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It's even easier to share the music, movies, books and apps you love on Google Play with your circles on Google+. Try it out by clicking "Share" in the upper-right when you're on Google Play or copy and paste a Google Play URL into the Google+ share box.
One-click install of Google Play content... right from G+ posts!

Android momentum is staggering...  and we're rolling out an awesome new feature that lets me easily recommend great content on Google Play.  What's cool about this is that it not only points people to the content, but gives them the ability to actually install it to their devices with a single, in-stream click...  (Note the "INSTALL" action below...)

JOIN the world famous chase.Help Jake escape from the grumpy Inspector!DASH...
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Circles keep on keepin' on. With instant Share.
Any chance we could have the ability to share our new google play wishlists. Would make some Christmas shopping easier and I think it would be neat for friends to be able to purchase apps/music for each other and send them digitally as gifts. 
I can get a REALLY high score on this game, but i think that's only cos the scores add up each time you die :p
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Can i download this game
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