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We've lowered the price of the +Nexus 4. Now, get it for 25% off or more in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Korea, US and the UK. See below for the latest prices, and head over to Google Play to get your own:

Australia: $249
Canada: $199
France:  €199
Germany: €199
Spain: €199
Korea: ₩ 359
US: $199
UK: £159
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Nexus 5 incoming? I think so.
$199...... Even thought it won't work on Sprint. I will have to get one for that price. 
Moto x will be on the play store soon
Great deal but likely means a new version so if u want latest greatest should likely avoid. All others go for it.
I have one and I'm waiting for the next Nexus but at this price I might just get one more.
Mk Nx
Gotta get a backup device, here's where its at! Cake :-)(-:
Great deal. Fyi, it will have the latest and greatest os for a while
What's with this a $199 n4 and $199 PS vita! Makes me wish I would have waited! 
As you can see with the new Nexus 7, we'll have a new Nexus 4 (2013/2014?) not a "Nexus 5", so you can stop calling it "Nexus 5", hopefully Google will not kick a phone with 5" screen.
That's a good price but remember by this time you will only be getting one major update : key lime pie in December and a possible minor update next June. Tough call though with that price! 
Eric T
Tempting but the ridiculous shipping and of course tax gives me pause. Note: I have a One and would get this as a backup, so I have room to complain. That and ordering now gives an 8/30 shipping date with 2-day. That would mean it wouldn't be delivered until 9/3 or 9/4 with the holiday. Please take notes Google and ship like Amazon. Out on 9/28, delivered on 9/30. If you are going to charge a premium to ship, provide premium shipping timeframes (i.e don't wait several days before sending it). Thanks.
Hummm wonder if a New Phone is coming out...
A new version less than six months after the launch of N4? ... Maybe they'll offer an incentive to upgrade?
would be great if i could buy it in mexico
Eric T
+Shannon Adelson The N4 was released on November 13, 2012. That's not 6 months ago. US of course. If you are international, the N4 (2014) will be released on a similarly delayed non-US schedule so it's a wash.
+David Jones and what might that naming scheme be? As I recall the tagline that accompanied the Nexus 4,7,10 was "Nexus, now available in 3 sizes". I'm pretty sure Google is naming based on screen size regardless of it being a phone or tablet. It is a coincidence that the Nexus 4 just happened to be the fourth Google phone released.
Ordered the 16 GB as a backup, hard to beat that price, for off contract.
+Bernd Rubel Oh stimmt. Habe ich jetzt auch gesehen. Sehr gut. Wollte mir eh ein Nexus demnächst holen. Das Nexus 4 sollte eigentlich locker auch noch die nächsten Jahre überstehen. 
A. Lee
Translation: Nexus 5 coming soon! Lol
Gnex owner here. My contract is up Spring of 2014. Please let there be a new Nexus 4 (same size, no glass back) by then. Thanks in advance! :)
Anyone help me buying it and send to me in Malaysia?
I'm waiting for the Nexus 7 and the Chromecast in Australia :)
When will Nexus 5 be launched?
This looks like such an AWESOME phone!!! I am stuck on my plan till Feb. >;( But I'm patient I know that my Bopsie will treat me to a new " gadget" when this one is done! He is such a TeddyBear!!! Gotta love himXD
It makes no logical sense for the next device to be the Nexus 5. For that to have made sense there would have needed to be a Nexus 3, 2, and 1. Also to follow that logic, eventually, a 7th version of the Nexus 4 would come out and then what would you call it? Can't call it the Nexus 7. The next Nexus device will either be called the Nexus 4 or something that doesn't even have a number on it. There is no chance of it being the Nexus 5.
I think it can be called Nexus 5 but when Google will arrive to the 7th phone.. New strategy will have to be done
True, but if it is, I won't be buying it...
I want something that I can comfortably use with one hand. If I wanted anything bigger, I would get a tablet and call it a day.
Sav Ly
+Arpit Patel I just ordered one yesterday for my brother. I called +Google Play and ask for the reduction. That said it was alright, but only reduce it once it ships
+Guénolé Kikabou, I don't think that Google is going to be that short sighted. Furthermore, they've already said that the naming scheme is based on the size of the screen, and they've proved it. Have you heard of the Nexus 8? No, it's the 2nd generation Nexus 7.
I think that what we can expect is much the same thing we got in the Nexus 7. A phone with updated specs, but that is essentially the same device. I'm not expecting my new Nexus to be all that different unless it ships with KLP. 
EDIT: I really hope it ships with KLP :P
+Google Play Will you work with customers who have recently purchased a Nexus 4 who may have buyer's regret due to this discount? Google play credit maybe?
You know what this means! Nexus 5 is around the corner!!!
+Yik Sheng Lee Wrong place to ask. You're more likely to get knowledgeable advice by posting in the Android Community.
The N4 was a steal at $300, no reason to buy a subsidized phone now! 
+Andrew Winters, Google has made it clear that they're going to be using Motorola as an OEM. That means that they'll still be releasing Nexus devices. If the contract for future Nexus devices are filled through Motorola, don't be surprised. 
i still cant buy it.. just have 60$ and thats all i had :(
Where can i get it at this price in Italy? 
Stock clearance? Something wicked this way comes...
Thanks a lot +Google Play . Bought mine a week ago, can I get a retroactive discount?
Decisions like this is going to free us from carrier subsidized phones! I just need a CDMA version.
I think they will keep the n4 and add a n5 with a 5" display after the LGG2 for this years 5th anniversary released with Android 5.0... Google is big into that kinda stuff.. As well they should be! Maybe see how it goes and have Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10. Dunno but I think they will do something special for Android turning 5 : )
Yes! Make room for the Nexus 5... 
If this had expandable storage id buy this in a heartbeat
+Adam Parish If that eventuality ever comes about (it never will) carriers will just raise their prices to make up for the difference.
If Verizon wouldn't be such douches I'd have one
Already a web site up for price protection refund if you have bought one lately. I have been on the phone with google, they just need your order and IMEI numbers. I ordered mine yesterday and I was upset for a short while
I have an old RAZR, have 1 year till hardware upgrade available. Is this worth buying tell then or wait for Play Store Moto X price? 
This is why I always say next Nexus phone, not Nexus 5. You never know. Same think for android. The next Android version.
+Steve Stevenson, I would keep the MAXX and flash a custom ROM to it. That way you don't have to deal with motoblur. The MAXX hardware is good enough but the ui is almost unusable.
I'm kinda burnt out on Samsung I have had the s2 for a year And a half and had nothing but trouble
one of the many reason why i LOVE +Google cuz they're making technology more affordable even if it means taking a loss, so Thank You!
I love the nexus 4 ,I have the nexus 4 white
+Joshua Edgar it is the RAZR and only the RAZR. No HD, LTE or MAXX. Same scenario you figure? I like the phone, buts it's slow and the battery doesn't last long at all. 
It's not slow and it does last long if you manage it properly.
Do tell +Jeremy McGill as I have tried a factory reset, have minimal programs, make sure nothing is running in background, screen on low light and it still lags a times and battery doesn't last half a day. 
When can Portugal have the devices store?? Pretty please?!? xD
Sean S
Is this a limited time offer?  
Meanwhile you introduce it in Japan for USD500. No thanks.
This means the successor is coming! ;-) 
+Andry Limawan Perhaps, however I've gotten several updates to my Galaxy Nexus, currently running the same build as the N4. I'm pleased with the update lifespan and speed of Nexus devices so far.
Carl B
Wow, I got mine less than a month ago for 349$...This kind of sucks 
Perhaps smaller price drops over time would be less jarring to recent customers.
+Josh Dillon. I think that would just end in people not purchasing the device. If you know that the device might drop by $5 each week, you would never buy it until it hit 0. You would just wait til the next week and the next and the next. Google would never get rid of all of them because no one would buy them if they expect the price to drop next week.
Why Google ignores Portugal? No device store. What a shame! Portuguese people will always remember this. Apple never ignores the country...
+Josh Dillon those are big drops and it would run the risk of offending two sets of people. The people who bought it at the original price, and (once it drops a total of $100) the people who bought it at a $50 discount. That makes the problem worse.
This is great. Anyone with AT&T or T-Mobile in the US that doesn't want a contract will be smart to pick up one of these. My only beef is the lack of LTE support
Can anyone please confirm me if if I buy it from the Google play store (US), it will be factory unlocked to use on any gsm carrier in the world?? I'm asking this cause it's not available in my country for buying, but someone can buy it for me and send it, but he doesn't knows if it's unlocked or not... Pleeease anyone knows FOR SURE that it will be unlocked if he buy it from the US play store?? Thanks in advance! 
+Sebastian Luzzi Yes, it will be unlocked. I bought one from the US Play Store about 6 months ago and I have used it with various carriers in Mainland China and Hong Kong while traveling.
+Isaac Cagle Yep. That's the one problem. I'm on TMO, so it's not much of an issue. But I'll probably be moving to Verizon soon, and I'll need a device with LTE support. I've got my eyes on the Moto X, but I'm holding out for something incredible from the nexgen Nexus device.
Price protection FTW. And to think, I almost bought it off amazon for the free 2 day shipping. Dodged a bullet there.
I wish it was sold in India too... Through play store that is. 
Nexus 4 purchased now (5:30 in Spain). Google, I forgive you for what you did with google reader and latitude. Good job with hardware/price
You know it. Nexus 5 in the making. 
duh.. it's not Nexus 5.. it's iPhone 5C
Wow! Would make a great 2nd phone (except for Google Maps ver 7...)
India is considered the third largest app market for +Google Play . But we get the Nexus devices only 6-8 months after launch at stupid high prices. 
Dan Lee
Just 359 won in Korea? 359? 359000?
We updated our post because we forgot to include France in the list. Nexus 4 is €199 in France. Our apologies to the French!
If only there was a CDMA version... le sigh
When we'll be able to buy this awesome device in Poland - for that price, and directly from Play Store?
They must be clearing out there stock for the new Nexus phone
Schön wie immer dass Google auch an die Schweiz gedacht hat... Wir dürfen es bei unserem Elektrohändler für 400 CHF kaufen
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
got the 16gb for $249! Well done Google
+Google Play fantastic. But when this should be available in all world (and in italy, of course)?
Would someone tell me how to get it in Nigeria? I suffered so much to get a nexus7 tablet, it shouldn't pls someone I need an advice

Yeah. In countries that doesn't have Google devices LG sets the price. So we're "screwed" in that sense. 
Why not Dominican Republic :(?
When will be Poland added to the nexus friendly countries? 
Can't understand why you still doesnt sell it in Italy ! Can you explain it, please? 
+Dan Lee I've asked my friend living in South Korea and found that:
₩ 299000 / 8GB
₩ 359000 / 16GB

It seems +Google Play got two mistakes: show 16GB price instead of 8GB, and forget to add 000 :-)
The N4 is such an awesome phone. No need for a new 2013 version...go and show the world how cheap a high end phone can be!
What about making Nexuses available in Italy store, too? 
Great! Oh wait a minute. Not available in Ireland where Google has offices and where those phones are stocked... 
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen on any social media ever
Meanwhile, you can acquire the 16GB model without-contract in Chile for CLP 419,990 = USD 815 with e)ntel.
+Google Play If I just buy it 3 days ago (not yet received), will I get it for 249€ or must I refuse and order it again to benefit this price ?
Just shut up and take my money!.. :-) 
Naah.... Since it's easier to buy China-only Xiaomi phone than N4 (in countries where N4 can't be bought through play store), I already have Xiaomi Mi2 and I'm happy like a little puppy.
Yeah +Niall De Barra it's a shame. I can understand they like lower tax but they could return the love by selling it in Ireland. 
hmmm. this makes me wonder if the magical orb-shaped juice generator gets price-cut too. that would be nice..
I have a nexus 4, I don't think about buying any other android device that is not a nexus, and even though the 5 might be popping out, at this price I'd buy another 4 if, and if, only we could buy hardware from +Google Play in Portugal... Major disappointment. The new 7 would already be mine too... Major disappointment...
£159? Not! Good! Enough!! 
Hey +Google Play instead of killing competition by lowering nexus4 already-low price why don't you try to open play devices also in Italy? Thanks
I don't think they'll call it Nexus 5 I think I'll call it Nexus 4 Prime.
Always the same:

Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.

I hate this! :-(
Not available in Italy yet... Keep up ignoring the largest consumers of mobile devices in the world, please! :/
+Andrea Ungaro I think the lack of play store devices in italy is due to bad laws and shipment system in italy, not to google.
Just think how much you pay for sending a package from germany to italy with German Postal Service (less than 10€) and think about how much is sending it back with "Poste Italiane" (18€?)...
We are the largest consumers of mobile devices, but we are also in the third world...
Would've been nice if Play Store Devices existed in Sweden and Sweden appeared on that list :'( 
I call for Google Play Devices for Sweden now!
+Nicola Dorigatti I don't buy this argument, Amazon sells in Italy and has low postal fees and turnaround times. So it's certainly possible. 
I think it's more a matter of inside agreements with the Nexus manufacturers; if Google were to bring Devices in all countries, who would buy top rank cellphones at 600 EUR?
That's why, I believe, they bought Motorola, so that in the future they can enter the market with both feet, and not be restrained by having third parties manufacture their devices.
Meanwhile, unfortunately, we are stuck.
Why is it US$249 in the UK? That's 25% more expensive than the US !!!!
This is exactly why Google and Android is so amazing. I will wait until Nexus 5 to launch.
Just ordered one. Of course the next new phone will be comming tomorrow. But I have put up too long with my Xperia U, which was a rather cheap phone, so when I go with last year's first class, I hope to have a great "medium" phone now with the Nexus. 

Also, I am tired of manufaturer's alterations to stock Android and was looking for a Nexus-device all along...
ah! hope it will  be available in india sooooooooooooooooooooon
Great Price for a nice phone. Hope the next one is with a SD Card slot 
Got it in Greece for 350e about 2 months ago. It was as low as it would get. I also got a problematic speaker that snapped, LG Service here claimed "there's nothing wrong with the device". FML
is it a unlocked version?
Do I sell my Galaxy S3 and buy this?!?! Decisions, Decisions!
meanwhile in Poland...
"Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."
ehh... 8(
I think this means that there is a new nexus coming soon
Hej aj Slovensko chce NEXUS!!!!
Damn it, I just bought one last week for full price. Doh!
Google needs to make the Nexus available in more countries. Starting with Portugal! :)
ITALY please. We are tired of paying it more than other countries!
I'll certainly recommend one to anyone asking, already own and love it.
+Thanh Nguyễn I got mine on the 12th as well, but as a present. I'm really happy with it, but it would've been better if it was this price.
It's a shame the unavailability of devices, movies and tvshow in Italy... Play it's the only video rent service unavailable in Italy!! And for devices still can't believe about it... Sometimes I wonder why I'm still buying nexus devices....
+Steve Stevenson Google has confirmed that the Moto X isn't coming to the play store. I would get a Nexus 4 now, swap the sim out and sell the RAZR. For £200 you can't go wrong.
meanwhile in Poland nexus4 cost shocking €380 at official LG distribution, google play store offers nothing more than apps and some useless books.........
My girlfriend just bought this a week ago! She's gonna be pissed! I'm pissed!
Guess this means there is a replacement coming... Perhaps, the Nexus 5 for Christmas ;)
If only it had an sd I'd buy nexus forever
uhm..Here in Italy LG sell it officially @ 499 EUR (600 USD).  I hate you,+Google Play.  
If theres a Nexus 5 coming then will there be a Nexus 5 Mini?
Basically the mini is a Nexus 4 (2013) :p

The Nexus devices are kind of a business opportunity for those countries that can't get it through +Google Play . Lots of people selling them in the local forums here. Then when it does come to the country, the OEM marks up the price.
I'm from Italy and I can't access this otherwise can't-miss offer.
Hurry up +Google Play and open Play Devices to Italy. 
I suppose they need to do years of market research, balance their budget and risk or something and get some permission or something before they decide to open up more of +Google Play in a certain country?
still not selling in singapore yet..
in Russia we have it for only 420 usd (16G). that's because we rich people, lol
I am guessing the next would be nexus 4 LTE, not able think of significant changes than this
Damn! I ordered mine Nexus 4 16GB on the 12th of August.... If only I had waited 2 weeks, I would have saved £80!! By the way, I received my order in one working day without upgrading shipping. However, I'm in the UK. And it only had to come from Ireland... The shipping cost are a bit high at £13.99 but still an incredible deal. I love mine!
Already got one, but thinking on getting another one. Love this phone ¡!!¡
+Naveen Kumar
 What you see on the Indian play store is the previous version that was released in January. This one isn't available for us yet.
just bought one even though i didn't need it...crazy!
Monday i bought an ascend p1 for 200 € .. doh!
Come on Google...........get your finger out........Ireland needs the Nexus 4!! ;o)
+Google Play why google is not interested in releasing nexus 4 to india? :-( 
Does the Nexus 4 sync with calendar?
+Florent James Yes, It syncs with pretty much all of Google Products...It is a Google product with Google services at it's heart....just like any Android phone.
What have we done wrong us Italian guys? You don't like largest europe mobile market?
I don't understand!
I Bought one 3 weeks ago for $399  :(

If only I had waited...
why not hongkong!?
Why because Moto X GP edition coming?
+Joshua Edgar I think they added the 4 to the Nexus 4 because of the screen size "4".7 inches. Same with the Nexus 7, 7' tablet. The next rumored Nexus is supposed to have a "5".x screen, hence the 5.
Couldn't find any sources to back that up though, so probably wrong! 
Andy L.
This makes the iPod touch a joke... 
Amazing Customer Service!!! I ordered the 16G on Saturday night. It is on route to me as we speak. Called Google Play customer service today, and have already been refunded the price difference! There are some companies out there who need to take a lesson in customer service from Google! Couldn't be happier!
Thank you. 1000 times cheaper in Korea.
Surely must be time for a Key Lime Pie statue to arrive at the Google campus, no?
Got mine last night! 16GB woohoo!
Already own one but may just get another you can't get better quality for your money on or off contract. Hell I'm rooted on mine maybe I'll keep the 2nd one stock
can you do the same for Mexico? pls pls pls pls pls plssssss
Best Android for its price!! Bought one right now :)
Ouch Google. First the free bumper (that I missed out on) now this. I'll have to wait a long time before I buy something from the Play Store again. I could have saved $200 on the 2 Nexus 4s I purchased only 3 months ago.
Yeah. Google announced this on the play store. My two year old HTC Sensation died this morning. Success!
+Steve Smith That's a silly response. Yes, you could have saved if you waited, but that's always the case with computing devices, whether it's a phone or a computer, or even a car. 

I take this as a good sign that they're getting ready to release a new phone and want to get rid of old inventory beforehand. Unlike Apple, Google doesn't keep old versions of phones on hand selling at a discount. It goes against the purpose of the Nexus devices, which is to be the latest, most up-to-date version of a device that Google thinks should be out there. Typically they release a new phone in November/December. So maybe they're early on this one, thanks to help from Moto-Mobility. 

In any case, as with any purchase, caveat emptor
I'd have bought one of these nearly day 1 if Google had ever gotten their accessories act together. Till they do, I'll be holding onto my Galaxy Nexus for quite some time. I love the car dash mount for this phone and won't go to another phone that doesn't have similar functionality! This is Google's biggest gap in their Nexus lineup!
Meh, happy with my non-google'd Samsung Galaxy S4 and a bunch of international software that doesn't require me to pretend I'm in the US of Aaaaahhh...
Where's Ahhhnold when you need him?
Cant we get this in The Netherlands? I would like to have Play Devices in The Netherlands. This price is just low. If we buy it in store its like € 350,- and this is like € 200,- ..? Really?
we need Nexus in #Dubai  with Google prices 
I used to by from Google play using VPN now i Can't I have a US shipping address and my friends address too 
Andy L.
This makes Apple look like shit....
Andy L.
For me $199 or $299 is cheap for a GOOD smartphone. 
Holy Cow!  How about a 16gb #motoX for $199 off contract?
+Omar Tosca I totally agree with you. There will be a new Nexus 4, but I'm also hoping they release a new category phone, Nexus 5 with a screen in the 5" plus range. 
+Jon Morales Well, it depends on tastes. Personally, I hate that kind of phones. If I just want more, I´m satisfied with the Nexus 7 size.
this obviously means a new nexus is in the works. can't wait!
I ordered one nexus 4 a week ago, still in transit, anybody know how to get the $100 refund?
I am still seeing them for sale on ebay for $300-400 shame.
Well now that this has happened, I will hold my money until the N5 is released.  But it better be an upgrade all around...
+Oliver Huang try simply returning the phone with the box unopened, ask for a refund. then do a new purchase. Beware, they may run out of stock before they fill your new order. Otherwise, try customer service.
New trend has born: adapt your product price to the market more than one times (at introduction) and keep it attractive still one year after releasing it. :-)
Now, hopefully the time of high expensive phones, nobody really needs is over and we'll see some more consumer friendly, low to mid price phones with adequate hardware. No more 100 - 150$ bucks for 5+ year old technical crap.
+Andy Luna the original price of the Nexus 4 already made any iPhone look like shit months ago.
Guess they getting ready to release new nexus 4
Porque no tienen tienda en México????
Wow! I am now jealous. I bought Nexus 4 as soon as it was released :(
This is throw away price for such a smart phone.
Also Apple: Iphone 5c für 299 oder ich bin weg... 
What a freakin bargain. Now there is no reason whatsoever to buy a phone on contract :P
Great, if it only had more storage (SD-Card?) and an exchangeable battery.
16GB is not enough and when I'm a few days out without power supply, an exchangeable battery is the best thing that can happen. 
Wish there was a version that worked with my CDMA based network 
As usual "Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."

It will never be available in my country i suspect.. Unless we are prepared to pay 300% more for the retail version..
We also want Nexus devices sold on Portugal!!!!!
Don't get it why you wont sell them here, at least N4 and N10 on retail stores!!!
Wish you were selling these in new Zealand
Just bought one. Now I will have the latest OS and great hardware. Thank Google! 
Strange.. Here in Italy we spend so a lot of money to buy smartphones but someone decided to not sell nexus phones on italian play store..
What's this+Nexus4 all about tell me some more about +nexus 4
Buying a phone in Korea makes no sense. That is an extra 150 bucks. 
when are you going to lower the price in India
can you not order it from outside India? it's an unlocked phone, so usable anywhere
Still waiting for my Nexus 6... Pleasure model.
The Korean price makes no sense! It's 21 Indian rupees that's impossible!!
Yeah discounted an already cheap smartphone LG must be pulling their hair out. The nexus 5 must be close :) 
You have to add 3 more 0 to the Korean one 
359 won is only 30cents in the US
It's made in Korea yet most expensive to buy in Korea? It's equivalent to $350!
I know the trouble! Whisky is more expensive here in Scotland than in many other countries!
Когда уже появится возможность покупать устройства через Google Play и в России? Не забывайте про нас.
sure, I would have bought it long long time ago, unfortunatelly I live in Sweden and I would feel robbed. Just check the swedish retailers prices...
Dear Google,
could you please start accepting Google Play credit to pay for Google devices sold through the Play Store ?
At least you should make it clear that Google Play credit is NOT a valid form of payment.
I was going to purchase a Nexus 4 and now you are holding my $$$s hostage and I can't buy a new phone.
+Joshua Edgar The Nexus 4 was likely named that for two reasons.  1- It had a 4 inch screen.  2- It was the fourth phone in the Nexus series.  The Nexus 5 has been rumored to have a 5 inch screen, and it is also Google's fifth year anniversary with Android.(Though the program was stared in 2003, but 1.5 Cupcake wasn't released until 2008)  Also this is the fifth phone in the series.  But then again you do have a point.
I bought one. I dont need it but I'll have it ha
Google needs to open the store in Portugal!
Just ordered one yesterday. To go along with my new nexus 7!!
i saw in Malaysia nexus was changed manufacturer by that same with LG?
You guys have the worst support I have ever experienced. Several days after I played my order my account is locked. Now it's requesting documents for some other person's name that isn't me. After over a dozen emails back and forth and several hours on the phone it still hasn't been resolved. Thanks.
New Zealand still = shafted? :/
There might be another sell before you know it 
Nexus 4 price in Greece : 369€ ( reduced from 469€)
Nexus 4 price in Germany : 199€
Nexus 4 price in US: 199$

Google.... Do something.... :/
Will arrive tomorrow, thanks Google ... now tell us what KitKat will bring us ;)
I bought it last august 28th... still nothing. UPS says they never got it. Google's Customer Service doesn't know anything, but say that they are aware of the problem. There are around 1700 other orders with the same problem. 16 days after the fact, Google's Customer Service doesn't know when or even IF we'll end up getting what we ordered.

They charged it september 1st, though, they were pretty fast for that. But when I ask them for a refund, they tell me they can't give it to me until after I receive the phone, send it back and after they get it from UPS (so, about 2-3 week, from the looks of it). So right now I have no phone (even though I got confirmation of it being sent... 14 days ago) and no money (as they have it and apparently I have no right to it).

Honestly, this is beyond the pale. It is the single worst service I've ever got on any internet purchase I've EVER done.

¿Don't be evil, Google? ¿Please? At the very least, tell us where the phones are, or if we can start looking for new ones.

Or give us the money back without SO MUCH HASSLE. A company your size should NOT behave like you have.
I'm one of those affected by the "ghost tracking" (I bought it on august 28th) and have NO PHONE at this moment, no news about if I will really have it at home some day, and no news about if finally I will have it.

Google, stop lying, and solve our problem. YOU made the offer, our only guilt was been fast on buying YOUR phone. At this moment, the last people who bought it is receiving it (people from sept. 9th). We still have lies from you.

Please, solve the problem, or give us a credible excuse and an exact planning, so we can trust on you again.
Got a digitizer problem on my Nexus 4 as well, ordered on the 30th.  Absolutely terrible post-sale support, the only reason to ever use the play store is extreme discounts.  Definitely not the service.  I'd settle for a being given date for when someone will get back to me.
So people are having problem of getting there stuff not cool i hope they do 
will there be further price cut in india for nexus 4?

Hello Barbara good morning this is Shawn Vincent madloba hope you are safe Happy early birthday.

Nothing in SA? Fine, I'll just buy an iPhone.
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