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It’s Chromecast’s first birthday! And to celebrate, we're giving all Chromecast users in the U.S. (those who haven't already tried All Access) 90 free days of unlimited music. Boy are we proud of that little guy.

Have your Chromecast ready? Redeem your offer here (, and check out additional terms and info (
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Happy birthday chromecast, sukses selalu
I want you guys to know that screenmirroring is pretty good for audio! So you can use your favorite music player on android and bring the sound to the big screen with the big loudspeakers. :) just activate screen mirroring, works well! :)
Only U.S.??? Not in spain???
So us subscribers already supporting the wonderful all access are just left in the lurch! Awesome! 
I purchased a Chromecast at a Best Buy in Canada yesterday. To my surprise, Google was offering the 90 days of free All Access plus $20 of Google Play credit until July 30 (it's all on

To anyone who is thinking about Chromecast, buy it right now!
Disappointed by false advertising. I don't subscribe to that service, but according to the terms I am ineligible: "This offer is not available for anyone who has previously subscribed to All Access, the unlimited music service from Google Play, either on a paid or free trial basis." You're free to set whatever terms you like, as long as you don't advertise misleadingly. So when you say "And to celebrate, we're giving all Chromecast users in the U.S. (those that don’t already subscribe to All Access) 90 free days of unlimited music." I'm left out of the celebration, and then doubly disappointed because you misstated the exclusion.
+Marcus Stuckey agreed. I got 30 days free when I started last year. Got my Chomecast for Christmas. Now I'm feeling a little overlooked. I think Google should think about giving us 60 days free.
Now that Google owns Songza, why don't they take away the advertisements for those that are subscribers.  Songza's curation is much better than Play Music Radio
I tried Google Music before I had my Chromecast, so it says I can't use the offer..   Thats a bit off....
Happy Birthday #chromecast  I am in the UK and I am now trying out the 90 days free subscription to Google Play Music. Thank you Google.
if you did that free month thing on launch or have ever paid for it then you may not do this
it seems the US gets all the Google love
Canada, Ireland, Germany and possibly other countries also have the offer. It is just called something different because it has only been in the US for a year.  You can see some of those posts about those countries and others here +Matthew Douglas
Most new countries that are getting the Chromecast for the first time are either being offered something like this or a Google Play rebate, I believe.
U S and a freaking missing A
Boom. We love Google play + chromecast! Free access to goggles music catalog for 90 days? Awesome!
I am being told there is no promotional code available at this time, to the best of my knowledge I have never subscribed to Google Play All Access. Please advise, Thank you.
Happy birthday chromecast
Yep, pretty lame that users already supporting both All Access AND Chromecast don't get any love.
Hey +Google Play, here's an idea. If Chromecast is supposed to be music orientated, how about an audio only version? I'd love to play music out of my stereo, rather than my TV. 
Couldn't use it because I'm not a new user :( 
+Scott Rollins Good point. We updated the post to make it more clear that the offer is only for new All Access subscribers.
I don't see any free offers, and I've had Chromecast almost a year! 😕
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Andre W
It's my birthday too!
I can shake ur hand from the US to Canada. Why can we not join up. Is it government interference?
In Brazil, Chromecast value is 90,1226 US$ (3 times more) and we don't have unlimited music yet, but it is still selled here (and with partial features). 
Janima dina shibkahlu

Ur's dil
Since I already have all access can I get a free chrome cast instead? :D
Perhaps a 3 month credit to faithful subscribers? This is technically a slap in the face. 
Oh, happy birthday, by the way. I love the service, after graduation I'd love to work on one of your teams; although, marketing like this is difficult to swallow without comprehending the "grand scheme."
Bring Cast Screen to 4.1+ versions
Google and Android, you realize that you are supporting 4-5% of your devices.
And iOS supports 78% of their devices.
Android, needs to find a better tactic.
The current tactic is weird.
How about giving European people some love as well Google? Or is that to mush asked?
thank you for sharing that kind of things with european users.... it seems like we are always the first in your heart, google....
I'm in the UK and got this offer.
& Uk users get what?
Only US not in india...😈
Got it recently here in Australia... Please extend the offer to our beautiful country :)
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One year and it's still so hard to get a hold of in most countries...
That's sons of a bitches. Why only for U.S.? Make me happy in Ukraine!

And yes, long live Chromecast!
So, are we getting 3 months credit if we already subscribe?
Google should give us 24 hours to watch all the movies we want on Google Play for free :) Now that's a way to celebrate Chromecast.
US Only, US, US, ALWAYS US!. People from other countries have Chromecast too!!.
I don't understand what to do for mobile directions on how to activate this...
How exactly do I claim this offer? Do I need to signup for full access first?
I wish I had minutes on my phone but it cost WAY to much and I haven't had minutes in about 7 months or more 
How about a couple of free months to those of us loyal customers who already pay for all access??
I don't have access in my country ... But I can use my Chromecast with YouTube a have more that thousand videos there... Lol #HappyBirthday 
Sorry but this just sucks, first it says "you're good, go redeem your offer" and right after "This is only for new users". wait, I had only trial subscription for a month!
I own 3 in the UK my only complaint is a lot of content I want is unavailable in my country or don't have the rights to purchase so slow off the block compared to apple 
Bought google play gift card so that I can purchase chromecast, but google did not accept that form of payment. Apparently google does not allow purchase of "devices" from google wallet/play account even though you actually paid real hard cash to deposit that amount in it in the first place. REAL STUPID.
I van 2 know much at it as iambic new to it
Buon compleanno Chromecast!  Lo trovo Veramente comodo e semplice. ++ 
What about the rest of us international users? Hm?
Would love to but hate the idea that I have to remember to turn it off in 90 days or it will start billing me.   
+Becky Santana, +Eddie santana Jr 
May God bless you in every field of life,on happy birthday.
I think it is really wonderful for the gift you gave. Thank you chrome cast!
Getting one on my birthday! Thanks Google!
+Scott Rollins I even called +Google Play support and told them the same thing after they said I was not eligible since I used to pay for the service.
What do u mean Happy Bday for Chromecast What about us as Canadians ? FOR Crying out loud !Did we not as Canadians ,support Chromecast too ? Why do we not deserve this luxury as well ? You know
Im just saying
Proudy to be Canadian AY !

hey its my friends birthday today
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