We know that good stories aren’t limited to the written word. Starting today it’s easier than ever to play audio clips and podcasts in Google Currents. For example, you can get the day’s news on +NPR or Marketplace, or catch up on entertainment news by listening to Studio 360. Download Google Currents on Google Play today (goo.gl/x6uG2), and look for this feature on iOS soon. See more enhanced and new audio editions below.

+NPR: http://goo.gl/qR9W5
Marketplace APM: http://goo.gl/VGC41
A Prairie Home Companion: http://goo.gl/ZI15w
Wits: http://goo.gl/VW8Ie
The Dinner Party Download: http://goo.gl/3r3EE
+MPR News: http://goo.gl/3L0yU
The Splendid Table: http://goo.gl/If4LL
PRI: http://goo.gl/HmxDN
Studio 360: http://goo.gl/BdSZ3
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