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Exciting +Nexus news today! The #Nexus5 and #Nexus7 are now available in Hong Kong and India: And, the Nexus Wireless Charger is now available in the US and Canada:
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The charger seems neat but, the flat dots, mats and squares haven't tickled my design fancy. The TYLT wireless charger has been a functional friend to my 2013 Nexus 7 and holds the device at a useful angle for watching videos or playing games with a controller.
When will the Black Bumper Case be available?
If I buy from Hong Kong, can it be use in #Singapore  for LTE/4G? Or should I wait till local sets will arrive hear? Such a disgrace it's not available here locally and direct from +Google Play 
I'll go ahead and spare everyone the wait:

<insert omfgcanadamusic demand here>

There we go. Back to the regular discussion folks.
Looks nice. I already have a wireless charger, but the magnets for easy alignment would make this better
Myron Lee
+Robert LeBlanc, the devices are reasonably priced.  It's the accessories that are ridiculously overpriced.  $50 for a charger, $35 for a bumper, $50 for a cover?  It's probably a way to make up for subsidizing the device prices 
So, what I want to know is, do I have to take off case every time I want to charge it? Cause that would be way much of a hassle with the cases I have.
Can you tell me the price? I cannot see that in Korea.
+Samuel Hatton Although I can't speak for the N7, my wife uses wireless charging with her S4 and a TPU case.  Works just fine, and I don't think it would be any different with the N7 as they both use Qi. 
I've been using the Choe pad $30 at Amazon with The Spigen Slim Armor case on my Nexus 5 and it works fine.
Hmm, as the rumors suggest, I hope that devices section will open here in Finland during a month or so.
com on google. bring the charger to europe. i would instantly buy an official wireless charger
Ed H
Devices in México????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
*Obligatory when is Google wallet and Google music post. * now back to these accessories great job with the look. The price, I've said it before and say it some more. Much easier sell me on spending that much and add in my cart when I'm buying the phone and not after. Then again it's not like apple's stuff is dirt cheap either. 
+Andre roid nah I'll wait for my secret Santa to get it for me. I got another wireless charger for my nexus 4 last year for Xmas so I should get a new one for the n5. :D
C Hr
No EU?
Whoa...the Hong Kong 16GB Nexus 7 is US$310 (HKD2400) !! What a price jump! The 16GB Nexus 5 is US$415 (HKD3200)
+Clayton Chu how else do you think the wireless charger's going to get the power to recharge a wireless device?
WHOO HOO been waiting on this charger :)
Why no wireless charger in the UK!? I waited for the Nexus 4 wireless charger and it never came. Please release it in the UK!
Aww man :( someone wanna take my Galaxy S4 off me so I can get a Nexus5?
Bumper case black in Canada please. I am not paying 3x shipping to get n5, case and charger separately.
+Jonathan Mailloux, check out the Spigen Neo Hybrid case. For the charger, check out the LuguLake wireless charger. It's also a power bank you can bring around!
+Robert LeBlanc, someone smarter than me?  really man?  if you check Google Play devices, you'll notice that this is considered an accessory and not one of their actual devices.  Hence why I said that their devices are reasonably priced.  The only non-accessory that is overpriced is the Chromebook, outside of that every device there has a very good price.

Now, look at the accessories section of the store and you'll see that not only is the wireless charger expensive but the cases and laptop sleeves as well.

If you don't understand the difference between a device and accessory, then that's too bad.  But I stick by what I said.
Now if they would only work on Verizon.... Oh wait by that time the competition will have moved on and they will cost more than the non red versions...
I already have the first one and it works fine. There cheap now, this would on' be good for the 7, the 4 and 5 are still working with the old version. 
Ordered the Nexus 5 nearly a month ago in the U.S. and it's still processing the order...
Great I can buy a wireless charger just can't buy the phone : )
Please bring official device purchase available in Malaysia
Nice,but does it have the white color
Any chance the official wireless charger will come to countries outside US this time around?
And Nexus users the world over wait patiently while Google treats them as second class users....
Can anybody tell me the price of Nexus5 in HK please? Cheers
When Google releases a product called the 'Nexus 6,' the future will have officially arrived. Watch the first 2 minutes of Blade Runner (not the theatrical release version) and you will know what I mean. Only Google can pull off something like that. In all likelihood, it has been in the works for years; If Google did not intend to eventually engineer a product that was smarter, faster, and more agile than the people who engineered it, they would not be using the name 'Nexus #'. 
+Robert LeBlanc - comparatively, they are cheaply priced relative to the other companies' flagship models... Besides, that's what you pay for the world's purest Android device. 
+Timothy Pleines I don't think they will. From now on I'm thinking only N5s, like N7 repeated. Now I do think they'll go with the N7 body size and do a larger screen N8, but that's beside the point...
+Yuze Chen for the N5 16GB it's 3198hkd up to 3588hkd for the 32GB. Sorry, was mixed on which device you were asking about...
Available on google play store you mean, as the nexus5 has been available in some HK stores since the 1st. But glad to see a much better pricing here and 32GB option. +Yuze Chen  it's $3198 for 16GB and $3588 for 32GB. 
+Josh Dillon  unfortunately the price hike seems to be the case for us outside the US
make play store and Motorola available in Turkey, please O:-) 
When will this awesomeness be available in the Philippines? 
+Chirag Galani it took a less than an hour for them to change the shipment date here in the USA, and about a week for that version to be listed out of stock, instead of 6+ weeks delayed. I love my black N5, and 16GB is plenty when you have unlimited data and a tablet with 32GB.
+Christian McConner yeah, but from my experience nexus 5 will be able in Poland in next year (proably march or later) for equivalent of 650$ for 16GB version. It would be a lot better if I could buy this on google play store. Because i don't want to buy phone from operator ;)
Glad to see that pretty much everyone agrees that it's seriously overpriced.
+Val Hakun, especially when here in the USA you can get a Nokia Qi charger for $18 plus tax from ATT right now.
+MILAN KOTHARI, I'm unsure of your question. This is for the current generation nexus phones, N4 and N5, and also the new 2013 Nexus 7 tablets.
+Christian McConner I would not recommend using Nokia's Qi chargers with Nexus devices. Reviews are showing bad compatibility. But many others work fine.
+Val Hakun and then there's one that rates it the best between the orb and LG's square from last year. Are you referring to the issues that were had last year on the N4, or the problems people have had finding sweet/Qi spot?
Chris P
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Available in HongKong means available in China.  : )
Hopefully we can see this wireless charger in Other countries, its just a bit annoying to be teased by something we can never have or never-told if it will be actually coming to our country.
+Eugene Kee LTE bands should be OK to use in SG. i ordered via a friend of mine in AU. It takes 1 month to ship from warehouse. Funny part is it ships from SG to AU. But not sold in SG.
Still no nexus devices available in IRELAND your European headquarters! 
Any plans to bring the selling of devices directly in the playstore for Portugal? It's so sad not being able to buy a nexus product at a playstore price, that is, if it becomes available at all in Portugal!!
When will the Charger be available in Germany?
Support Nexus 7 (3013), Nexus 4, Nexus 5 only.
+Aynkaran Ramachandiran are you using 4G with your nexus 5 in SG? I have a relative in Aussie I can ask to order there for me. Bec. I'm still doubting the lte bands might not be compatible here and I heard that it may be available here locally but not sure which store will sell it. So still waiting but at least I have options. Thanks man!
And is out of stock too! wow... just logged in and saw it in stock, and in a min when i refreshed it went out of stock! Says, 'Add to Wishlist' :) 
wow, that's expensive
What's exiting with this. Firstly we don't have Play Store in Norway, and secondly I am missing vital updates for N4/10. Why should I spend more money on Nexus products?
Great!  Much cheaper that the local authorized dealers in Hong Kong!
Congratulations on the opening of Google Play in Hong Kong and India.
But... from a HongKonger's viewpoint, this was handled extremely poorly.

Nexus 5 was available in the shops here on release day 1st November, at a price of HKD 3,888, 16GB.  The 32GB version was not available, and no news on whether it would be released.

Not 3 weeks later (today), Play HK is opened along with Nexus 5, priced significantly lower, with 32GB available (to add insult to injury, below the cost of the 16GB in the shops previously).

Why were there no announcements about the availability in HK?

Since the beginning, we have had to buy our Nexus products from shops here (big chains, I'm not talking about back-alley-black-market type stuff) or from overseas.  It was par for the course that we did not have access to Google Play.

Many Google fans here feel short-changed having paid extra for a 16GB version.  Myself: I am awaiting the arrival of my 32GB Nexus 5 from the UK this very weekend (kindly carried over by a family member) and I am looking forward to it, ... however the poor handling of the HK Play site has marred that somewhat, and definitely leaves a bad taste, especially having paid the £340 for it in UK and organising it to be transported over.
Ajit M
Provide option for debit card as well for Indian Customers else Cash on Delivery.
Google should have announce earlier! Paid more for 16GB from retail than Google Play 32GB :-( DISAPPOINTED & FELT CHEATED !!!
How much is the selling price of N5 in HK play store?
thats why I bought a galaxy s4 and a s4 mini,because I would have to be reborn in order for me to be able to purchase a nexus. With this stupid strategy google has of not being a true global company. If they were the whole world would have a nexus 5 device by now without breaking a sweat.
Nexus 5 coming to Ireland any time soon ? 
Just about to buy this thing but I can't figure out how to use my google play credit to buy it. Only asks me for my debit card, or my wallet balance, which is supposedly at $0? I have $55 of google play credit.  >.<
Google Play Google Play go to do Google Play put go to Google go go to Google Play
Does anyone know howmuch it is in Hong Kong and will it work in Australia ?
+Bartosz Wyspiański  if you want I can buy one for you - or your friends and I'll bring to poland because I going back for christmas time:)
I use the Nokia one and it works for all my nexus products
Dave W
Anybody know how many amps this device puts out? (i know google it!)
You should send me one to replace the terrible Nexus 4 orb charger that can keep the phone ON it. #uselssorb
When well the tobuscus wizzerds game come out
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lin mao
Can anyone help me why can't i ota to kikat
I imagine like AppleTV, if you are familiar with that device.
This is a great concept but who is going to carry around a charger and when you are at home you can just plug into a wall and the price is a bit high
Cuando en mexico, pir favor li suplico el imperio de la comunicación que ejerce la marca azul es agoviante, los precios son una burla para nuestros bolsillos, y solo puedo pedirselo a mi hermana que esta en EUA y se tardara mucho el envio. Por favor no se tarden mucho
+Google Play Please.. STOP selling things only in US. We want this QI charger in Europe (France) too. Thanks
Will it work with 230V AC Adaptor (US to FR) ?
+Florentin B. according to Amazon us yes it works. 110 to 240 volt. Like this is usually the case. It seems to be necessary to use the orginal AC. I bought one Qi on Amazon us and I receive it on Friday 13. I also got an adaptator from us plug to French.
+Yann Roger merci à toi ;) un simple adaptateur /convertisseur de prise fera l'affaire ou il faut une alimentation complète ?
Isr Rgz
Does anyone knows a Google play support email to check delivery issues about Nexus device? 
А на nexus 7 2012 года можно использовать, а то по слухам только второго поколения и на нексус 4. 5
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