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Snap up hit dramas (US-, from beloved films like American Beauty and Saving Private Ryan to new classics like True Grit and Up in the Air, yours to own starting at just $4.99 for a limited time! #HappyFriday
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C'mon Google! Spread the love internationally! Be a suitable competitor with Apple and Microsoft!
That is great! American Beauty is a great movie. :-)

And we get it, everybody wants everything everywhere. There, I said it. :-|
Relax world but I'm sure Google thanks you for your patience... Google Play will be with you as soon as possible... They recently announced more countries, I forgot which ones though. :-) 
My goodness, would you please rename this page into "Google Play USA" or stop concentrate on US-advertisings this much? Don't you get it? You offend all your customers from all of the rest of the world by ignoring them that way. An international site should be international!
I done care for all drama's, some are ok! I am more SCIfi, action adventure, futuristic, Original flick's, Scary. Monster, fav classics like" the Shinning" my fav of all time..all of "The MATRIX!" I have the Collector Edition DVD set.
Wish i could snap up the Nexus 4. Wow this new keyboard for Android 4.2 is fantastic!
UK????? Come on Google! Sort it out!
Yes I have to agree, all the teases from Google about all the great things they only offer in the US and not to the rest of the world does nothing but annoy me.
On the upside, at least music is now available to us non US citizens!
I stand corrected! +Google Play now allows movie purchases in the UK... Just awaiting TV shows!
When Google Play will start working on Brazil?
Great advertising, petty we can't buy ANY of this Google play movies/mags/devices crap in New Zealand!! Getting really sick of Google leaving us out all the time
Google play land is for big countries only, others need not apply...
Why is it that movies play much more smoothly in Netflix than when I rent it in YouTube? 
Why if I am in Japan my google play becomes in Japanese?
I set the language in English but still the movies have Japanese language, Japanese description and Japanese title.
Moreover 400 Yen for a movie it's crazy, as all the rental services in Japan give movies for 1 week to rent for about 100 Yen.
Why all this mess??
Who really needs dramas when we have to go through this #nexus4  ordering sadness. Isn't it dramatic enough as it is?
Movies from Google Play are the one thing I am am not going to buy. They are WAY too expensive and the conditions are WAY too restrictive. FIVE Dollars per video and only TWO days to watch. Are you kidding? No way!
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