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It’s here! We’re excited to announce that All Access has just arrived in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Ukraine.

New All Access members (in any country) will get 30 days of music on us, and gain instant access to 20 million songs online or offline from any Android device. In related news, dance parties around the world are predicted to reach dangerously high levels of awesome any day now.
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Support Bolivia, Chile and do not support Argentina :/
What about Panama! We are between Costa Rica and Colombia
Vai esperar o Spotify dominar o Brasil pra depois chegar aqui? 
Yes! Thank you, Google. Finally an alternative to Spotify.
India! We miss this feature badly here. 
Its not like they are going to read our comments so meh...
Panama is the easiest country to port US services! Please put us in the list next time!

We are between Costa Rica and Colombia :(
CUANDO ECUADOR CUANDO.................................................................
Are greats news for this country
Seriously... I can't believe that a big country such as Brazil do not have even the "web player" "music manager" or whatever you call it. I am surprised too by the fact that Argentina, our "hermanos" don't have the all access service, even being a big country as they are. What a shame Google! Common! Wake up! That's money being lost.
Puerto Rico doesn't exist?! Part of the US.. 
we had spotify here in saudi arabia dont care anymore
Google you're late on the party. We now use spotify we couldn't wait your slow international rollout. +Google Play 
Yuan Ze
China pleeeeeeeeas
Yo soy de Ecuador. Aun espero que salga para mi país. 
Malaysia pleasee man.. We"ve been waiting for ages
Gaby V
Bolivia. ......
gotta check the store right now!

sent from Bolivia
Not in Turkey? Come on! Why not? When will it be available?
¡Oh Perú alfin que bien! All Access. 
Still waiting for this to happen in Malaysia!
I'm still expecting it in Romania why is this so difficult? 
+Mihaita Pantea. Zonga este 4 euro cu tot cu tva.La Google nu poate fi mai putin de 7 euro cu tva.Fa si tu un calcul cum stam.Google a cam pierdut terenul cu music in Romania.Mai are o sansa cu filmele.Probabil ca o sa avem si filme la pret redus.
As plati mai mult la Google dar sa am acces fara cenzura la orice film si muzica din baza lor.Altfel nu.
Yes +Google Play. I think books are not so attractive for romanians just like movies and music are. So, Let's bring movies and music in Romania.
Ooh hoO
Thailand... pls
Weird that we got lots of good stuff but not this 
Nigeria any time now. No pressure.
Estonia please. Looks it is the last country in EU without All Access and Books
Hate the fact that Lithuania has Play Movies, but still can't sell apps.. Ugh.
Good to see All Access spreading to other countries! It's a great service, enjoy everyone. :)

My God, I sound like a Google marketer or salesman or something... :D
Oh my God!!!! Google thank you)😂😂👍👍😢 
I am just incapable of comprehending how countries are chosen for availability of new services or devices by some companies? Congrats to all the lucky few! 

Google please come to Romania with all your might and power AND SERVICES!
And Malta, an EU state is still waiting...
Слава Україні!
Pakistan please... (I know it's not gonna happen anytime soon). 
fuck google play can not ues in china
Brasil! We love music! Come on Google! We are waiting too much! 
Bolívia, Chile, Peru and Colombia... :-\ what about Brazil? :-[ 
Don Ben
hahahahahahahaha. the only solution is google should wait when the whole world has support then they should release all the support in the form of an almighty support
What about north Korea ffs argh
Funny how Ukraine came into that group of country's :-)
C'mon Google, we in the Middle East have been waiting for so long... Not even my home country in Southeast Asia. Step on it! :p
Now if they were to make something like All Access for Movies/TV or Books...
Get with the program, +Google Play
Gracias GOOGLE, desde COLOMBIA 👍, Thank you GOOGLE, from COLOMBIA 👍
Please, support Argentina! It's not that hard.
+Google Play The service Google play music is available in Costa Rica, but the app in this moment is not available in this country. Please repair this absurd problem.
Works like shit if you move outside your country.
И в Турцию, плиииззз!!!!
Serbia.... Please.... 😢
muchas gracias Google los adoro x fin lo hicieron!!! 
What happen with Venezuela? We need to use all of your services. People uses many time their Smartphones for many activities.
When is all access coming to Serbia
That's why Iphone users are more and more tied to their platform. It is the only usable platform for online music purchase. 
When in india? Eagerly waiting for spotify ...
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