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Brad Pitt is a not-so-bright personal trainer who stumbles upon what he thinks is quite the State secret. Today we're watching Burn After Reading, an instant-classic Coen brothers dark comedy that'll make you laugh one minute and want to look away the next.
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One of the greatest Comedies of the last 10 years.
Sure. Fargo is the even funnier one. But this is a close second.
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"A league of morons" - priceless :)
Don't so worry +Alexander Gherschon  We have had Google Play Movies (and even Books) in our country already, but a lot of content  still not available for us. Because Google Play also restricts content for specific countries. And now we have Google Play and haven't 90% of English books or movies. Come on Google!
Damn it, Limited to certain countries.
watched it again on Tuesday - very clever movie.
Next time, include a trailer that is available in all countries!!! The netz haz no borderz!!!!
Not that impressed with this Coen Bros movie.
"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."
I'm assuming Google reads the comments on these posts. If not, they should. Obviously, Google, people want this content in other countries. How about an update. Blog post. Something?
This movie (along with several others they released around that time) almost made me lose faith in the Coen Bros. Horrible.
+Casey Rhodes that's how that movie made me feel. And +Sam Rowe the comments here have made me lose faith in humanity.. It's sad when people need so little to be entertained. That's why the movie industry keeps producing crap.. Cause they know they don't have to try anymore 
+Chris Karavoulias Really, I'm just trying to understand what Coen Brothers movies he's referring to. They only release about one a year. "Burn After Reading" came out in 2008. The year before that was the incredible "No Country for Old Men." And the year after was the also incredible "A Serious Man." Then in 2010 was "True Grit." So which movies?
+Casey Rhodes Oh Brother, Intolerable Cruelty, they're remake of The Lady Killers. All terrible. The Man Who Wasn't there isn't very memorable either except for the Night of the Hunter references. I love the old Coen Brothers and was very happy to see No Country as a return to form for them. Looks like I've got the timeline wrong though as NCfOM came out before this. I stand corrected.
+Sam Rowe burn before viewing (which shall be the way i refer to this movie for life) really required effort to be that bad..lady killers was bad but it didnt leave me wanting to never see one of their movies again..this did!
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