less likely I will consider to change that once the "services" are available for "the rest of the world".

PS: there are countries with more buying power than the US so I never really understand why everything's got to start there!?!?
Now my Android is a kid's toy. Microsoft seens so more prepared for the PC to mobile transition... Very bad move, Google...
+Marco Mugnatto True, that's another aspect: it makes me curious upon what MS is up to ,-)

Although I still like my Android phone/tablet! I've been ..suspecting..? Google has a masterplan. I still hope it'll turn out to be a good and fair plan.
where's my app is 25 billionth app that's downloaded from the apple app store by a Chinese woman and that woman got a 10,000$ prizes or whatsoever.
What if Apple just remove "iTunes" from their product name? What will Google's look like? I think this change is really too risky.
+Google Play I didn't invest into Amazons cloud yet and therefore I am not bound and free to choice. The reason was my hope that you will offer a service, which will of course be better integrated into my other google services. But you really should hurry up now here in Europe before it's to late for you. Several people here in Germany/EU share my opinion as you can see in the comments above.
Two comments.

First, the new service name suggests a music app, and the new icon and branding looks like a music app play button. Fair enough, but playing music is one thing most of the world can't do!

Second, I'd like to be a fly on the wall of the boardroom at the moment ;)
Play sounds like entertainment, that's for sure. English is not my native language, but I think I'm right on this assumption...
+Emiliano Nahuel Cecchi You reckon? Music was the first thing that it screamed to me when I saw the logo and new name. Maybe this is just because of my simmering resentment of arbitrary geographical restrictions imposed on us by content providers ;)
"Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights." Region locking sucks. On Youtube and Google Play.
Need to fix the navigation. Books, movies, and apps links all take me to the corresponding page and clicking the Play logo takes me back to the main Play page. However, once you go into Music, there is no menu option to jump back to the main Play page. Clicking the Play logo just reloads the music page. I have to hit back until I get back there or edit the URI in the address bar.
For countries like France, the arrival of Google Play is absolutely useless, since it just replaces the Android Market to get only Apps.
Where is the music, where are the videos, the books ? Google Play, as I understand its purpose, is made to gather all these services in one place, and make it easier to manage all our digital entertainment content.
I assume you guys are trying hard to deploy your services all throughout the world, but in countries where you cannot make Google Play the global media library it is intended to be, you should let the Android Market untouched.
Cc : +Hugo Barra +Michael Siliski
I need a -1 button to this... Being from sweden so this is just market with a worse name
I chose not to agree to the terms and conditions – and the Market app exited.

Not good.

Particularly since it was not obvious (well, not immediately) that these extra Ts&Cs were actually for the Market.

And why should not agreeing to them lock me out of the Market? At most, it should restrict what's accessible to me, i.e. applications should still be available.
Solo presenta la sección de aplicaciones, pero no se puede acceder a Música, Libros y películas, ¿por que no están disponibles?
agradezco su ayuda.

Soy de la ciudad de México
WOW!! So I can't rent or play movies because i've a custom Firmware on my Android!?!?! Thought Google didn't want to become another APPLE! Way to promote piracy!!
I live in Australia and I've been holding out for Google Music before commiting to an online music provider because your service is the most attractive to me. You're really making us wait...
Andrew Brown It won't even let me install the app from Google market!! even if i DO get it installed, then their is a "bug/feature" that shuts down the app if it finds a rooted Firmware. It does not stop me buying movies! i just cant watch them!!
+Bill Cumming Possibly a issue with your firmware? Do you have the Play Store/Play Movies app installed? Or is it still Android Market?
+MARCIAL MARTINEZ NUÑEZ porque por el momento, musica, libros y películas solo estan disponibles en USA. El resto mantiene el market de siempre, que es aplicaciones. Toca esperar a que expandan los productos
hey, what about movies international! its just a movie?
Thinking again, maybe Google is trying to move the installable apps world away from the Chrome Web Apps that are of bigger importance to them...
why does Google Play crash on my phone every single time I try to do anything, while the Android Market crashed maybe five times in hundreds of operations over a year and a half? I literally can not update two apps without having to dismiss a crash message.

All I want is Android Market functionality, and I can't get that. It took me a few weeks to find time to read the four or five stupidly separate terms & conditions I had to agree to, and over that time more than a dozen of my apps had updates available. It's been several days now and I still have only been able to reduce that to 7, because it crashes every time. Droid X, Verizon, never rooted.
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