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We know that good stories aren’t limited to the written word. Starting today it’s easier than ever to play audio clips and podcasts in Google Currents. For example, you can get the day’s news on +NPR or Marketplace, or catch up on entertainment news by listening to Studio 360. Download Google Currents on Google Play today (, and look for this feature on iOS soon. See more enhanced and new audio editions below.

Marketplace APM:
A Prairie Home Companion:
The Dinner Party Download:
+MPR News:
The Splendid Table:
Studio 360:
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Incredible how you start to ignore the needs of your users. Some of us  don't want to listen, see or read what you recommend, but the things they want to see, listen or read ... so keep the reader alive and leave us alone with currents ... thx
I love the design. This is one of those Google Products which improve little by little but by the 3rd or 4th year are irreplaceable.
Is there a way to pull in any podcast like that, if we're looking to use Currents as a Reader replacement?
Very cool. Is Currents going to be the successor to Reader? Crossing my fingers. If we are truly loosing Reader, I'd like my alternative to still be a Google product.
Meh. You killed off Reader so I ditched Currents too. I'd hate to have to reorganize all my content there once you kill that off eventually.
So you kill off Google Listen for podcasts, then you kill off Google Reader for podcasts, then you tell us we can start using Google Currents?

How about no?
Just great. Google cares more about delivering to Apple subscribers than it does about delivering to all countries
irish d
Oh my. Google's really taking over the internet. It's like a huge one stop shop Asian mall. small shops will die slowly but surely. Goodbye Evernote. Goodbye (podcast app here). 
Wait… is Google Currents replacing Google Reader?? If so, then I'm less angry about the whole thing. Just (keep) making Google Currents better. 
Currents has been out for quite a while, +Burton Lewis Jr. , so who knows what role Currents plays in response to Reader. From what I've heard, though, the answer is NO. Reader is simply getting axed by Google, and to my knowledge, nothing is replacing it. This is, of course, a usual course of action for Google service axings: the service dies and no new service is created to reproduce any of the functionality provided by the axed service (see: Google Wave).
I hear you +Jeffrey Meyer, but I didn't mean "replace", what I was trying to say was consolidate. Which is something Google so desperately needs to do since there are a lot of overlapping services. Google Reader, Currents and News were a few of them, so if Google's goal now is to consolidate all of this into Currents (which has only been out for 2 years) then I'm all for it. They can now focus their efforts into making Currents that much better. And if you haven't noticed, Google has been doing alot of consolidating lately (which I'm all for). The core functionality of Reader isn't entirely lost when using Currents, so I wouldn't be surprised if Google starts doing more with it (just check out the latest update). Google Wave was an experimental project solving a problem no one had, so no one really knew how to use it or take advantage of it, not really the same. 
Thank you +Google for making my Currents app better! Now you just need to get your new desktop client out...
I'd still rather keep a working Google Reader, but I guess you're closing that one down to push people to this _not an option app. Keep going, Iphone and that windows crap is looking more and more appealing with each passing day.
Are you keeping rss options alive in reader at least? If yes, release a web client please. 
Well done Google...good thinking and innovation 
I'm leery of Google apps at the moment.  Start using it, and who knows if it will be randomly shut down?  Maybe I roll with a niche crowd, but a good percentage of my friends and colleagues used Reader on a daily basis.  Why switch to another Google product that might be randomly shut down?  Why even start using something like Google Keep.  The very name seems like an oxymoron.  What if Google decides not to keep Keep?  If I can't trust them with data that I consume, I sure as heck am not going to trust them with data I create.

What's next on the chopping block from Google?
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