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Traveling this season and want to make sure your music goes with you? Add up to 20,000 songs from your music collection to Google Play and stream it to your Android devices and your computer, anywhere you go.

Our new music matching feature gets your songs into your online music library on Google Play much faster. We’ll scan your collection and quickly rebuild it in the cloud - all for free. And we’ll stream your music back to you at up to 320 kbps.

This feature is live today for people in the US, following our European launch last month. Check it out:!  It’ll be music to your ears.
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Will this feature kick in for songs we've already uploaded?
Will the songs I previously uploaded be upgraded to 320 kbps?
Can we have a Spotify style streaming service along with this please? That'd be perfect.

I tried Samsungs version of doing this, but it was woefully buggy and slow.
This is great - I can't live without it now - but the matching process doesn't quite seem to cover a lot of my songs (even those that you actually sell online and I already have). It would also be good to be able to synchronise with your library on the hard-drive as I find +Google Play much better when it comes to editing metadata and organising libraries. All in all, 5/5 - excellent service!
I wonder if I could/should download my entire library, delete it from Google Play, and match it. 
Does this automatically change the files we've already uploaded, or does it only apply to new uploads? I don't want to remove my whole library and re-upload it all for it to match and give me access to the 320 kbps stream.
Awesome! Music matching will really help me out.
FYI: Play Music isn't available everywhere, so make sure to pin your favorite albums on your Android Device for offline listening if you plan on traveling to a country that doesn't have access to Play Music yet.
+Google Play why keep the 20000 track limit then? Its no longer taking up extra space on your servers 
This would be nice for djs if you store comments in meta tags.

 I don't build playlists. I write in codes in the comment fields which helps result in songs with shared tags. 

You are king if this is somehow implemented.
I have 70,784 (currently) on my Amazon MP3 Cloud.
Definitely would like to know if it'll stream what we've already uploaded previously at 320 kbps.
When will people in Europe be able to get the incorrectly-flagged-as-US accounts fixed? Our tickets appear to now be being ignored :-( 
Live today? I've been using this since forever. I'm confused.
+Casey Rhodes, the matching feature is live as of today. Prior, it would physically upload all of your library instead of simply matching metadata. This is much quicker. Of course, I understand you'l still have an upload if your song isn't matched in Google's library.
Idk if this question has been answered, but I believe this is working for the songs you have already uploaded. A couple of songs have already shown up that wouldn't upload before
My question is how does this effect existing uploaded content? Will I get the same advantage of being able to stream higher bitrate materials, even though I may have already uploaded a lower bitrate? Should I remove my uploaded content and have my entire library scanned?
From my understanding, you'll get the highest bitrate Google has available from their own files, regardless of what bitrate you uploaded at. That could be a negative if you have super hifi files, but for most of us it'll be a huge plus.
Do you get to choose which songs, or is it your entire Library 
Too slow in Europe, +Google Play . Now I've got my music in Amazon's cloud and won't move it somewhere else without very good reason. 
+Karlheinz Agsteiner huh?  This means that effectively, +Google Play _already has your music in their cloud_.  You could try Play Music without having to upload anything or pay anything.  Nothing would have to be "moved".  :)
Thanks, +Hans Hong, I couldn't find that article anywhere. Good to know. So we should expect it to take a few months for them to match existing libraries. 
I would pay for the ability to add more than 20,000 songs.  How does Google know what songs to upload if I have a large library?
+Harvey Sandhu, no they didn't. Last paragraph: "This feature is live today for people in the US, following our European launch last month."
Is this 20,000 limit separate from the limit (2000 as well if I remember correctly) for how many songs you can upload for free?  Another way: do these songs act as songs purchased from Google Play that do not count towards your upload limit OR is this 'scan and match' limit combining with/replacing the 'upload' limit?
+Nate Cress As a seasoned traveller with Google Music for the past twelve months, I'm happy to confirm that there isn't a single country where it won't work on your Android device. Indeed, if you have a Google Music account, it works on the web everywhere too.
i had already uploaded just under 18K worth of songs. re-installed the music uploader so it could pick up the new items since i did the upload, & it says i'd be 16K over my limit if i let it upload again. how is it that it doesn't see what i already have in the cloud & only grab what's different?!
This is great! 5 albums of music scanned and added to my library in under 30 seconds!
+Jens Knutson Amazon's and Googles cloud music offerings are competing. Google Play doesn't know anything about my music. And AFAIK Google doesn't host Amazon's cloud. 
Anyone know if you can set Music Manager to look at your DVD/CD drive and match without having to rip it first?  THAT would be a big time-saver.
+Scott Miller iTunes Match has song limits just the same. Tends to help encourage all the thieves to– you know: buy the content.

+Phillip Han By far the most realistic comment I've seen on Canadian music deals so far. Canada's labels and music associations are horrid for creating healthy, lasting deals with companies. If it's possible, it'll come.
And what about The Czech republic? When will be full GPLAY open also for czech users?
Google, please, please, please, please, please, please for music that's already uploaded just tag albums/songs that have matches and let users decide what gets upgraded. Or let users flip a switch to opt-in for you to do it automatically. I'm not sure what kind of wizardry you'll be using but I have a lot of songs in my collection that are alternate mixes of songs, live versions, demo recordings etc. I don't want your system taking those songs and replacing them with just the studio/radio versions of songs. Or replacing explicit versions with clean versions. As laborious as the process may be approving/declining each match that might be the best option for people with large, eclectic collections.
Google Music is now without a doubt the best music streaming service in U.S.
What happens when I choose to keep the music offline on my device? I guess the matched song are kept offline at the matched quality.
Yeah, its always "keeping offline" based off of the Google Music store.  If you look they arent even MP3s but a special file type stored in the Google Music cache.  So once you sync you can just delete the local MP3s from your Android device.
+Ryan Stewart i wish someone would figure out how to grab the higher quality 320Kbps files to replace any lower-quality versions in the local library! :)
Problem I've always had is my music is old rock music and most of it ain't in the database so I spent days uploading it to iTunes not something I want to do again if I could give Google my iTunes login and they transfer from there that would be perfect otherwise I can't quite face having to spend a week uploading obscure rock bands from the 80s into another data base having already done it once
You need to make  a new Music Manager.
would be nice +Chris Fink i got a bunch of duplicates in my library that it'd like to free up for more space
My friend just finished uploading 4000 songs today. Hahaha
I dont get why "in the coming months" google play will match my existing library. Why cant i hit a button, have it scan, and let me authorize it to dump my files and use the matched files? 
mine currently says 3320 of about 10,000 songs. maybe it is doing de-duplication. it's also uploading some right now. but it's flying through the numbers as far as what's uploaded.
Not available in Portugal!!!
Isn't this a pan-European music industry deal?
Here's my concern: if my library automatically updates itself "over the coming months", and the "Keep Offline" files also get updated, then I have a storage problem, as Google Music for Android doesn't allow me to move my offline cache to SD.  I'm right at my storage limit as my files are - if they get replaced with higher bit-rate files, I won't be able to store them all locally, and since I cannot rely on streaming (thanks Verizon Share plans!), I need offline files.

What would be great, is an update that allows us to use SD cards for offline cache storage.
that's great, how about the same functionality for Movies?...
Can unsupported file-types (like Apple lossless) be matched?
can someone please tell me how to get the music manager to scan? are those who are already subscribed not going to get this new feature?
What's cool about this is that I have a lot of oooooold low-bitrate WMA files that I haven't been able to use on my Mac, and the original CDs are scratched or lost. Matching just might be my solution to bring that music back into my library.
Just realized an easy way to free up space on Google Music. Get rid of "interludes" on albums. Those stupid 15 second things count as a whole song. I wish there was a way to just delete anything under a certain time limit, say 30 seconds. People probably have several hundred interludes taking up space without realizing it.

EDIT: There is. Just choose "songs" and sort by time. I have about 163 skits, interludes and intros that are 30 seconds or less. Sometimes they add to an album and I'm loathe to mess with the a complete album. But I need the space.
So, when I start the Music Manager, it tells me I have already reached my 20,000 song limit. However, I have exactly 0 music uploaded. What gives? Seriously, I've been trying to use Google Music forever now, but these bugs are just too much.
+Dwight Worley You can go into the Play Music web interface and click on songs then sort by Time.  Select the first one in the range you want to delete, then hold shift and click the bottom of that range  then right click and choose delete.
Don't be so racist we need this in Lebanon too google!!!! Plzz don't ignore this I'm a future programmer who needs such features in his country
Do we get an iOS app soon for google music? Google has put out some killer iOS apps lately and I was hoping this would be one. 
One would think they would Patrick, although not sure if this is something they can monetize like search, gmail etc,
Great idea until you realise your carrier charges $20 per MB for roaming. If I keep it on my SD, it also goes with me. No phone, no music. Internet connection or not.
Where in the music manager is there an option for this? I just dont see it.  I am running OSX. Has anyone been able to scan their music? 
What, no "What about Australia!" quote? 
Is there a roadmap for release in other countries / regions (i.e. Australia) ?
Yes, I wish we could find out who it is, in Canada for instance, holding this up!
If i have purchased songs on iTunes will this scan those and match them in the cloud? Before it wouldnt upload them because they were protected aac files
I must say that this really is the epitome of portable music collection solutions. The instant mix feature is genuinely good too.
I just installed the music manager and it looks to be actually uploading my music and not using this Scan and Match feature. Does it need to be enabled somewhere, somehow?
+Google Play i am in the same boat as +Chris Laboy it looks like google is still upload all of my songs instead of scanning. Currently at 96 of 10,000 songs 
same here. i even went so far as to boot into windows, thinking it may be a non-linux feature. nope
Will this help with album art? I would love for google to automatically upload missing or low quality album art.
Thank god! I have waited soooo long for this feature! 
Will you be able to download for offline listening matched songs? I am guessing it is streaming only?
+Chris Laboy Scan and matching doesn't seem to be working for me either. Thinking I might just try again in a day or so...

My music manager version is I'm curious if people who do have it working have a different version somehow.
With your recent iOS offerings, I hope there's an iOS app in the works for this. Bravo, Google.
stupid question but how do you use the match feature. I am on linux mint. Do i ua the music manager or the web portal. 
not seeing the scan and match feature
im noticing songs that i used to have uploaded that didn't play now do! awesome!
@Carlos Araujo I read that there is no mention of "scan-and-match" anywhere, but it is automatically enabled and the Music Manager only upload music that isn't offered in Google's music store.
Well, the good news is, I was wrong.  The feature IS working.  

The bad news is, its still pretty slow.  

I've been running the manager for 2.5 hours now, and I'm only at 935 of 9200 songs.  I can see the song numbers increment faster than they should (I'm only allowing a 512K upload), but I only see the song numbers increment every 10-30 seconds.

I wonder why?  They are clearly being matched, just really slowly.  At this rate, it will take another 23 hours or so to go through the whole collection.  :-(
just uploaded an explicit album keep matching it to clean version how would someone get explicit one matched?
An important thing to me about uploading to Google Play Music was the ability to later download the songs I had added, Data Liberation Front style. If I've already uploaded songs and they get "matched", do I lose forever the ability to download those files again?
When will this be available worldwide? Unbelievable that a "cloud" service is only available in the US!
Music Manager is still a buggy piece of crap.  It shouldn't take me 4 hours to try and retry and retry and retry uploading a folder of about 200 songs because you choose not to upload half of them.
+Mark Gillespie Yeah, I was trying it with some pretty mainstream albums.  Turned out I had to update the Music Manager app.  Once I downloaded and installed the latest version it started matching.  I don't restart my computer very often, so maybe the Music Manager would have updated on it's own, eventually.
+GonzO Rodrigue

As mentioned, it will only match items that Google has for sale in it's music store.  How well it works is ENTIRELY dependant upon how good your music tagging is, and how much content you have locally is also available for sale from Google.

I am in the UK, but signed up for a Google Music US account via a proxy last year, and it took 2 1/2 weeks to upload my collection of 7000(ish) songs without matching enabled.   I upload the same collection to my partners account (a UK account with matching enabled), and it took 3 days.   So it's definitely a large improvement, but as mentioned, mileage may vary, depending on the above factors I mentioned.
I was using this as a beta product and for some reason I have a limit of 12,192. Odd...

This is in place even after the change. Is there something I need to do or chnage in order to be able  get to that 20K limit? 
European launch???? As in the whole European countries or as in only some of them?
+Kyhwana Pardus It is in other countries. Third paragraph above..  "This feature is live today for people in the US, following our European launch last month."
+Gareth Cook Why ever not? 20,000 tracks is only 2000 CDs or so. If you've been buying albums every week for 30 years or so then this is not at all unfeasible. Add to this a host of legal free downloads, mix tapes and self productions then it is easily achieved
What about explicit albums being matched to clean albums, when will this be addressed?
I have a lot of alac files in iTunes. Will those get scanned man's matched as well?
This service is as useless as iTunes Match. It replaces all explicit content with clean versions. I'll be clearing my music library and go back to using an SD card.
Amazing. Thank you so much. My Christmas is complete.
+Mike Rhodes No. It does not support protected AAC files.  What you can do is run Requiem (google it) to remove the drm, and then the scanner will find and upload the files.

Requiem can remove the drm by decrypting the files losslessly (no transcoding).  If you have troubles runnign it after downloading or extracting the Requiem archive, make sure to check the file's md5 sum (and re-download if it's wrong).
Good Idea.
However: There is NO PAGE giving System Requirements.
I downloaded Music Manager, & installed it.
It Won't Work On My System.
Using a Titanium Mac OS X 10.4.11
It would be GOOD to have a System Requirements page.
It would be nice to be able to move music between multiple computers.
+Charlie Hood Thats implimented. Check the Google Music Labs features (same drop down menu section where settings are).
Correct me if I'm wrong but this service does NOT match meta data. It matches a waveform fingerprint of the audio file. This way it ensures accuracy and should be able to fix incorrect or missing meta data. 

The reality is that it has not fixed my meta data nor fixed wrong or missing album art. I can find so little info about the matching service that I'm not sure what my expectations should be.

edit: To be clear, I love google play, use it all the time, and get that it's free. I just want to be sure I understand the service. I was almost ready to upload all my music to i*unes Match, download it all from *pple, then reupload to Google so that I could get the meta and album art fixed. I'm holding out hope I wont have to now that Google's matching service is out.
This is horrible! at least for me.. I am a music producer with a certain needs.. Please google DO NOT scan my library and match songs to a 320bit rate from your store! And please make this an option I can opt out of. Reason is I transfer many vinyl records to mp3. What I noticed when I tried to upload is some of the vinyl album songs would match, some songs would not. So half the album is how I intended the vinyl version, and half songs is a much louder version thus ruining the 'album' experience. Might sound crazy but for many reasons I want all those pops and surface noise from that vinyl record, I do not want it matched to a remastered version that i hate! Bottom line its not what I uploaded! I want to upload what I intend..I beg google please do not scan and match my music... please please please dont! Also... I encode at a certain bit rate for a reason mostly to save file space so all my music can fit on my device.. if I want to upload a song at 128k... then that's what I want!  I view google music mostly as a cloud service to back up my music...I know you can stream from a device etc but I want to stream up I upload..  Scan and Match maybe great for some, but for me its my worst nightmare.. please make this an option I can opt out of and do not scan and match my library without consent...thank you.
I'd welcome fixed missing album arts, but I'd rather keep my tracks labeled the way I've labeled them. One of the thing that iTunes has over Google music is the Start and Stop markers. Certain tracks, I like to start and stop at certain points for a more seamless playlist flow. Google music is improving though.
I'm not seeing this option anywhere. Not sure if I'm "Holding it wrong". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Does Google music manager/uploader regularly updates one's Google music account with respect to the changes made in iTunes? My music collection is not completely setup yet. So, I'd like to know if I can upload my tracks to Google music, and Google music manager would update my Google library as I make changes. +Google Play ? Anyone?
+Glen Wright I understand your problem. But scale that to millions of user and it would become extremely expensive for Google to provide what you need for free. You'll have to get your own private storage space to store your files.
Tried to scan and match my library three times and it never worked.  That is why I will pay the measly $25 A YEAR fee for iTunes Match.  It actually works.
+Bryan Booher Download the Music Manager and install again.  You have to have the updated version for scan and match to work.  Worked for me.
Downloaded Music Manager again and got the same, old version with no match??
How do you do the scan and match?  Google Music Manager still has the old upload feature... I don't see how to do any scans...
I set it up to upload and its not finding any of my music (about 27,000 with more than half purchased fromeither Amazon or itunes).  After 12 hours it upload less than 700 and 20 % the uplaod had no album art.  Even with Match, it identified and match more than 20% (but less thanpurchased from iTunes) and had album art for more than 90%.  Its free, that abut the best you can say for it.
+Jake Wilson Download the Music Manager program again and install it.  I think you need Version  It will probably update automatically, eventually.  But downloading and installing got instant upload working for me.
Hi +Google Play thanks for this great new feature! :-)

I do have one issue -- In Google music manager, I selected a single folder from which the manager should upload files and scan them.  However, Google music manager is uploading music from other folders on my computer, which is not desired.  Thanks again.
This is awesome - a game changer. I've been in the Apple/Amazon world awhile, but times are a changing. Thanks Google!
+Robert Le Blah I just installed the latest version of Music Manager and it still just wants to upload my files.  Still not seeing anything about scanning.
+Charlie Hood If you go into Music Labs within the Google Music Settings page, there's an option to enable/edit a comments field.
Cant see it in the UK, what am I missing?
I'm wondering if they will match old iTunes DRM files that are not allowed to be uploaded... that would be sick. +Google Play?
Working fine for me, has already matched / uploaded over 2,500 tracks in just 20 minutes or so.  Still wish Google and Apple would lift the 20k-25k limit - I have 60k fully-legal (i.e., purchased) tracks in my library :/
So explicit songs get scanned and changed to clean versions!!! This is April fools day, right? Do people even listen to clean versions of music anymore? But other than that, love Google music!!!
+Frank Ferter How can you love google music when it's forcing clean versions on you? I agree the interface is great, however did you and anyone reading this know 320k mp3 is not better than what M4a? in fact its worse in quality. And if google 320k is not variable-bit-rate as is Amazon's mp3 format then its not better than that too!!! Everyone seems to think since its a 'higher' bit rate number then it must be better. WRONG! GOOGLE IT!!! You fools are putting your itunes songs in google play and are getting matched to google mp3 format that is worse..Amazon songs too... shameful.. sorry google.. you really HAD something going here.. nice player etc.. but now you have to force your inferior file format on everyone yet sell it as BETTER.. it's not.. you lie!

Let us decide if we want to match our purchased music.. whether it was purchased elsewhere... google matching is indiscriminate how it is.. some songs get matched on a album . others don't . Explicit versions get changed to clean versions.  and all the different sources my songs are from.. vinyl, tapes, CDs.. your gonna give me ONE VERSION of a song??!!.. and that's YOUR VERSION !! THAT'S WRONG!! Don't tell me there is only one version of a song I have on different albums from different sources... horrid!! And don't tell me since its free I should be happy.. There is only one option and that is FREE!

I want to steam like everyone else.. however I want to stream my stuff!! That I either encode myself or have purchased in the format intended... if that is too much for google's servers then let me opt-out of force match and PAY something for you to leave my music library alone!!

FORCE MATCH IS A CRIME!!!!! its a crime on google and amazon and itunes... you all want one version of a song or album.. fine .. but not me! You all want zero control over what you stream or upload.. fine.. but not me! you want google to change formats for you and tell you what is better when its not.. fine .. but not me!! You want half your album matched to a different bit rate and the other half not because google says so.. fine.. but not me.. you want your explicit versions to get changed to clean versions.. fine .. but not me.. you want your vinyl record transferred music to get changed to whatever google match says it should be.. fine .. but not me..


Also i see other posters saying this cuts down on the upload times... I say so what if its not what you want that is uploaded...

cheers and regards:)
+Glen Wright, if you don't like it so much, don't use it.  If you want a cloud-based archiving service that leaves your files untouched, use dropbox instead.  Personally, I'm fine with 320kbps (better quality than most of what I ripped back in the old days when storage was expensive).  I'm not fine with explicit versions getting switched for clean versions, though, but I expect that's a bug that will get fixed soon.

What I am not loving is the music manager.  I've been running the upload for about 6 hours, and it's uploaded about 4700 songs.  I don't know if that's fast or not compared to what it was like before scan and match, but it sure seems slow.  I would expect scan and match to be much faster for the songs it has a match for.  But the music manager doesn't give any info about whether scan and match is working.  

I also don't love that it's not that easy to delete songs in bulk, and that there isn't a way to increase the 20,000 song limit (I'd happily pay), and that there isn't a clear answer about de-duplication.  I have about 16,000 unique songs in various hard drives and USB sticks, but probably 30,000 total files as many of them have been copied from one place to another.  It's way too much effort to clean them all up manually.  

Any chance Google will open up the API to developers? I would love it if I could have a powerful service like Media Monkey that used Google Music as its library.  That would solve many of these issues at once.
+Jason Turgeon the upload times are not based on the music manager.. its the internet service ... normally upload speeds on your modem, gateway etc are extremely slow compared to download speeds.. thats just how it is... and I personally dont mind waiting days or weeks to upload ..... what is the use to cut in half the upload time if what is uploaded is not what you want?? 

i dunno.. sounds like im screaming at the wind on this issue of force match.. most people seem fine and are very happy with it.. in fact I might feel the same if it was an option... its not a matching system its a FORCE MATCHING system... and you say if I don't like google play then don't use it is not the issue...the issue is I WILL STOP USING IT BECAUSE OF FORCE MATCH!... and that is terrible since everything else about google play I like... I don't see how forcing everyone into a communal  pool of music where every version of certain songs is the same for everyone else is wanted... if you want to dive in that pool and live there that's fine.. but I don't and wish there was more to be able to keep and stream my own music collection how it is on google and apple and amazon all which don't allow me that luxury.. how is that WANTED? I don't get it! Yes I will get dropbox and stop using google play are you all happy now? Have fun in your matching pool where you all get he same force fed music.. and once your all there treading water beg google for whatever else you want.... your  their subjects now...

and alot of posters would pay for a higher song limit.. well like i said before I would pay to opt out of force match.. I would have to pay for dropbox anyway.. what do you want google? My money or have it go to dropbox or do you own them too?

+Glen Wright Try to relax when you have your period. Life is not that serious. On another note, stop using the service if you don't like it. Simple as that. They will probably make a function in the future where you can turn it off and on. Hopefully they will do this with instant mix as well.
+Frank Ferter I'm letting my opinion known that's all... everyone in here is too calm if you ask me.. you said earlier if its April Fools that explicit versions get changed to clean versions yet you still seem cool with that and still love google play.. whatever man... glad you like the service anyway,.. for me changing the song versions like that really bothers me among other things force match does.. I am going have to stop using google play only because I can't turn off matching and I am disappointed by that and am just airing it out in here ..I really wish to turn it off and also have everyone else who loves matching to continue to use it... it saves music fans a lot of hassle rebuilding their collections etc... it just happens to work in the opposite for me.. I have my collection just how I want it and matching ruins my library... to each his own, regards :)
Any timeline for fixing the spurious Max File Uploads Exceeded error? I have only gotten 3080 songs uploaded so far, and it says I have excceded the 20,000 max. None of my files are larger than the 200MB per file limit either. This shows as a known-issue on the support page, but no clues as to a resolution. Anyone else getting screwed by this?
+Google Play Thanks for offering a great free service! My older music (that I re-uploaded as a test) sounds much better. I uploaded a new album today, and was very irritated to discover it was censored on my device. Is there a way to fix this issue? Thanks!
Hmm would this service include re-downloads from your store? An example would be I bought "Doug Hammer's" "Travels" from Amazon and uploaded the whole album to my google music account. Will / does this eventually mean that if I wanted to re-download these titles I could do it from the google play store for no charge?
When do you plan to launch it in India?
+Charles Loosen I downloaded the latest Google Music Manager and it seemed to work.  I could tell by adding an album to the "watched" folder.  Music Manager showed the files uploading.  It took about 2 seconds per song rather than a minute or two per song.
When Google play music is coming to Puerto Rico??
Scan-and-match is linking to tracks ripped from vinyl LPs in some cases.  This is really strange.  I uploaded Don Byron's Bug Music (ripped from a CD).  But when I listen to it through Google Play, I can hear clicks and pops from a vinyl recording on about one half of the tracks.  It seems that Play matched some of my MP3s to MP3s ripped from a vinyl LP.  Where does Google get the tracks it uses for matching?  From other users' uploaded MP3 files?  How can I turn off matching?
It might work faster if you added a check to match songs first then upload non-match. Fix for explicit issues, check mark like "safe mode" for pictures, ie: clean versions/explicit, pandora app has this. I have 40,000+ in my collection from many years being a collector and having too many cds ripped. I can't imagine how many of these you might already have up there especially my trance stuff, probably none LOL, but I dont want to wait for a week uploading, I have a slow connection and a data cap. Just saying.
When is Google Play coming to Australia??? Hurry up, we need it!!
Looks like it is not so great. Play Music just matched some of my songs and replaced the original, uncensored versions for the censored ones.. :/
This has sped up my uploading tremendously! <3

Now what would be great is if I could permanently match the parts of my collection that are available in the +Google Play store, so I won't hit the 20k ceiling. That won't happen for a while, but a discounted price for permanent matching would be nice. :-)
I don't mind, +J.L. McCabe, as long as it isn't broadcast to the world without my permission, which it isn't. They will hopefully use my data to improve the service. 
Anybody having an issue where they cant update album art?
Why is it switching out my Explicit versions for Clean????  
Rajiv O
+Charlie Hood You can enable comments through Google Music Labs (click on the gear icon in the top right corner, and click on "Music labs")
I have noticed that this matching service is switching out my explicit songs for clean versions of songs and after reporting a match issue via the web interface was finally able to get my explicit songs uploaded. HOWEVER, these tracks still have the old version (Clean versions I had to mark to be fixed) on my mobile devices.

Does anyone have a fix for this?
The problem is that this doesnt seem to push to mobile devices. Can anyone confirm?
I won't be using google play until it keeps lossless lossless, and preferably supports Apple Lossless, it's open source under the Apache license, stop being so lazy Google.
I don't expect any of the cloud services to support lossless.  If you want lossless then the cloud services aren't for you.
I hate this feature. My local library is normalized with mp3gainand I can set the volume at work and forget it. With this matching feature the volumes of my songs are all different.
+Christopher Andreason What's the point in using Google, when it ruins your quality of your music? I used Google Music back when I had MP3s, but that's asinine to say Google only cares if you're a current customer.
+Christopher Andreason I have suggested a few things to Google on separate occasions. First, it would be nice to be able to opt out of the online music matching as a global option. Second, it would be IDEAL if they enabled a "normalize volume" global option so all the songs would play at the same volume (use the ReplayGain algorithm). Third, it would be halfway acceptable if the workaround actually did what it was supposed to and uploaded the songs from the library rather than re-matching them.
Thanks +Christopher Andreason. I would say volume normalization is  the reason I left Google Play, so number two above is the most important to me. But the other two options are work-arounds. I understand they want to match to reduce their storage requirements, but that doesn't work for me unless they produce and read replay gain tags.
is this feature still available in the us?
Every time I go to use this, it's uploaded the same songs...again. It's uploaded most songs dozens of times.
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