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The #Nexus7 and #Chromecast are now even better together. For a limited time, when you buy a Nexus 7 and a Chromecast, you'll get $35 in Google Play credit and free shipping on us. Fill up your stocking while supplies still last: US-
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I have the 2012 model Nexus 7 and the Chromecast. I can vouch for the quality of this deal - go for it! I use both every day, worth every penny.
Dave Murray
How about releasing the Chromecast outside of North America?
Oh, I thought I would get the Nexus 7 for free when ordering a Chromecast. :-D
Great deal, especially with the addition of 10 more apps for Chromecast today
I love my new Nexus7.  Seriously I now never use my iphone for anything other than calls, texting and taking pictures - almost back to blackberry status. Even used my Nexus in Court this week to reference a case "on the fly"
Any chance of deals for the UK/EU? I've just bought a Nexus 5 to replace my Nexus 4 and was disappointed that you've now added shipping charges and no decent Holiday deals.
I'm a big fan of Google, I love your products.

Wishing you much success, and thank you for being part of our day to day offering their excellent services.

mmmm please chromecast in italy !!!
Anyone know how to get that snowflake wallpaper on that nexus 7 or a link?
I love Google, I have a Sony xperia z and love it, all my friends have Iphones. I've had an ipad in the past and I just never got it, too limited I guess, I bought a ruck of TV stuff off apple back then and now can't do anything with it unless it's shared thru apple, I mean come on what's that all about. Am I missing something here or what. Google drive rocks, it even syncs with all my Magisto vids, love it. :-) 
Any chance to see the Chromecast in Italy? :)))
Seems like a really great deal. Sadly I already have a 2012 Nexus 7 and have no reason to sell it towards a new one.
TV Nexus is coming, so you have to sell out Chromecast? :)
So... buy a nexus 7 and get a free Chromecast?
Bring chromecast to the UK please
Wow that's a great deal. I already have both tho.
That's like getting the chromecast for free. 
Google, show some love to people who bought these when they first came out.

Can't even get Chromecast in Europe. Very frustrating.
Unfortunately, you don't ship to Canada.
Darn.. I recently ordered both these individually.
Why is it when Apple release something, and I know it's not that often, is it available worldwide but when Google release something it's only available in the good old US of A. 
Wouldn't it be the same just to make the chromecast come free with the n7 and no play credit?
+Bryce Cordill, I think the aim is to introduce more people to play store content for future gains. 
+Bryce Cordill +Rohan Sood plus from a sales standpoint, there is a big difference - they get $35 more from you. If they just threw in the Chromecast for free, there's no guarantee you will spend $35 on content. This way they essentially guarantee that $35 by making you buy the Chromecast up front and then giving you credit to spend on content. 
Chromecast for UK!! ffs
I just can't get excited about this, as it's likely not in Canada.
$35 in Google Play credit??? How about we just get the Chromecast for FREE?
They must not be moving as well as they thought they would...
The usual "my country is not supported" whinerant... :(
Come on google , why doesn't the chromecast connect via adhoc to another device. Why must it go through an AP?  
Anyone know what that wallpaper on the nexus 7 is?
All i want for Christmas is Google Santa to send me a Chromecast! ;)
Kada će biti dostupno i u SRBIJI da se kupuju aplikacije i proizvodi ovo stvarno više nema smisla jedino čovek da se preseli u englesku ili nemačku pa da bi mogao to da radi mislim stvarno sramota od GOOGLE PLAY .
I wish they would release Chromecast in other markets. Moreover, deals like this would be much appreciated! 
Can't wait for chromecast to come to the UK! 
That's like buying something for free, and getting it shipped for nothing I guess. 
Make the deal available in the Netherlands and I'll buy it
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.

See above, everyone here can't buy it :P Maybe it's time to change it?
I just bought a nexus 5, a nexus 7, a chromecast and a chromebook and I didn't get any Play credit or free shipping! 
アップルのiPadでGoogle Playを楽しみましょう!iPadの方が断然上ですからね。
I already bought both separately. Can I still have $35 in play credit?
Yeah, I literally bought a Chromecast from Best Buy on Sunday and a Nexus 7 from the Play Store on Monday... thanks for offering this on a Tuesday... :/
Anyone else shouting "Xbox pause!" at their chromecast?
Dim B
How about I'll give YOU Google 35$ extra in cash if you could make it so I can buy your devices over here? How's that? 35$ is nothing compared to what I have to pay on top to all those 3rd party vultures because you see the rest of the world as 3rd rate citizens or something. The hell is wrong with you as company? We want to buy your products and you're like "ehh.. maybe someday.."
Get of your ass Google and start selling Chromecast internationally 
Classic example of a product that attempts to solve a problem people dont actually have!
Bonjour, j'ai reçu hier une tablette numérique nexus 7.
Après l'avoir allumé pour la première fois il faut choisir une langue et après cela il faut choisir un réseau wifi.
Je choisis le mien je me connecte, sur la tablette il y a écrit "connexion" puis "enregistré" mais je reste à cette étape comment passer à la suivante ?
Merci de votre aide.
ps j'ai une freebox
I want/will this two pieces/bundle, in/for GERMANY...
NOW!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!
X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-((

Ich möchte/will diese 2 Geräte/Paar, in/für DEUTSCHLAND...
JETZT!!!!!!!!! JETZT!!!!!!!!! JETZT!!!!!!!!! JETZT!!!!!!!!! JETZT!!!!!!!!! JETZT!!!!!!!!!
X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( X-(( 
What about the French users/customers ? No good deal for us ;( 
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