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Film buffs rejoice! Google Play Movies is now available in Belgium, Philippines, Switzerland and Uganda. Rent or purchase new movies or classic films instantly on #Android , iOS ( and the web. Head on over to Google Play ( to get started.
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Evris K
We need it in Greece.
Googles European headquarters are in Ireland and we 'Ireland' still haven't Google Play Movies.. ??
The Google EU HQ is in Ireland and we still don't have Play Movies. 
Austria is still missing.... Hopefully we'll get it soon.
Every time Google adds new country to their program, more complain, yet those which have it, and those which will get it, won't and do not use it. 
Thanks Google! Now waiting to have an access to the Google Play Music. 😁
It's a bit expensive really. I mean, I use it. Far too much. I keep buying the HD versions of the movies for £11.99 because I think it's a neat way of owning the movie. But it's still probably about the same price as buying the blu-ray, which is crazy for a digital 'licence' to play a stream.
What about Canada? Oh wait we have that. Never mind. 
And what about Macedonia?
What about Play books in Angola and other countries?
if anyone is willing to pay Google's lawyer and accounting fees to bring it to your country i'm sure they would accept your donation
In Switzerland nothing in French and all trailers in the market are not accessible... Blocked country... And the price of a movie is a bit more expensive than a dvd... I will prefer to go directly to a real shop! I ll get something in my hand for that price... 
The prices in switzerland are something to laugh at. Will never get something from the play store, i'd rather buy the dvd or blueray
Estonia in outsiders... Again... No books, no music, no movies. Thanks!
Still not available in half of Europe but Uganda got it today. Wow.
Glad to see more and more countries being added. It may be baby steps but it is still progress.
Congratulation Google!
But you doesnt bring movies to Austria! Thank you very much!
Its great to see more countries are added to your list, and people who are raging, they can't just throw their services to all countries, let them take their time so you could get safe, fast, and perfect services, it is not available yet for my country, but having patience. Just fyi, they will earn lots of $$$ when they spread services world wide, so they are not being ridiculous. Have patience.
so now that we have movies, when will Chromecast be available? i want to watch my movies on tv, not on a monitor or on a phone/tablet. 
Thanks for adding the Philippines, Google! 
Seriously? I'm a fan of all peoples and countries but Uganda? I'm living up the road from Google's European headquarters in Ireland and we still don't have Google Play Movies? I get that these things take time but how much more time could it take? Will you have shut down the service by the time we get it? 
What about fucking ireland your European headquarters are here actually just down the fucking street from me ass holes 
+Phillip W ya I no I am just down the fucking street from it frucking ass holes 
Er Vin
Wow Philippines!? 
+Andrew Byrne +Phillip W It has nothing to do with being "right down the street" for the European headquarters. It has to do with what the Government in that country will allow. Maybe Ireland is more strict than Uganda.
Please we need Play Movies, Music and Paypal support in Playstore in MALAYSIA ! We need to be more Googled.
No love for Thailand?
#multilanguage !!! I bought a film released 4 years ago for €2. The good thing is I could choose Spanish, English and, curiously for Spain, Hungarian.
Obviously it doesn't have the perks of online access... But at least I'm not forced to watch it dubbed to Spanish :)

Please, do something about this
The reason I don't use Google movies is that being physically in Italy I am only offered Italian language films. 
+Phillip W you love all people but Uganda!
Ugandans don't care if you hate them. Uganda is a sovereign nation with its own constitution. The Ugandan citizens are free to do what they see fit and right for the future of her people and culture. You don't have to agree with them and that's ok. 
I like Google.. A lot! But I don't think Play Movies offers us any value unfortunately..

Maybe Google should merge its Play Music & Movie services and offer it on a monthly subscription basis.. I can imagine MANY would prefer this model and it could make Google quite a lot more money than they currently do.. It'll be almost like an amalgamation of Spotify & Netflix.. The thought sounds too tempting..!
Toujours pas à la Martinique. Je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi . pourtant nous avons bien des CB.
When will it come to Kenya...
Now.. please work on making Google Play Music available here in the Philippines as well :)
What about Israel?!!??
We don't have Google play music and we don't have Google play movies!
But unfortunately not available in the 3! spoken languages from Belgium... :-(
Bring All Access to India!!
Waiting for it in Israel as well as google play music 
What about RWANDA, the ICT hub in Africa? 
Please, make it available in Indonesia. Please!
What about Poland (again). We don't have any proper VOD service (with good content).
Somalia please. Mogadishu ok?
Please make it available in Malaysia. +Google Play
Thanks for bringing it in the Philippines, I hope Google Play Music will come next.😊
Sorry google, but UGANDA YES and Czech Republic not? Kidding?:-))
really here in uganda, wow tha is so cool, google should also open up its store here
Play Music for Philippines Left!
Please make google play music store in indonesia..
Thanks. Now waiting for Google Play Music in the Philippines. :)
Scotland? Oh no, they are not going to be in the EU!
Excellent! Music is a universal language and love is the key. Movies create awareness of ourselves and the world we live in regardless of the genre.
Please take it also to Austria
Luca S.
but still not in austria... :/
Dem Dem
when will be in Georgia?
So glad my fellow kababayans can enjoy google movies! Not sure what other services aren't available to them back home but I hope al google services become more and more available to everyone in the world. 
I'm in the US, but I'm glad Google is bringing more of their products to other countries.
Google HQ is in Ireland yet we are always on the bottom of their list for new products. Chromecast. Nexus etc etc.
Philippines? How about Indonesia? 
Stop making me sad telling me that Play Movies are available in other countries... Bring it in Romania, Google! (Btw i like the new g+ layout) :))))
+Andrei Craciun Very funny. Or more accurately, absolutely not funny. More like astonishingly offensive.
Come to Malaysia 
I hope google music soon in the Philippines also
I luv Pac man, no matter how old it is
Seriously? Uganda? What the hell about Poland? 
Arun IB
Not in India :(
Kapan indonesia bisa beli pakai pulsa (carrier billing)?
Uganda?? What about Poland? Google please... 
Egypt not or what ..
Why is half of the trailers not available in Belgium although you can rent or buy the film?
About 60 very old French movies in Switzerland for about 20 euro each... What is the good deal? 
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